On A Happier Note

Everything that happens to you is your teacher. The secret is to learn to sit at the feet of your own life and be taught by it. 

I was able to take a day off yesterday, it’s some sort of bonus for doing an across the state audit on a week end. Miss Elle suggested that I take Wednesday and Thursday off, but that was far too generous. Since I needed to present my report by Friday. So I agreed on a Wednesday off, and she said it was fine.

Wednesday off was perfect, as I had an interview in the city at 1:00 pm. And it’s not work related, but an appointment with a citizenship officer. Half hour after my said interview, I was done and started walking back towards Market Street. I have a lunch date with mother at this resto they called, Mixt Greens. It was simple, yet the concept and the place itself was fabulous. It was a healthier alternative for what would normally be fast food lunch. I absolutely enjoyed my Maui Salad, with coriander crusted seared Ahi Tuna. Now, isn’t that delish?

After a good hour of lunch, we then took a bus to Fillmore Street. Mom wanted to check this shop they called Nest, that sells all this wonderful home decors. In twenty minutes, mother had managed to swipe her credit card. She bought this beautiful quilt and some throws that should blend well in the living room. I, on the other hand had managed to keep my purchase at bare minimum that it didn’t even require me to swipe my card. I just bought a pair of hemp slippers and this turquoise beaded choker. I am such a sucker for comfy slippers and colorful accesories!

Another hour of walking and shopping, I finally told Mom that my legs are tired. She asked if I wanted to call it a day, but I had some other things in mind. I begged her to take me to Boudin Bakery, and she sure did. I was not about to leave San Francisco without having Clam Chowder inside a Sourdough Bread Bowl. And it was absolutely tasty! I finished the whole serving and even bought four more for dearest Nicho and my siblings. After that, Mom suggested that we head for the Seafood Market at Pier 39. She bought ten (10) enormous cooked crabs to go, for dinner. Now, can someone please hand me my high blood pressure pills!

It was one awesome day, that I got to spend with my beloved mother. These past couple days been truly tough for all of us, and we needed a good recess. It was a nice day to be out, and somehow we’re able to leave our sorrows behind. And what’s most important, is that we both made each other smile even for just a day.



  1. jakes_mama · March 6, 2008

    I love Mixt Greens. I always get the Fusion salad…yum yum!!! We always have it delivered here at work. Now you got me all hungry for some Mixt Greens 😉

    hello josephine, thanks for your kind comment. speaking of fusion, that’s what my mom had yesterday. it has ahi tuna, too, right? i think everything they have in there is delish. i was simply amazed by this establishment, the execution, the concept and the food— everything’s great! how i wish ‘mixt greens’ was just around the corner from me, cause i’d be having one of there salads again for lunch or dinner. heheheh 😀

  2. munchkinmommy · March 6, 2008

    hi nell! i’m glad you and your mom found a way to lift your spirits. food almost always does the trick. inggit ako sa crabs! reminded me of my mom’s despedida dinner (which i have yet to blog about). she had a dungenese crab which took her more than an hour to finish. hee hee hee! 🙂 nainggit naman ako sa bonding time niyo ng mom mo. i want my mommy! what a brat ‘no? hugs and kisses to you! mmmwah! gusto mo ng dessert? have some chocolate here: Cafe Munchkin

    Munchkin Mommy
    Mapped Memories

    hello weng, tama bang mang-inggit? hehehe, that chocolate dessert is definitely sinful. naglalaway tuloy ako, hahaha. saan po ba yan? speaking of mom, and ganda ng ‘girls bonding’ time namin kahapon, ang saya. we’re planning another one nga next week, this time eh sa sacramento naman. at least for a day eh nakalimutan namin ang mga problema namin and nag-enjoy kami. pero medyo na carried away si mother sa pamimili, i guess therapeutic nga ang shopping. hahahah, love yah lots, too. mwaaah 😀

  3. Meeya · March 6, 2008

    ako din nainggit sa crab! at hindi rin ako umaalis ng pier unless i get clam chowder! 🙂 i’m glad you had a happy day, you deserve it! (so your mom’s back na pala? i’m glad she’s ok.) 🙂

    we still have some left in the freezer, meeya. punta kayo dito ni weng para kain tayo ng crabs, heheheh. i really love the clam chowder at boudin bakery, kaya lambing to the max talaga ako kay mother na pumunta kami don. and then nadaanan namin yong crabs by the pier, naglaway kami ng nanay ko. pero busog pa kasi kami non, kaya to-go nalang. mom got back sunday, and we’re so happy she’s here. at peace na kaming lahat na nandito na sya, finally. i was very happy that mom and i were able to get some time out. it’s been a roller coaster ride for everyone. our lamyerda in the city was so much fun, and definitely much needed 😉

  4. abby · March 7, 2008

    i was going to ask if those were dungenese, maan, they look good! solve na ako dyan with suka and garlic.

    buti naman nakapag-off ka, much needed break! 🙂

    hello abby, was glad i had a day off, too. at least eh nakapagliwaliw ang beauty namin sa ciudad, hehehe. speaking of the crabs, i don’t know kong dungenese sya. basta ang alam ko eh masarap at malaman sya, hahaha. at tama ka, isa lang eh sulit na. sinawsaw ko lang sa suka na may garlic at hot sauce, tapos may slice tomatoe, at kanin, eh lafang na! bwahaha, kamusta ka naman friend? i hope all is well 😉

  5. Pinky · March 7, 2008

    The clam chowder in SanFo is just heavenly! It’s been years na since I last had it but its taste makes it really hard to forget… 😉

    hello pinky, think it’s about time you have another bowl of boudin’s clam chowder. kaya bisitahin nyo na ako dito, heheheh 😉

  6. Leap of Faith! · March 8, 2008

    Nell, I think you better get another out-of-town audit engagement so you can have another weekday bonding time with your mom. It was such a special day for you. It made me miss my own mom.

    Those crabs look really good…

    hello keith, naku mukhang tama ka. maybe i should do this week end audits much often, so i could spend more quality time with mom. it was special day indeed (for me) cause i was able to leave some of my worries behind and just have fun chit-chatting, eating and then shopping. besides, matagal tagal na rin kaming di nakakalamyerda ni mader. and promise ko sa kanya, na after her surgery eh papasyal ko sya sa catalina islands for more mother and son time. and she so looks forward to that. ohhh and i’m sorry i made you miss your mom, why not call her. i’m sure she’ll love to hear your voice 😉

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