One Hour and Five People To Feed

I called my friends about 6:30 PM to cancel on our Valentines date. I had some more work to do and I was already dead tired. So dinner at home, a movie and good night sleep wouldn’t be such a bad idea to spend my hearts day. Besides, I didn’t feel like getting in line just to wait for a darn table.

Ten minutes later, my cellphone rang and it was Cee Cee on a three way call with Ken. They said that they’re canceling the whole dinner at a restaurant and decided to have dinner at my place. I was totally speechless and these two didn’t even wait for my answer. They just said, “Okay Hon, we’ll see you in an hour. Ciao!”

Wholly crap, an hour! The clock is ticking and I’m still in the office. I called my sister right away and asked what goods we have in the pantry, from there I can probably whip out something and use what I have at home. Golly, my friends are driving me insane.  But I needed to act quickly, and so I packed my bags and headed for the nearby grocery store.

For dinner, I’ve decided to make some Artichoke-Pimiento Dip (with French Bread) and my Thirty Minute Pasta Bolognese. I’ve only had 45 minutes left to prep and cook dinner (after grocery shopping), and take note – for five people. Thankfully, the dip was done in five minutes and the pasta’s already baking in the oven five minutes before my deadline. I did make it in time, and my guest did arrive on the dot.

We had a simple dinner, did some karaoke singing to release our frustrations from a hard days work, watched the movie Waiting to Exhale, and had some strawberry cheesecake ice cream after to satisfy our desire for sweetness. It was great, way better than my idea of an early nap. By 11 pm, we decided to call it a night. I was dead tired to the N-th level and have a whole load of dishes to clean, but I must admit — I had so much fun!

No Double Dipping

PS: By the way, I forgot to mention that a surprise (if I can call it that) was left on my door, and that I almost stepped on it. There was no card, no name or whatsoever. So it was probably from him (need I mention the name) either that or it was delivered to my house by mistake. But nonetheless, whoever he (or she, you never know) maybe — thank you!



  1. joy · February 15, 2008

    More often than not, unplanned parties are so much better! Glad you had fun.

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    thank you, joy. thanks for the kind invitation and for your comment. we had fun, so i guess that means unplanned parties are good. but wish i was ready, at least i could have prepared some other dishes and not those 30 minute meals. heheheh! naku joy, sorry hah but i won’t be able to listen live to your program as i’ll be in transit. but i will surely listen to it thru your site once i’m online. thanks so much again, and i’ll make it up to you next week. God bless and have a great week end 😉

  2. bw · February 15, 2008

    I stayed up late too… Had a real nice dinner with my wife and our little daughter (ang hirap ng may chikiting :)) and man the restaurant was pila.. hehe. 10pm na kami nakakain. We watched a DVD at the house after – just a good old fashioned date hehehe .. but it was enjoyable 🙂 And off ako the following day – pahingang todo 🙂

    hello bw, i’m so glad you guys had a wonderful time. oh, and i so expected the restos to be swamp. that’s why i cancelled on my friends, cause i just don’t have the patience. but boy was i surprised when my friends all decided to spend valentines at my house, i was given an hour notice. hahahah! but we had a fabulous time, shared a good meal and lots of friendly conversations. buti ka pa hah, pahinga the next day. ako, i had to get up at seven kinabukasan. i ended with a migraine, hahahah! thanks for your kind comment, have a great week end 😀

  3. Leap of Faith! · February 15, 2008

    Nell, what a nice way to spend Vday… kahit na very harassing. Ang galing mo pala under pressure. The artichoke-pimento dip looks so yummy…

    thanks keith, it was a nice hearts day. but was i tired, as in super tired. pero masaya at puno ng mga kalokohan, hehehe. medyo nasanay na yata din ako sa pressure, maging anak ka ba naman ng nanay at tatay ko eh. hahahah! the dip is very easy to make, didn’t took me long to make it. wala naman talagang pimiento yong original recipe, but i like it kasi so i added it. thanks for your kind comment, how was your hearts day 😉

  4. tulipfleurs · February 15, 2008

    Hello my dear . . . glad that you were able to come up with a menu in an hour for 5. I would have done take out. Ha! That sounded like a scrumptious meal to me! Anyhoo, happy to hear your V-Day dinner turned out well after all. Are you off on Monday for President’s? I’ll try to chat with you during the long weekend. Till then . . . . Hugs, Lulu

    hello lulu, i was so close to ordering take out. but my friends are so spoiled, when they visit eh they always request for something home made. kaloka dba? the two dishes i made were so easy to make, and did i mention lots of calories in it (pasta, cheese, meat, sour cream, butter etc). hahahah! hearts day was lots of fun and my jaw’s hurting from laughing and talking, hehehe. i’m off this coming monday, sige at chickahan tayo. mwaaah 😀

  5. ann · February 16, 2008

    We had also our valentine’s family date dinner on the 13th at Fridays resto. We can’t celebrate on Feb 14 cause it’s “bawal”. Ang daming nanghuhuli sa labas. Imagine bawal magtinda ng red roses that day…hehehe. Uy! May surprise sya from secret…

    hello ann, ang corny pala ng patakaran dyan sa kingdom ano. but i’m glad you guys were able to find a way to celebrate hearts days. for sure eh kantahan, kainan and inuman yan noh? hehehehe! as for the surprise, it’s confirmed na sya nga. gusto raw sana nya eh sya mag abot pero mukhang natakot raw na baka ibato ko sa kanya yong bouquet. hahahaha, but kidding aside eh i’m really flattered 😉

  6. iris · February 17, 2008

    that looks yummy nell! parang nag-crave ako for pasta tuloy :p and ang galing mo naman, you prepared all of that in less than an hour? kung ako yan nagpa-deliver nalang ako sa pizza hut. hehehe!

    thank you, iris. madaliang cooking nga yan eh, kasi in the nick of time na. hahaha! the pasta naman, it’s very simple that everyone can do it. i was also close to just getting take out, but my friends are so mareklamo and self proclaimed gourmands kuno, hehehe. kaya napaluto nalang ako 😉

  7. thess · February 17, 2008

    Pwedeng pwede ka talaga sa kitchen ni Gordon Ramsey! Bilis mag prepare ng good food…kelan kaya ako makakatikim ng luto mo? that was a nice ‘surprise’ 😉

    omg, gordon ramsey and i may end na magsabunutan. alam naman nating maldito yon at tarita ako, kaya good luck sa kusina, hahahah! i’m thankful that my friends like this twist i did on the dip, they like my pimiento version. the pasta naman eh feeling ko eh generic tasting. pero naubos naman, hehehe. kelan mo ba ako dadalawin dito, promise at ipagluluto kita. and speaking of the surprise, in a way eh nagulat ko but wish it was from someone else other than him. have a great week end sis, mwaaah 😀

  8. munchkinmommy · February 18, 2008

    nell, like lulu, pag may tumawag sa akin at sasabihing kakain dito sa bahay at wala pa akong naluluto, either take out or corned beef ang kakainin nila! hahaha! 🙂 that sounded like a truly wonderful Vday dinner. kami (my mom, dondi, abby and i), nag-asian buffet at a resto we’re trying out for the first time. naka! we were a bit disappointed. alam mo yung feeling na nabusog ka pero hindi ka naman talaga satisfied? yun, ganon! 😀 pero ok lang kasi kumpleto na ang Vday ko since the 13th. 😉

    thess, kawawa si gordon ramsey kay nell! hahaha! baka buhusan siya ng kumukulong tubig! 😀

    naku weng, wala nalang talaga din akong nagawa. naisip ko lang din kasi na pag take-out ang sinerve ko eh baka lait-laitin ako ng aking mga friendships. nasanay na kasi sila sa lutong bahay when they’re here at my place. buti na nga lang din at may food processor ako at hand. dahil di ko yata kakayanin kong kakamayin ko ang pagchochop, hahaha! kahit medyo na stress ang beauty ko sa kusina, okay naman ang kinalabasan. at mukha namang walang nag reklamo or nalason sa mga pinakain ko, hehehe. glad to hear you had a wonderful hearts day, spent with the people you love most. hayaan mo at pag napadpad ka dito sa sfo eh dadalhin kita sa masasarap na asian buffet. meron dito na nagseserve ng honey walnut prawn buffet style, dba ang sarap? and speaking of gordon ramsey, naku magpapatayan kami non sa kusina, hahaha :mrgreen:

  9. Pinky · February 19, 2008

    “Super Inday” should really take major cooking and kitchen lessons from you, “Nellivicious” (or should it be “Nell-delicious”? Hahaha!) 😀

    You are totally grace under (extreme) pressure! What’s even more admirable is that masarap pa rin lumabas ang iyong mga kitchen creations – galing talaga!

    Ma-try nga ang iyong artichoke-pimiento dip one of these days at nagpaparinig itong asawa ko… 😉

    hello pinky, naku mga 30 min meals and simple dishes lang alam ko. dala na rin yan ng pangangailangan, at kong hindi eh gutom kami lahat dito. sa magkakapatid kasi eh ako lang din ang mahilig magluto, the others are dakilang palams. hahaha! thanks for the kind words, pinky. as in touch ang bakla, hehehe. i’ll write down the recipe for you, tancha queen kasi ako kaya isusulat ko na muna ang mga sangkap and procedures, then i’ll email it to you. God bless and have a wonderful week ahead. mwaaah 😀

  10. Meeya · February 19, 2008

    ang galing mo nell! para sa akin, ikaw si robert irvine, hehe. btw, kaka-land lang namin ni weng sa sfo airport, papunta na kami diyan sa inyo. anong chibog? 😀

    ps. uuuy may flowers ka rin pala eh! aminin, kinikilig!! 😀

    syempre may kilig din, meeya. kasi totally unexpected din yon. dba? i truly appreciate his kind gesture and i did thank him for that. pero hanggang don nalang muna yon, panalo sa kadramahan noh? hahahah. hiya naman ako at i-compare ako kay robert irvine. magaling kaya yon, ako eh pang harabas lang, hehehe. oh nasa sfo na kayo? tamang tama at may inihaw na pusit at ensilandang talong akong ginawa kahapon. tara, kain tayo 😉

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