Not So Wicked After All…

I was about to head to Alameda and buy me some supplies for my bead project, when I suddenly heard a knock on my office door. “Come in,” I said.  And surprise, surprise, guess who it is? It was my boss, Miss Elle. I thought she wanted me do some last minute work, so I asked her “Yes, can I help you?” I realized her eyes were puffy and red, and looks like she just finished crying. “You don’t look too good, are you alright?” I said to her. And the moment I said that to her, she came up to me, hugged me, laid her head on my shoulder and cried a river. I was like, “What the hell is going on here?” But  I didn’t want to be rude, so I let her cry it all out. She looks real upset and I didn’t want to interrupt her moment. And after a good five minutes, she calmed down, let go and wiped her face using my hankerchief. “I’m so sorry if I’ve bothered you. I’ll be going out now,” she said. “Hey wait, are you sure you’re okay? Do you need to talk or want some company?”  I figured out that she might need someone to be with, at least for a couple hours. “I’m about to drive up to Alameda to get some stuff, but you’re more than welcome to join me if you’d like and I’ll drive you back here at work.”  She smiled and said, “That would be nice, sure it’s okay?” I answered back, “Absolutely, it’s better that driving by myself in traffic. Besides, we can use the carpool lane, right?”  We left the office shortly after that.

While heading for our destination, I realized Miss Elle wasn’t that bad of a person. She may act bossy and have this intimidating vibe around her, but she actually is human in every aspect. Maybe, I was quick to judge her. Not giving her any chance to prove herself that she can be friend and not that wicked superior who slave drive her people. Funny how I hated her all these time and then now, she’s suddenly on my good side. Maybe, just maybe, I’m not giving people a fair and square chance to see them in a different light.

Now, I feel bad for ever picturing Miss Elle as this boss from hell, the Cruella Deville of our office or better yet, the Witch on The 4th Floor. It wasn’t fair that I called her names and it wasn’t my right to judge her either. Regrets do come in the end, and I’m sorry for ever calling her a witch. But then again it’s never too late to make up for my misdeeds and start building a bridge to fill the gap between us. I do have a lot to learn in love and relationship, and part of it is to not be so quick to judge and react.

Fire Lantanas



  1. Leap of Faith! · January 31, 2008

    Sweet naman… so why did she cry? Did she ever tell you? I hope she did not read your previous blogs about her. Hehehe… baka mag transform siya back to the Wicked Witch…Peace, Miss Elle.

  2. Meeya · January 31, 2008

    ika nga ni melanie marquez re joey: “don’t judge my brother because he is not a book”. 😀 it’s indeed very easy to fall into the “judging trap”, ako mismo i’ve been there and done (lotsa) that. pero i also believe that there’s some good in everyone so kahit asar na asar ako sa tao, i try (and try and try pa ulit) so see the good in them no matter how hard it is kasi, in a way, i also want others to try to see the good in my masungit and mataray personality, hehe.

    i hope this thing between you and your boss will be the start of a good friendship. 🙂

  3. sardonicnell · January 31, 2008

    just doing the right thing, keith. tsaka naawa ako sa itchura nya. she did tell me what was going on and looks like she has some sort of family and marital issues. she just needed to let it all out, and exhale she did. and i told miss elle about the names i use to call her, and she laughed about it as we were driving back to the office. i’d rather tell her that rather than hearing if from others, dba? btw, we went out to lunch yesterday. say mo, friends na kami. hahahaha 😀

  4. sardonicnell · January 31, 2008

    ow meeya, i’ve heard that too, from melanie marquez. may point naman sya, dba? hahahah, here i go again making fun of people. sorry po! but kidding aside, most of us do have this tendencies to knit pick other peoples negative attributes. ako rin kaya, nuno ng judgmental! and like you, i do try to correct myself by putting myself in other peoples shoes. in short, reality check that no one’s perfect and nobody will ever be. dba? speaking of friendship, we went out to lunch yesterday. masayahing tao rin pala sya hah 😉

  5. bw · January 31, 2008

    A classic case of not judging the book by its cover ! I find that sometimes people have manifest personalities because of the dictates of the responsibilities. Perhaps your boss acting like a bitch was just her way to command respect but deep inside her, she is a caring and sensitive person not like Cruella deVille as you assumed her to be 🙂

  6. sardonicnell · January 31, 2008

    you got that right, bw. now i really feel bad ever calling her names, huhuhu 😦 but it’s not too late pa naman. cause miss elle and i were able to get pass what’s behind us and eventually move on a more contructive direction. so no more cruella deville 😉

  7. munchkinmommy · January 31, 2008

    hi nell! i bet you feel very good at naging friends na kayo ni ms. elle. mas masarap naman talagang magipon ng friends kesa mga taong kinaiinisan, diba? mas magaan pati sa dibdib. i’m happy for the two of you! 😀

  8. sardonicnell · January 31, 2008

    thank you weng! i do feel better and there’s this feeling of relief. i think heavens really watching out for me. hirap din kasi to communicate if there’s that “inis” factor, dba 😉

  9. thess · February 1, 2008

    Ok lang yan Nell, I even admire you for acknowledging that maybe u misjudged her…tao lang po 😉 at hindi ka nag-iisa sa ganyan *o di ba, guilty din ako ha ha ha*

  10. sardonicnell · February 1, 2008

    true, sis thess. sabi nga isang kanta eh i’m only human, born to make mistakes. nyahahah! pero at least eh napin-point natin kong saan tayo nagkamali. dba? namiss talaga kita sis, luv yah lots. mwaaah 😀

  11. joy · February 1, 2008

    Wow, a boss crying on your shoulders!

    It would be a bit odd for me, but if someone needs help of course I’m all ears. I would just be careful though… You don’t want to get caught in something unpleasant.

    A Pinay In England
    Your Love Coach
    The Goddess In You

  12. sardonicnell · February 1, 2008

    she crashed in my arms, joy. and cried her heart out to me and i couldn’t find myself leaving her there in the ofc. pusong mamon kasi ako, heheheh. it was odd, but who am i to refuse someone who needed help, dba? in the end, everything went well — i gained a friend 😉

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