To New Friends and Old Cronies

You guys know who you are… 

There are days when
bubbling from us comes
the innocent child within,
who giggles at the little things
and wears a silly grin.

There are days when
melancholy comes to
visit for a while;
the mind feels tired, the body weak;
we have no strength to smile.

There are days when
joy abundant
grabs a hold of you and me;
wraps us up in all it’s splendor,
lifts us up and sets us free.

There are days when
sorrow wraps us
in its cloak of grief and fear,
’till our hearts ache to the breaking,
’till our eyes can’t shed a tear.

There are days when
love bestows us
with its wonderment and light;
with its beauty and its mystery,
its power and its might.

And there are days when
life rewards us
and seems to make amends
by granting us a marvelous gift,
the precious gift of friends.




  1. tulipfleurs · January 23, 2008

    So very very true!! You choose your friends, not your family . . and for many, the former have become the most important people in their lives. I’m not saying that family is not important, because for me, my family is my world . . but there’s also the many friends who have “become family.” You’ll know who your real and good friends are when you are down or when you need their support. A real friend will not desert you when you are down and out . . . will not turn against you in jealousy if you have succeeded, etc. They will always be there at your side when you need them the most. Those are “real” friends . . . and I’m sure we all have them in our lives and are blessed to have them too! 🙂 Ok . . I think I said enough! 😉

  2. sardonicnell · January 23, 2008

    hello lulu! please allow me to thank you for your time and that wonderful conversation we have on the phone. i had a blast, as it’s been a while since i had a good laugh. promise!

    i remember what a good friend said to me once… friends are like bras: they’re close to your heart and there for support. hahahah! ok ba? thanks for your kind comment dear. and cheers to us for this brand new friendship 😉

  3. carlotta · January 23, 2008

    lol your friend got a good quote there. can i borrow it? 😀

    friendship is really precious and it will really come to a point where they really feel like family. i don’t call my girl friends just friends, i call them my sisters =)

    nice music btw, love it!

  4. sardonicnell · January 23, 2008

    don’t you just love that quote, so catchy hah? oh and carlotta, please feel free to borrow and share it with others for laughter 😉 real glad that you like my music, i just thought it’s different and as a blogger friend said (pinky) — para raw nasa spa. hahahaha! you’re so lucky to have wonderful friends/ sisters around you. i ask that you always keep them near your heart. God bless, mwaaah 😀

  5. Meeya · January 24, 2008

    wow, great picture, as always. 🙂 just wanted to say that, although we may be miles apart, you are truly precious to me. stay pretty, fun, and in love always! *muah*

  6. sardonicnell · January 24, 2008

    thank you, meeya. ayan at teary eyed na naman ang bakla, hahaha! kidding aside, i totally feel the same way for you dear. you make my heart sing with joy everyday to the tune of “i’ll be there for you”, theme song from the “friends” sitcom. remember? bongga, dba? love yah too, mwaaah :mrgreen:

    ps: stay pretty — i will, always
    fun — we’ll try that
    in love — naaah, i’m starting to have second thoughts, seriously…

  7. bw · January 24, 2008

    excellent post bro 🙂 I always wondered how boring life would be without friends. In fact, friends are sometimes more caring than relatives. They might be supporting casts in our life, but they are an important part of our existence 🙂

  8. weng · January 24, 2008

    hugs and kisses to you, nel! i should thank abby (new york!) for leading you to me. remember? you got to my site through abby’s….and the rest, as they say is history. 😉 may God always bless you, nel…and our friendship. He knows it’s something I truly chrish. mmmwah!

  9. sardonicnell · January 24, 2008

    glad you like it, bw 😉 life without friends is definitely a life wasted. don’t you think? like my mom would say, it takes time to grow a friend. so we should treasure each and every one of them 😀

  10. sardonicnell · January 24, 2008

    big warm hugs and lots of kisses to you, too, weng :mrgreen: i believe that we met for one reason, and that is friendship. and be rest assured that i will protect it, nurture and cherish it every freaking minute of my life. naks naman! akala mo wedding vows, hahaha. but kidding aside, really am grateful to have you as a friend. love yah always 😀

  11. Leap of Faith! · January 25, 2008

    Nell, I so agree with BW… life would indeed be so boring without friends.

    Thanks for allowing us to be a part of your life and for choosing to be part of ours as well.

    We truly cherish your friendship.

  12. sardonicnell · January 25, 2008

    hello keith! just imagining life without friends is giving me the creeps. parang walang saysay, dba? ohhh, touch naman ako sa sinabi mo. ikaw pa yata ang magpapaluha sa akin, heheheh.

    i know we haven’t met in person, pero feeling ko eh ang tagal na nating magkakilala. it may sound corny, pero having you as friends is one of the highlights of my fabulous life. and everyday i thank heavens for giving me two more precious gifts — you and pinky! love you guys, mwaaah :mrgreen:

  13. Meeya · January 31, 2008

    “in love — naaah, i’m starting to have second thoughts, seriously…”

    oooohhhh…. what happened??? 😦

  14. sardonicnell · January 31, 2008

    hi meeya, let’s just say “he was too good to be true…” drama ng bakla, dba 😉

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