Wannabe Flawless

You guys are going laugh at me for posting this. So laugh it all out and wait till the day I’m Michael-Jackson-White! Oh no, I’m just kidding. I am not wishing to turn white and all, just healthy and maybe lighter skinned. Well, I heard it’s an antioxidant. So it will definitely be beneficial for my body, regardless I get lighter or not. Do you have any ideas for losing weight? Feel free to hit me with an answer. Hahahah!

For The Sake of Flawlessness



  1. Leap of Faith! · February 3, 2008

    Nell, no Porter House Steaks! As if I have the right to actually tell you how to lose weight… ako din may problema 🙂

    hello keith. may iba pa bang suggestions? the porterhouse steak is just hard to resist eh, hahahah 😀

  2. kengkay · February 4, 2008

    alam mo, my hubby lost 2 kilos — nag jog lang sya at least 3 days per week mga 20-30 mins each. tapos yun nga lang, i try to limit his food intake esp during dinner. sabi ko nga nung nalaman kong pumayat na sya e, kain tayo sa restaurant, hahaa. kaya mo yan 😀 salamat sa pagdaan sa blog ko ha.

    hello ms kengkay, thanks so much for visiting my blog as well. actually, i do have treadmill that’s been more like a display item than it is functional. hahahah! maybe it’s time i put it to use, hehehe. i don’t really eat that much (mag deny ba raw), tsaka di kasi ako palakain ng breakfast. maybe that’s why my metabolism is slow. i really need to focus on weight loss, kasi babatukan na ako ng pcp ko. thanks again and goodluck to your guys diet 😉

  3. Pinky · February 4, 2008

    Hi Nell. From my sis-n-law who’s semi-retired from the beauty biz (she used to be connected with Wella), she swears by both the therapeutic and aesthetic benefits of glutathione and metathione. In fact, dami na ngang artista nag-eendorse ng latter sa Pinas e 😉 Do tell me how it goes para makabili din ng supply when I visit Manila in June – hehehe! 😆

    hello pinky, actually mom was first to try this product and then nakigaya raw ako. hahaha! sige friend, will let you know the results. and you need not get it from pinas cause it’s readily available sa vitamin and health supplement shops. mine, i bought it locally and much cheaper pa. i heard nga dami raw celebrities na gumagamit nito, kaya naki-join ang beauty ko. hahahah, nag iilusyon ba raw ako noh 😉

  4. munchkinmommy · February 4, 2008

    hi nell! my mom used to be such a vitamin junkie. 🙂 pero hindi na ngayon. apparently, there’s a vitamin supplement out there which has about 40 vitamins/minerals/nutrients and each capsule has mega doses of those vitamins. 🙂 baka gumaya na rin kami ni dondi. hahaha! as for weight loss, i still believe in good ‘ol fashioned exercise and eating in moderation. 😉 cheers to good health! 😀

    hi weng, that’s good to know na meron palang vitamin out there na isang lagok lang. hahahah! i’ll look it up online mamaya, hehehe. alam mo naman, di natyo bumabata. kaya kelangan na nating mag take ng supplements. and i really need to exercise, kahit running/ walking on the treadmill man lang, dba? cheers to us and for our good health 😀

  5. joy · February 4, 2008

    Yeah, there’s this concoction you can take. My friend had a liquid diet for 7 days and she lost 12 pounds. Jennifer Aniston did it for 21 days. She said she didn’t feel hungry at all. But actually, if you want to do it gradually, like 1 to 2 pounds a week, you could subscribe to different sites. A free one would be http://www.sparkpeople.com. Or if you want to pay, and if you follow the diet it really works, there’s Weightwatchers or http://www.guardianeatright.co.uk/dietprofile2/home.cfm?ver=0. I have friends who have tried both and they defnitely worked! There’s also the Fat Loss for Idiots BUT don’t subscribe to that! It’s a scam.

    A Pinay In England
    Your Love Coach
    The Goddess In You
    Norwich Daily Photo

    hello joy, na excite naman ako sa concoction na yan. at ginamit pa sya ni jennifer aniston hah, ay panalo! i promise to search this one online mamaya when i get home. alam mo ba, i’ve tried those tv diets before and unfortunately didn’t work on me. kawawa naman kasi masisira name ng product nila, hahahah! but doc said i really need to loss weight kaya kakareerin ko na eto. hahahaha :mrgreen:

  6. Meeya · February 4, 2008

    michael jackson ba or regine velasquez? haha! ideas for losing weight, magkaroon ng boypren na palikero, sugarol, at basagulero at kung di ka ba pumayat sa kunsumisyon ewan ko na lang, hehe. *wink* tignan mo ko, bait mister ko kaya… hiyang 😀 *muah*

    hi meeya, sige at si regine v nalang. takot kasi ako sa kaputian ni michael jackson eh, parang di normal. dba? ay ayaw ko naman yang boypren diet, papayat nga ako pero dadami naman ang wrinkles ko. hahahaha! speaking of mister, you guys are really for each other. swerte nyo hah, inggitin ba raw ako. hahahah 😀

  7. cee cee boom · February 5, 2008

    where did you get it? twag mo sa akin ang info. please…

    you want to be flawless as well, cee cee? hahaha, go to vitamin shoppe in union city. it’s on the left hand side of the theatre, walking distance from borders bookstore and texas roadhouse. and remember, you need to get all four for maximum effect 😉

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