Weary Friday

I’ve been hearing the phone by the front desk ringing. One, two, three… it was irritating. I got up, pulled the phone from the plug and tossed it inside an open drawer. I was not in the mood, I am not myself and I slammed my office door close after. I’ve been staring at my computer monitor with the cursor blinking right before my eye, waiting for an entry. But my fingers aching, I dare not write. I have tons of email in my inbox, and they’re piling up every hour. But how can I answer back, when I’m lost in words? Lunch was boring, there’s lack of excitement in coffee breaks. My stomachs numb, I have no appetite. But I figured I needed to last the day at least. So I got in my car and drove off to a nearby gas station. Got me a candy bar, a corn dog and bottled water — Buon Appetito!




  1. Leap of Faith! · March 1, 2008

    Nell, try as much not to skip meals. You need to stay healthy and strong. Things will be become better in time.

    thanks keith, i’m trying not to skip meals. but this nasty bug got my taste buds all screwed 🙂

  2. Meeya · March 4, 2008

    that’s the kind of lunch i like! yum.

    ay, hindi pala healthy, hehe. dapat pala pagalitan kita.

    pssst, take care of yourself, will ya! *muah*

    i know, meeya. it’s not healthy, pero mas ok na sya kesa fastfood. what’s odd eh di ko pa naubos yong corn dog and candy bar. i really must have lost appetite, big time. you take care as well, thanks 😉

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