Happy Birthday, Chum Chums!

Dearest Shawn Luis Nicholas, 

You’ve always been a part of me right from the very start,
Creating treasured memories I’ve cherished in my heart.
You can still make me smile,
With the things you say and do,
And I want you to know how grateful I am,
To have a child as special as you.

Love Always, Yaya

Nicho Disguised --- Think Again!



  1. Leap of Faith! · February 24, 2008

    Happy birthday, Nicho!

    thanks uncle keith, want to play wii with me 😉 -nicho-

    hello keith, nicho’s inviting you guys to play wii with him. he thinks that you guys live just around the corner, hehehe. thanks for the bday greeting 😀

  2. tulipfleurs · February 24, 2008

    Hello Nell! A happy belated birthday to Shawn Luis Nicholas, aka “Nicho!” I hope that he had a truly wonderful birthday as I am sure he did because he is lucky to have a very loving yaya. I love his “Groucho Marks” mask. Ha! Ha! Again, please let him know that Tita Lulu sends his love and best wishes for many more birthdays to come!!! Hugs!!! – Lulu

    thank you, tita lulu. please come visit me sometime, so we can play some wii and board games together. hugs 😀 -nicho-

    thanks lulu, both nicho and i are lucky to have each other. we fill each other, eka nga nila. speaking of the groucho mask, that’s something nicho won at chuckie cheese and he wears it when he likes to play mister csi. hahahah! thanks for the bday greeting, hope you had a great week end. mwaaah 😀

  3. weng · February 25, 2008

    happy birthday, nicho! 🙂 may God always shower you with blessings and may you grow up to be a fine young man. continue bringing your yaya lots of joy! hugs and kisses to you! 🙂

    thank you, tita weng. i promise to keep yaya entertained, hehehe. kisses to you, too 😀 -nicho-

    hello weng, thanks so much for the bday greeting. nicho was quite surprise that lots of people knew about him. i told him you guys were his blogging tita’s, hahaha 😉

  4. Pinky · February 25, 2008

    Belated happy birthday, Nicho!

    I agree, Nell – children indeed fill very special places in our hearts 🙂

    thank you po, tita pinky. i look forward to playing with rafa, luigi and marga when you guys get to visit us here in sfo. hugs to everybody 😉 -nicho-

    hello pinky, to be honest eh i wasn’t that fond of kids before. but now that i have nicho and keilah (niece) they’d filled my heart with so much laughter. never a dull moment with them, heheheh 😀

  5. Meeya · February 25, 2008

    happy birthday nicho! i would love to play wii with you! ~ninna 🙂

    is your wii yaya’s bday present for you? wow! take care always, luvyah! ~tita meeya

    thank you tita meeya and pretty ninna. please come visit us here in sfo soon, as i would love to play with you. i had a wonderful bday celebration with my cousins, friends, yaya, mom, dad and mamita (lola). i did my bday at cloverleaf bowling alley, and got a strike three times. then i blew my cake and opened some presents. yaya bought me some wii games. while mom and dad got me some nintendo ds games, and mamita got me this sponge bob tv set i’ve been asking for. they’re the best 😉 -nicho-

    hello ninna and meeya, thanks for greeting our bday boy. he was very happy that lots of people said happy bday to him. and he had a blast on his special day, playing bowling. thanks again, love yah guys. mwaaah 😀

  6. thess · February 26, 2008

    Belated Happy Birthday, sweet Nicho. I hope you got all your wishes that day 🙂

    Tita Thess

    thank you tita thess. i think i got most of the things from my wish list, i have the games i wanted for my nintendo ds and wii. i couldn’t be happier 😉 -nicho-

  7. Leap of Faith! · February 27, 2008

    Nell, please tell Nicho thanks for the invitation. But mukhang his Yaya has to save up pa to send us there … hehehe!

    hehehe, sige at mag iipon na ako. excited din kasi si nicho na may kalaro. there’s not a lot of kids his age kasi, kaya when he sees kids eh nasasabik. basta pag napunta kayo dito sa sfo, please let me know hah. would really love to meet you guys and catch up on chickahan 😉

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