Playing With Those Widgets

You can say that I’ve been lazy this week end, that I found myself bored. But I discovered a way to dust off my doldrums by playing with those web widgets.  I’ve decided to add some classical music, some music videos and shout out corner on the right hand part of my blog. Please feel free to check them out and I’ll do my best to update the music and videos from time to time. Hope you guys like it…

PS: How’s you week end? We’re you a bored kitty like me?




  1. eric aka senor enrique · January 6, 2008

    That kitty looks like she’s about to cry 😦

  2. sardonicnell · January 7, 2008

    hello eric, happy new year to you…
    oo nga noh, looks like my kitty sugar was about to cry. she’s actually one of the kittens i have bred in the past, use to have bicolor persians. but i’ve retired from longhairs and now have devon rexes. sugar’s in a much happier place now, where’s she’s very much spoiled by her lovely owner. hehehehe 😀

  3. thess · January 7, 2008


    ayan napakanta tuloy ako, nell! ang cute nya ha!

    ps: (biglang ayaw gumana keyboard ko eh)
    I’m not into classical music but tina rocks!!
    napanood mo na ba sya live in concert?
    wish ko yan

    anyway, sorry for not visiting lately..babawi ako! lav yah!!

  4. thess · January 7, 2008

    OMG! I was imagining you were Donavan! he was goood!! Thank you for sharing these videos…borrow ko first one, please? Isasama ko sa entry ko, nag nostalgic ek ek bigla lola mo ha ha ha!

  5. sardonicnell · January 7, 2008

    hello sis thess, no need to apologize hah. at tsaka love kaya kita always. promise! the classical music naman, pampakalma ko yan. without it, malamang eh loka loka na ako ngayon. hahahah! and speaking of tina turner, galing ng lola natin. dba? she’s definitely one of the best rock singers. i’ve watched her before about 1999-2000 when she did her last series of concerts. she rocked the show hall and her voice was simply the best, better than all the rest! oh bongga, dba?

    oh that donovan is a character. i so love him in that video and he has watched lola tina about 16-17 times kaya memorize na nya ang moves. kaloka dba? pero sister, in as much as i love our lola tina. i doubt kong kayanin kong magperform sa stage like the one donovan did. hihimatayin muna siguro ako, hahahah! and please feel free to use the video, i don’t mind since i snagged it from you tube din naman. heheheh!

    gusto mo bang makita si lola tina, tara at fly tayo sa zurich, switzerland. kitain natin sya, ok ba sayo? heheheh, love yah lots sis. miss you too, mwaaah :mrgreen:

    ps: like mo rin si sugar? she’s grown a lot now and she’s living in a pet home where she’s spoiled rotten. last i saw her, she was at the vets ofc in her juicy couture carrier. sosy noh? hahaha!

  6. thess · January 7, 2008

    I so love to see Tina, sana i consider nya ulit mag perform. Zurich na ba sya nakatira? cge, sugurin natin at mag rolling rolling tayo ha ha! Kayang kaya mo mag Donavan, I’m sure!
    Kahit cgro ako mamememorize ko ang dance sequence, 17 x ba naman mapanood! *lol*

    oo I love sugar’s face..talagang spoiled rotten ha! ha ha ha, she deserves it…every animal deserves it…

    sleep tight 😉

  7. sardonicnell · January 7, 2008

    hi sis thess, i think lola tina would still performs pa naman. pero baka for fundraising stuff nalang. wish ko lang na magawa ko yang proud mary moves like donovan. di kaya mangatog ako if ever kaharap ko face to face ang lola natin. and yes, base na sa zurich si lola tina with her long time companion. oh ano, should we fly to zurich na ba at ng makapag sing-along tayo with her? hahahaha :mrgreen:

  8. bw · January 7, 2008

    WordPress widgets are sure fun to play with isn’t it ? 🙂 Have no regrets moving from blogger for sure. Bored? maybe you should try podcasting for a change hehe 🙂

  9. sardonicnell · January 8, 2008

    hello bw! widgets (at least for wordpress) are lots of fun. i was never a tech kind of guy, but i was able to figure it out after a series of trial and error, hehehe. use to have blogger before, but i think wordpress is much better (my opinion). they have more perks and very user friendly. podcasting? that’s a swell idea. i might take your advice on that, hehehe. we’ll see 😉

  10. Meeya · January 9, 2008

    i miss my kitties back home tuloy 😦

    sa totoo lang, love ko ang mga entries mo so kahit walang widgets nae-entertain naman ako hehe. pero like a good host ng isang tahanan, you’re giving your visitors something extra whenever they visit. kaya thanks! i appreciate it! 🙂

  11. sardonicnell · January 9, 2008

    you like kitties, too, meeya? didn’t know that. but i’m sure glad that you like the touches i made here. really appreciate the kind words 😀

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