Off The Beaten Desert

Will be gone till Saturday. Have this event in the middle of the Mojave Desert. What it is? Interesting enough, it’s a cat show in the middle of nowehere. I have the same reaction, why there? But the show must go on, rain or shine. This would be a good five to six hour drive for me, one way. So, I better load that Ipod before I cry myself of insanity.

I also didn’t feel like driving at three in the morning Saturday and decided on a late Friday instead. Golly, I need my good night sleep! I am hoping that this lodge (I’m staying at) would have DSL connection or at the very least, a dial up. This is the problem with being online most of the time, we feel totally isolated when we’re off. Hahaha! But should there be a connection, expect me to be hopping from one blog to another. Either that or I maybe flickring or picniking myself in cyberspace. Hahaha!

You all have a great and safe week end guys… 

Mojave Desert



  1. tulipfleurs · January 11, 2008

    Hello Nell! I guess by the time you read this comment you would have gotten back from your cat show. Is this the one you made mention of . . . the cat show in January? I’d never been to a cat show but as I said before, my Tina-Marie when she was a “babe” was in a cat show. Keep me posted na lang for future cat shows except for those held somewhere in the Mojave Desert or out in the boonies. Ha! Ha! Lastly, I’m listening to “Make it With You” by Bread which caught my attention. I have one of Bread’s Greatest Hits CD. Yes, it is a beautiful song! 😉 Take care and hope it was a great cat show. Ciao for now.

  2. rose · January 13, 2008

    oh never been to places like this. i wish i will soon. 🙂
    you like bread too?>>> i mean the singer

    have a nice day ang enjoy your weekend

  3. sardonicnell · January 13, 2008

    LULU: happy sunday! got back last night at about 11:30 pm and needless to say, knocked out ang beauty ko, hahaha. the cat show was fun, saw some old friends and my kitty “trixxie” did good. cat shows ba kamo? here’s the ones i’m planning to attend. but then, my sched can still change. what’s for sure is the feb 16, mar 1-2 and mar 8-9. i hope to see you sometime. btw, here’s my sched:

    FEB 09-10. CA, SANTA ROSA: Sonoma County Fairgrounds

    FEB 16. CA, KING CITY: Salinas Valley Fairgrounds

    MAR 01-02. IN, INDIANAPOLIS: Northwest Pavilion. Will be flying out to IN since it’s my clubs show. This should be fun!

    MAR 08-09. CA, HAYWARD: Centennial Hall

    MAR 15-16. CA, SAN JOSE: Santa Clara Fairgrounds

    MAR 29. CA, STOCKTON: San Joaquin Fairgrounds

    i love BREAD! that’s one of the things i gor from mom and dad. they use to listen to this music when i was younger and i kinda liked it. these songs are way better than those we hear nowadays. dont you think? hehehe! hope you’re having a fun week end so far. mwaaah 😀

    ROSE: hello there! thanks for visiting me here again. are you interested in cats show as well? it’s fun, but i must warn you in advance. most cat people are not as nice as me. hahaha! or are you pertaining to the mojave desert? it’s one interesting site if you ask me. you’re probably going to like it if you you like hiking and trail treking. and speaking of bread, i grew up listening to those music. along with karen carpenters, perry como, frank sinatra and tina turner. so i have an oldie taste in music, hahaha. have a wonderful week end. God bless 😉

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