Out Of Queeriosity…

So many tangles in life are ultimately hopeless that we have no appropriate sword other than laughter.  – Gordon W. Allport –

Picture me in front of my PC at work, googling the words — secrets to a long lasting relationship. There’s supposed to be the word gay in between lasting and relationship, but I came out empty handed. (Actually gay dating sites started popping out.)  So I decided to delete it and out come twenty something pages (or even more). One site in particular caught my attention, as I discovered how many hits it gets  — 9,281 just today alone (that last count was me, hehehe). Wow! Looks like I’m not the only confuse hominid looking for some darn answers.

Anyhow, reading those pointers and tips they have online on relationships. I realized that most of them are just a bunch of bee ess and some I already know from previous self-help reads. Which brings me to the question — who am I turn to for some real answers? There’s just no way I can ask Mom or Dad for advice. They’ll probably think I’m megalomanic or worse, they’d suggest that I stay single for the rest of my life. My siblings? For sure, they’ll make a mockery of my misery. Believe me! I do have the option of asking friends, but I’m too shy to even ask. And heaven knows, they maybe going thru some of their own bumpy rides. Oh well, maybe I should  just sign up for GayMatch.com. Maybe they can help me with my problem. Hahaha!


PS: Enjoy my new Sonific, this time it’s the classic hits of Andrea Bocelli



  1. thess · January 25, 2008

    I don’t think there is any secret but just a lot of hard work to attain if not a long lasting, at least a good relationship. Relationship is a day to day thing. Many éxprets’ can tell us this and that but it will only result to one thing, how we are towards our partner.

    hey! I have a Romanza album of Andrea B. My favorite is Vivere…

    darling see you when I get back, we’re taking a weekend break….and I wish you too a fine weekend, do enjoy it 🙂

    love u lots.

  2. sardonicnell · January 25, 2008

    thank you sis thess, and have a wonderful week end get away with your hubs. like mo rin pala si andrea bocelli, i have all his songs and i play them almost everyday at work. halata bang parating nag-eemote? hahahah, thanks for your kind advice sis. i guess in life, there really is no such thing as permanency noh. love yah too and big warm hugs to you 😀

  3. goyo · January 26, 2008

    Nell, I don’t know that there’s any real difference between gay and straight relationships. Either way, it’s two people who have to adapt to each other. All the while facing our own obstacles and overcoming them (hopefully together). I don’t know why people say relationships are 50-50. They’re not. To work, a relationship must be 100-100. You have to give 100% all the time. Somebody once said that love means giving while expecting less in return. And forgiving when you do get less in return.

    There’s a good person out there for you. You just have to keep looking. If you give up you’ll never find them. What’s the old saying? “You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince”

  4. sardonicnell · January 26, 2008

    hello goyo! thanks so much for you kind advice, i sincerely appreciate it. gay or straight relationship’s pretty much the same. sabi nga nila, love knows no gender or boundaries. i agree that in love, we need to give it our 100% and that we should not expect anything in return. it’s also imperative to have complete trust and total honesty. dba? thanks for the well wishes, my friend. have a fabulous week end 😀

  5. Belle · January 27, 2008

    Hi Nell, this is Belle from simplybelle. I am glad you like my daughter’s music. Thanks!

    I hope you find that person who will make you happy. Life is too short, listen to your heart.

  6. sardonicnell · January 27, 2008

    you’re welcome belle! you daughters voice and music is fabulous. i would love to have her cd in my collection. as for this person, i wish that day would come cause i’m starting to have this notion in my head that i’m better off single. indeed life is too short, and i hope i did pretty good (which i think so). thanks for visiting my blog and your kind comment. God bless 😀

  7. Meeya · January 31, 2008

    i have to agree na there really isn’t any difference between homo and hetero relationships. at wala rin formula for a 100% totally lasting relationship kasi everything is subjective to the quirks of your relationship. 🙂 like for hubby and me, love, trust, faith, and laughter ang pinaka-important. at galing sa pag-iimpake, hehe. 🙂

    pero one thing i learned in all of this, mas successful ang relationship pag hinahayaan akong mag-shopping for handbags ng asawa ko, hahaha! *muah*

  8. sardonicnell · January 31, 2008

    hahahha, now if that’s not love i don’t know what else to call it, meeya! pero totoo nga wala naman talagang formula, it’s all about compromise and sacrifice. dba? relationships get to be bumpy din kaya every once in a while. but i guess what bothers me is secrecy, as if naman di ko madidiscover yon. dba? oh well, sabi nga nila trial and error raw eto. hahaha 😉

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