Cheers To Cozy Saturdays…

Yesterday, I had the chance to snuggle in bed way pass 9 o’clock. It was raining outside and the winds blowing like crazy, so I decided to sleep a little longer. Then I heard a knock at about 10 AM, guess who? It was my Dad all geared up and ready to explore the downtown farmers market. I thought the weather would discourage him from going, but guess not. So I cleaned myself up and put some warm clothes on (fresh out of the dryer).  Surprisingly the farmers market is holding up there stalls besides the strong winds. With twenty bucks in my pocket, we started our shopping. We got ourselves some sweet tangerines, fresh honey, organic brown eggs, whole wheat breads, drop dead sweet berries (to my surprise) and a some veggies for lunch. We got all that and I still have my twenty bucks, untouched and nicely folded. Hahahaha! Dad offered to pay for all my purchases, so why not right?

And when we got home, Dad started his thing in the kitchen. He offered to cook us lunch, so we’re in for a treat. He’s making us some Grilled Porterhouse Steak with Buttered Veggies. Just the sound of it is enough to make me salivate. If there’s one thing Dad know best, that would be satisfying ones taste buds (and not counting the calories). Hahahaha! And when he was done cooking, he went back to his car and grabbed a bottle of red wine which was one perfect pair. Lunch was absolutely delightful and then, we had some Banana with Nutella for dessert. Since we forgot to get us some Banana Cream Pie from Nations.

Dad left after lunch, for he had some other plans for the day. But before he left he handed me a gift basket, something he got me from Napa Valley the other day (my old man is sweet, hahaha) — an assortment of cheeses and my most favorite sparkling wine. A Brut Rose, which I think has this wonderful balance. It’s fruity but not too sweet, it’s pink and has this subtle hint of berries, roses and peach. What can I say, even in wine, my taste is definitely queer.  I had two full glasses, as I was reading Anne of Green Gables (that I got for a quarter from second hand store). What a lovely Saturday this is!

Cozy Saturday



  1. joy · February 3, 2008

    It does sound like you had a lovely Saturday. I like farmers’ market. There’s always something for me to buy – good cheese, some sweet stuff and wine for my hunny (as I don’t drink anything fizzy or alcoholic).

    I enjoyed Napa Valley when we visited last year. It’s just so beautiful!

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    very much so, joy. i enjoyed every minute of my week end, at least i try to. going to farmer/ flea markets is one of my fave past times during spring and summer. not so much during autumn and winter since that’s the time were i’d rather hibernate, hahaha! there’s lots of good and rare cheeses at the farmers market. but i didn’t buy any, since dad already told me he bought some from napa valley. which i’ve known you were here in san francisco. i could have shown you guys my side of town, it’s not much but it is home to us. hope you’re enjoying your week end 😉

  2. Leap of Faith! · February 3, 2008

    Nell, what a great weekend. Nakakatuwa naman yung dad mo for doing all that.

    hello keith, my week end turned out ok naman. i don’t know nga what came to dad, all of sudden eh bumait at naging maasikaso. heheheh! pero in fairness, na appreciate ko ng sobra ang effort nya to cheer me up 😉

  3. iris · February 4, 2008

    your dad’s really thoughtful. and i know guys are good cooks too. i’d like to go to that farmer’s market there, one of these days. hehe. ang farmers market dito sa cubao hindi yata ganyan ka-nice. although they did fix the place up already.. love the picture too.

    good day iris, thanks so much for your kind comment. dad’s not really one of those thoughtful guys, he’s more like a spur of the moment kind of person. but i did appreciate his presence and the treats he cooked us this past week end. grabe ang busog ko and the wine was good as well, perfect pair eka nga nila. as for the farmers market, i suggest you visit the one in san francisco. it’s huge and there’s a wide array of products to buy that are not available in stores. click on this link, to view my entry of my adventure in sfo farmers market. uyyy, maganda yong market sa may cubao hah. i remember namamalengke kami dyan before, pati nipa qmart. isama mo pa yong manggahan market malapit sa fairview. those were the days, namiss ko yon. glad you like the pix i use for this entry, thank again. mwaaah 😀

  4. Meeya · February 4, 2008

    we originally planned on going to the beach, as i told you, kaya lang we ended up holed up at home because ninna’s coughing got worse. 😦 so hayun, i just made chicken sopas and melon juice and watched wonderpets all day long, hehe. 😀

    hello meeya (wow mali yong kanina, sowee po. ganda nyo kasi pareho eh!), so sorry to hear that ninna got sick. the beach can definitely wait till next time. i hope she’s feeling much better now. uuyyy, chicken sopas and melon juice? sis meeya (sowee po ulit, kasi naman eh both of you are close to my heart. nambola pa raw, noh? love yah, mwaaah), may sakit din ako. would you cook and send me some, too. hehehe! naku kong ikaw eh wonderpets, kami naman ni nicho eh nag avatar and sponge bob marathon kahapon. hahahah :mrgreen:

  5. bw · February 4, 2008

    Nice to be bailed out by the old man once in a while eh? 🙂 I guess he did give you personalized service, complete up to desert and drinks – that beats going out man. 🙂 Banana with Nutella is one desert my daughter won’t pass up hehe..

    hello bw! dad did surprised me this week end. i wonder if he had head injury, cause he was so attentive all of a sudden. but i need to give my old man a big pat on the back and a big hug for cooking us a great meal and keeping me company. he sure knows how to cheer me up… the banana with nutella, that’s hit here in our household as well, heheheh 😀

  6. cee cee boom · February 5, 2008

    girl, was calling you saturday and you didn’t pick up. you’re so kaka! tell tito nonoy to cook me some steak sa susunod hah. he still owes me dinner for spying on you. kulit ko noh?

    i called you back kaya, cee cee. this time ikaw naman di sumagot. punta nga this sunday, dito ulit si dad 😀

  7. Meeya · February 5, 2008

    pssst, hindi ako si sis weng, hahaha! although i wouldn’t mind being mistaken for our sexy and smart friend. 😀

    ay so sorry po madam meeya. sensya na at kakangog kangog etong ulo ko. kasi naman ang gaganda at smart ninyong dalawa kaya feeling ko eh twins kayo. heheheh! this is not the first time (i know), kaya sowee po ulit sis. you know naman i love you both. tsaka i made the corrections na po 😉

  8. kengkay · February 6, 2008

    uy, i also love sparkling wine which is called sekt here and i’d rather have rose wine than red and white wine 😀 alam mo, we also love to buy sa mga roadside markets, mas fresh at mas adventurous kapag dun bibili e plus libreng lakwatsa pa ;D

    allow me to share this wine i had, ms kengkay. which also happens to me my fave, the wines made by domaine carneros and they call it brut rose’. whenever i get a chance nga to drive up napa valley eh i stock up on this wine — really good! and speaking of farmers market, we love going there, too. cause we get to buy some fresh specialty items and there veggies couldn’t be fresher talaga. that at mura pa! heheheh, tsaka pwede ka pang tumawad 😉

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