In Sickness & In Health

Mom called me yesterday morning right after she listened to my voicemail. I asked her to come over and nurse me to wellness. But unfortunately, the rain was pouring heavily and the wind was too strong. That I told Mom to just stay home and forget the idea of coming over. It wasn’t safe for her to be out driving, moreso if she’s taking Highway 1. No way, I’ll let her drive on that long and winding road!

To my surprise, Ted came by during lunch time. Without me knowing, my mother called him and asked if he could get me some Hot and Sour Soup. He said, “Why didn’t you call me earlier? I could have called off and stayed here with you.” That was really sweet he said that, but I’m not about to invade his time at work. It’s not fair, “I figured it’s Monday and you might be busy.” He had this strange look on his face, “C’mon now, you know I’d drop everything for you Hon!” I was like, “What?” I just had to hear it again, it feels wonderful knowing someone cares.

Ted decided to cancel the rest of his day to keep me company. Funny how we’re both in my bedroom with our laptops turned on with a cup of hot chamomile tea on our side table to keep us warm. Now that’s a picture perfect moment, with a caption that says — A couple that works together, stays together! Hahahah… 

Sick and In Bed



  1. Meeya · January 9, 2008

    ang sweet naman! its only the start of the year imagine how many more sweet moments with ted are waiting for you…

    kung di ka pa ba naman gumaling niyan, ewan ko na lang hehe!

  2. munchkinmommy · January 9, 2008

    *swoon, swoon, swoon* o, baka naman mawili kang magsakit niyan! hee hee hee! 😀

  3. sardonicnell · January 9, 2008

    hi meeya! TED sure is a darling. sana nga eh sweet pa rin sya hanggang sa pagputi ng buhok namin. heheheh! i’m doing much better today, back to work na nga po ako eh. pero kakahol kahol pa rin paminsan minsan. i should have taken more days off nga sana. pero busy sobra, kainis! wala eh, matindi ang pangangailangan. hahahah 😀

  4. sardonicnell · January 9, 2008

    owww weng, kong ganito ka maalaga ang asawa ko (did i just say asawa, ayayay!). i dont mind being sick. TED’s very maasikaso and strikto, if i may say. he really is my kinda nurse 😉

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