Not My Cup Of Tea?

Mom came in earlier to bring us some goodies. She went to the local asian market to do her grocery shopping and decided to include us. I went to kitchen later and found her putting the groceries in the pantry, when she started cursing.

Mom: What is wrong you guys, why can’t you clean up your pantry?

Nell: Huh? What is it, Mom?

Mom: There’s like five of you here and you don’t know how to clean up after your mess. Look at the food, they’re rotting in your pantry?

Nell: Which one? I just cleaned that up this week end. You must be mistaken. I made sure all expired items were thrown away.

Mom: Yah right! Look at this one.

Nell: Mother, that’s not rotten. That’s my Kombucha Mushroom Tea!

Mom: Unsa? Anong Bucha Tea?

Nell: It’s not Bucha, mother. Kombucha!

Mom: You mean you drink that stuff with that jellyfish on top?

Nell: It’s not jellyfish, it’s some sort of cultured fungus. It’s supposed to be good for the health. That was the iced tea you were drinking the last time you were here.

Mom: What? You made me drink that filthy looking tea! Are you crazy? Safe ba yan?

Nell: Ow gracious mother! If it wasn’t safe malamang eh syutay ka na kaya ngayon.

Mom: What’s syutay? Ano bang klaseng language yan?

Nell: Syutay means patay, dedbol, gituy-od. Kasabot na ka?

Mom: Ay ewan ko ba sayo, kong ano ano na yang pinag iinom mo! Basta, don’t serve me that tea the next time. Ok?

Nell: Fine, as if it makes any difference.

Then, I went back to my room. Mom on the other hand borrowed my laptop and browse online. She did some research of her own about this Kombucha Tea. Guess she found it very interesting! That later in the day, we both had a cup of hot tea and then asked me where I got mine from. Hahahaha!

I wonder what happened to not serving her that filthy looking drink?



  1. tulipfleurs · January 4, 2008

    Hi Nell! I did an entry on my blog just for you. When I saw the word “Kombucha” it took me awhile to think why I knew about it. Anyhoo, enjoy your Kombucha. I’ll pass for now cuz I’m not into healthy things. Ha! Ha! 😉

  2. sardonicnell · January 4, 2008

    may kombucha ka rin pala, lulu. have you tried it? you should, it taste like any other tea. so di sya yucky tasting or anything. sige na, let’s share a cup of kombucha tea. hehehe 😀

  3. cathy · January 5, 2008

    Kombucha is so nice :).

  4. sardonicnell · January 5, 2008

    it is, cathy. and on top of that, it’s also good for our health. thanks for dropping by, have a blessed 2008!

  5. ann · January 5, 2008

    Ngayon ko lang sya narinig, green tea lang yata alam ko…hehehe. Ma tsek nga kay

    Happy new year Nell!!!

    happy new year ann. this tea has been around for quite a while, though not too many people know about it. there’s a lot of health benefits from drinking this tea. you can google kombucha2000, that’s where i got mine from. have a blessed new year dear, may your 2008 be filled with lots of blessings and cheers 😀 -nell-

  6. Meeya · January 9, 2008

    iba na talaga pag nagkaka-edad, kung ano-anong homeopathic stuff na ang pinagkaka-interesan. 😀

    natawa ako sa mom mo, pramis! 😀

  7. sardonicnell · January 9, 2008

    hahahah, corek ka dyan meeya! pero it wouldn’t hurt if we try it naman, right? i just went to see my doctor yesterday and he claims that my bp’s better than it was before. maybe the kombucha did help, kaya lalagok ulit ako this week. hahahah! and speaking of mother, i don’t think she intentionally want to make herself funny. but somehow most of conversations would lead to a comedy act. hahahah 😀

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