Permission To Exhale

A bit before the Christmas festivity was over. I’ve finally summed up the courage to tell my parents of my decision over graduate school. I was ready to hear not-so-kind words or a lengthy sermon from my folks about education and the long term effects of a bad decision. I guess, it’s but natural for them to be that way. They’re just concerned, that’s all!

While Mom, Dad Aldo and my father were seated at the dining room table having coffee. I approached them and said that I wanted to tell them something. I didn’t dare try sugarcoating my words, I just said it plain and easy. “Mom, Dad, Dad Aldo. I decided to change my major. I’m going for my MS in Public Administration. “

They were silent for a while, when Dad Aldo said something. ” Is that what you really want? ” I nodded my head and said, “Yes, and I’ve done my homework well.” My parents then starred at each other, ” If you ask me,I’m okay with your decision! ”  said Mom. I was waiting for my fathers burst of anger, ” I guess that settles it. “ He was very calm, when I said ” Dad, is that all you’re going to say? “ He looked straight at me, ” Well you’ve made your decision, and your certainly are not a kid to be asking us for approval. Whatever you feel like taking for your masters should be fine by me. I just wanted you to get your masters degree, that’s all that matters! ” I felt so releived after hearing my folks said that. Dad wasn’t mad nor pissed over my decision. ” And may I ask what’s the difference between an MBA and that Public Administration you’re taking? ” I then explained it  and showed him flyers which I had in my back pocket all along. He then nodded in compliance, ” Sounds good, Son. Make us proud, alright! “ And upon hearing my parents kind approbation, it felt like a huge load has been taken off my back. Golly, I can now exhale.

This was the best present I got this Christmas. Thank heavens for that!




  1. tulipfleurs · December 28, 2007

    Hello Nell! This is wonderful news and a great way to start off the New Year. I’m sure you had a difficult time going through what you just went through especially not knowing what their reactions would be. I’m just glad for the positive outcome! Wishing you the best in your endeavors . . . I know you will succeed at whatever goals you have planned in your life. Take care, and I’ll chat with you soon!

  2. sardonicnell · December 28, 2007

    hello lulu, thanks so much for your kind words. touch naman ako sa sinabi mo. i prayed so hard for this, for my parents to accept and respect my decision. and thank heavens, di naman ako nabigo. what really surprised me was my dad’s reaction. he has some tendency kasi to freak out, but this time he was very calm and accepting. that was something! will chat with you soon, but in case we missed each other — have a blessed new year. mwaaah 😀

  3. munchkinmommy · January 3, 2008

    that’s a major relief for you, nell! way to go! 😀 you can breath normally now! 😀

  4. sardonicnell · January 3, 2008

    promise weng, para akong nabunutan ng tinik after. grabe, sobrang releive talaga ako. and like you said, i can pretty much breath normally. heheheh 😀

  5. Meeya · January 9, 2008

    oo nga naman, you’re old enough to know what you think is best for you, plus, i think your parents have learned to trust you and your decision-making kaya it wasn’t really that hard to convince them of your change in plans.

    so now that you have their blessings, i’m sure the pressure is on for you to do your best. 😀 good luck friend! *muah*

  6. sardonicnell · January 9, 2008

    thank you meeya. di mo lang alam ang kabang ramdam ko ng mga oras na yon. feeling ko eh aatekehin ko, promise! but thank heavens at pinakinggan ang aking taimtim na panalangin. it sure feels great to finally exhale 😉

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