Goodie Goodie

As you can see, I haven’t been posting any irate stories here lately. I’ve kept my cool these past couple of months, as I’m trying to practice patience and benevolence. You can ask my manager, she should know. I haven’t had any disagreements with her lately, thought there’s that occassional reasoning. But no verbal brawling or whatsoever, I’m keeping myself out of trouble. But then again, people have there saturation point. When eventually, patience and sensitivity to others will go obsolete.

Just like last night, when I picked up my necklace at this jewelry store in San Francisco. It was a present for myself for the holidays that I bought couple weeks before. However, the chain was too short and I had it extended by a couple more inches. So here I am, all calm and composed when I set foot at the store where I was approached by this a nicely dressed lady.

Lady 1: Can I help you Sir?

Nell: Hello Miss! I’m here to pick up my necklace.

Lady 1: Do you have the claim ticket with you?

Nell: Yes, it’s here! (then handed here this yellow paper)

She went and look at the drawers and then excused herself as she walked towards the back office. Five, ten, fifteen minutes later and she was still nowhere in sight. So I asked the other lady if she could help me find the items I’m supposed to pick up.

Lady 2: Do you have your claim stub, Sir?

Nell: I do, but I gave it to this lady that was helping me earlier.

Lady 2: Okay, kindly have a seat and I’ll see if I can find her.

The second lady went to the back office and disappeared for a couple minutes. She came back later with a worried look on her face. I was like, now what?

Lady 2: I apologize for the wait, Sir. But looks like the lady that was helping you earlier is gone for the day. (I was shocked in disbelief, who does she thin she is? Elvis? That she just can step out of the building. Wow! This is so uncalled for. But I still kept my cool shades on.)

Nell: Gone! As in she went home? You’re kidding me, right? Oh no, sweetheart. I need to get my stuff today and desert this God forsaken place!

Lady 2: I’m so sorry, Sir. But I would need the stub to look for your item. We go by numbers here and not by names. (Wholly crap… Now, I’m officially pissed!)

Nell: I hate to say this, Miss. But this totally unacceptable! I already gave that lady my stub and it’s not my problem that she left. Why not try getting her on the phone and make her drag herself back in here. Or better yet, why not get me your Manager or Supervisor. I am so not coming back here on another day, just because you guys screwed up!

Lady 2: Sir, the one that was helping you earlier is our Supervisor.

Nell: Great! So that crappy one was the man in-charge.  Pathetic! Is there anyone else in this building who actually knows the meaning of the words customer service?

I then saw another lady came thru the back door. She looked at me and was listening to our conversation, when she came and approached me.

Lady 3: Is there a problem here?

Nell: Yes, there certainly is. I came in here to pick up my jewelry and the so called Manager left the building with my claim stub. And now, this lady over here is telling me that she’s unable to help me. Now where’s the justice in that?

Lady 3: I’m so sorry for the inconvenience, Sir. But allow me to help you. By the way, my name is Jeanine and I’m the business owner.

Nell: Thank you, Ms Jeanine. Finally, hope springs forth!

The owner excused herself and opened the drawers. This time, I saw here going thru each envelope and opening each one to see if my necklace was somewhere there. A good ten minutes later, I heard her say “Got it!” and boy was I happy to finally hear those words.

Lady 3: Here you are, Sir. Would this be your piece?

Nell: Yes, that’s it! Thanks so much for your help.

Lady 3: You’re welcome. And I apologize for the wait and inconvenience.

Nell: Oh Miss Jeanine, I was about ready to explode. Wouldn’t you, if you were in my shoes?

Lady 3: I understand.

Nell: I’m sorry for being rude earlier. I was just feeling frustrated, that’s all. And by the way, how much do I owe you?

Lady 3: None, Sir. It’s the very least we could do for the trouble our employee has caused.

Nell: But I don’t feel comfortable not paying the $150 balance. That’s a big chunk of money!

Lady 3: Oh don’t you worry, Sir. Somebody will be paying that $150, just not you!

Nell: Oh good. Now, I won’t feel that bad. Thanks for coming to my rescue, have a blessed new year!

Lady 3: You do the same, bye bye.

And I left the building after a good hour and a half. I didn’t expect the wait to be that long for one darn pick up. But then again, I have to give myself a big pat on the back for not exploding in madness. It’s tough enough trying to hold back the words, and keeping my sanity intact. For a babble mouth like myself, it certainly is difficult to stay calm and levelheaded.

So does that mean I’m turning goodie goodie for good. Nice try, but I don’t think so!

Bling Bling



  1. tulipfleurs · January 5, 2008

    Nell . . . kudos to you for staying calm, cool and collective! Had that been me, I would have totally went off the far end. That’s one of my gazillion new years resolution is to have “patience” especially when it comes to customer service because I can be a total BIATCH! 😉 Nevertheless, hinda ba “customers are always right!” Ha! Ha! I’m glad you were able to get your necklace! Take care . . .

  2. sardonicnell · January 5, 2008

    ow lulu, i was close to pulling someone elses hair. hahahah! but kidding aside, i sure was proud of myself for not totally exploding in madness, and in public. di mo na itatanong, isa sa new years resolution ko eh ang bawas bawasan ang pagtataray. it’s not that easy, but i need to give it a try. dba? and yes, i did get my necklace and didn’t have to pay my remaining balance. i guess ms jeanine is pulling it out of someone’s paycheck. hahahah 😀

  3. tulipfleurs · January 5, 2008

    That’s right . . . you didn’t have to pay the $150.00. So “it” was worth your blood pressure going up, huh? Just kidding! 😉 BTW . . . I love love your music . . . and classical pa! 😉

  4. sardonicnell · January 5, 2008

    hello lulu, last i check high bp meds only cost $20. so it definitely was well worth it, hahaha! you like classical music din pala? i love listening it since it calms me down 😉

  5. Mark · January 6, 2008

    Happy 2008, Nell! Oooh, a Chimento!

  6. sardonicnell · January 6, 2008

    happy new year, mark! an yes it’s a chimento piece. they have some of the finest jewelry i’ve ever laid eyes on. don’t you think? been drooling for years to own one, so for xmas i bought me the stretch ofidio necklace. promised myself that this would probably be the first and the last, hahaha! have blessed 2008, mwaaah 😀

  7. K · January 6, 2008

    Nell, thanks for the wonderful Disney Christmas card. It just arrived today.

    Thanks again.

  8. sardonicnell · January 6, 2008

    you are welcome, k. late na dumating sayo, but it’s better than not getting there. dba? my bad, should have mailed it earlier, hehehe. have a blessed 2008 k 😉

  9. Meeya · January 9, 2008

    kung ako rin naman yun maiinis ako, iwanan ka ba naman sa ere. to think, supervisor pa siya! ay-yay-yay. anyway, at least now you know that you don’t have to be a total amasona to get results! 😀

  10. sardonicnell · January 9, 2008

    kong sa bagay, tama ka dyan meeya. naunahan lang talaga ako ng pagmamaldita, hehehe :mrgreen:

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