It’s Not Everyday

… that I see snow covered streets, cars, trees, as in — as far as my eyes could see.

And just looking out thru my window is enough to give me the chills. I am such a chicken when it comes to cold! But I do need to get out there somehow, as I’m not about to eat another course of hotel food or canned noodle soup. I’m feeling gourmet-ish today…




  1. iris · March 2, 2008

    oooh sarap matulog niyan sa bahay lang! 🙂

    sinabi mo pa, iris. here’s wishing that i could be home soon. but i’m unable to since of this darn work, can’t fly back till tomorrow. sigh…

  2. banggigay · March 3, 2008

    wow! nice photo! parang christmas postcard! i’m sooo inggit, you’re getting something from your dslr, whilst my shots still look like taken from a mere P&S cam hahaha! and i can’t even compose a good shot! boo! off topic i know! haha!

    ano ka ba, friend. nakita ko kaya mga shots mo and they’re good. sa totoo lang eh kahit dslr na etong gamit ko, eh point and shoot pa rin ang gawain ko. hehehehe! i saw those orchid photos you took before, gaganda kaya non hah. if you like eh i can help pimp your photos. there’s a group in flickr that will most definitely help you with that. thanks for the kind words, bangge. mwaaaah 😀

  3. iris · March 3, 2008

    you’re coming home to the philippines? 🙂 hehe. hope you have a safe flight (if you still haven’t flown home yet)

    nell, i just moved to pa-update naman ng link ko please? 🙂 if you already have, super thanks!

    hello iris, wish ko lang na sa manila nga ang punta ko. i was in indiana kasi over the week end and really wanted to fly back to sfo. i got sick kasi while i was there, probably because of the cold. and i did change the link to your site. thanks for the heads up, God bless 😀

  4. tulipfleurs · March 3, 2008

    Hello my dear Nell . . . thank you for the text message you sent me after we spoke last Wednesday. I was on my way to picking up JP from his retreat. I won’t ask you how you’re doing because I know you are still in pain. I wish I could take away your pain but that’s what helps us to be strong. Take care of yourself Nell . . . on another note, I take it you had an assignment somewhere up North . . . possibly Lake Tahoe or Reno area? I’ll try to call you tomorrow. Again, take care and remember that I will continue to say a prayer for your Ate Bing, you and your family. Have a safe trip back down if you have not already left? Hugs and kisses . . . – Lulu

    thanks so much, lulu. i have yet to recover, but i’m doing my best to get back on my two feet. at kahit paano eh i’m able to smile na rin, which is good. i just got back this morning from indianapolis, i did an audit on our sister hospital in the midwest. sa excited kong umuwi eh i took the first flight out and glad i did, cause i couldn’t stand the cold and that dreadful home sickness. hahahah! thanks so much for all the love and prayers, hope you had a great week end. mwaaaah 😀

  5. Meeya · March 4, 2008

    wow you were in indianapolis? we used to live an hour and a half away from there. 🙂 so you’re back home na? cozier, i hope? 🙂

    yup, i was in indianapolis for three days and just got back this morning via the earliest flight i could get. it feels good to be home, promise 😉

  6. munchkinmommy · March 5, 2008

    hi nell! all the snow i’ve seen throughout winter were in photos. hahaha! now that you’re home, you can bask in glorious sunshine once again. 😀 enjoy!

    hello weng. as a child i’ve always been fascinated by snow, dream ko pa nga noon na magtayo ng halo halo store. bwahahah! kaya lang baka ma-sue tayo ng FDA nyan, hehehe. pero mahina resistance ko sa cold eh, mabilis akong magkasakit. that’s why i’m very happy to be back home, it’s still cold pero at least medyo mild ng konti compared to indianapolis. dba? pansin ko lang hah, it’s getting warmer each day here sa cali. yipee 😀

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