What A Christmas

What a Holiday! Christmas is gone and done, and I am now back at work since yesterday. Wish I could have extended our family vacation, but there’s no way that’s ever going to happen. All of us had to be back and work hard for those stuff we charged on our credit cards. Hahahah!

Vegas was lots of fun. And the best part was — I didn’t have to drive. Though I had to bribe my sister to take my leg of the trip. I was tired and didn’t really feel like taking the driver seat. So after promising her a hundred bucks , my sister gladly took the the steering wheel. Then here’s my brother, being a flake that he’s always been. He cancelled on us at the very last minute. He was supposed to come home the night before, but he didn’t show up at my house. We tried calling him, some girl picked up his phone, saying he was still asleep. So figured out he wasn’t interested and didn’t bother convincing him. Besides, my brother’s always been and always will be a flake. Then here’s dear Teddy who took a last minute project two days before our trip. At first I was fine by it, as long as it doesn’t interrupt our plans. But here he is, two hours before our departure calling me to say that he might not be able to join us in Vegas . And soon as I heard the words not coming, I turned off my cellphone instantly. I was fuming mad, and didn’t feel like arguing on the phone. I have pictured Vegas in my head and there’s no way we’re not going. Like I said — rain or shine, with or without Ted and my brother, Vegas will push thru. And then later in the day, Ted phoned my sister to inform me that he’ll be on the first flight out to Vegas. He better be!

So after an eight and a half hours drive, we finally got to our destination all hungry and ready to dig in the buffet table. We checked in the hotel, lied down a bit and ate at the downstair restaurant. We then started walking down the strip, from the Bellagio to Circus Circus. My legs were aching from doing long walks and decided to call it a night at 9 PM.

The next morning after a hearty brunch with the family, we decided to split for a couple hours. I knew my sister and her husband had made plans of there own and same thing with Mom. I on the other hand, had to go pick up Ted at the airport. And soon as I got to the arrival area of McCarran Airport, Ted was already by the curve and all he had to do was hop into the car. We went to our hotel room after, left his luggage and  decided to do some walking and site seeing by the Venetian Hotel. Later that day, Ted and I went to the Spa at the lower level of the hotel. I bought us a couples package — massage, facials, manicure, pedicure and a seaweed wrap. Then enjoyed a dip in a hot and bubbly jacuzzi.

And after a good relaxing three hours at the Spa, we decided to meet with my family for dinner. We were supposed to go to Circo, but my Dad advised that we try Alize’ located at the top of Palms Hotel.  And my father was right, the food was superb and the view was absolutely stunning. They had the widest wine selection, I beleive it’s about two stories high with a very good looking Sommelier, who was kind enough to give us a lesson in wine pairing. It was an absolute dining experience and would definitely recommend this restaurant to anyone visiting The Sin City.

And after that to-die-for dinner, we headed to the Bellagio Hotel to watch a Cirque du Soleil show they call O. I didn’t expect the tickets to be so overly priced, but we figured out that we got this far, so why not spend the extra dollars. However pricey, the show was total crowd teaser. It may have been one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. And the audience gave the performers a standing ovation. It was simply fantastic!

To be continued…


  1. thess · December 27, 2007

    ‘I wish I was with you!!’

    Whoa! Ted must have shaken with ehem.., fear when u hang up on him that he immediately booked the flight? hi hi! oh yeah baby, Cirque du Soleil shows are expensive but sure are worth it! Why not sign up with them so in the future you can get discounted tickets?
    uy, curious ako sa fine dining, any pics?

    It’s morning here, just had my coffee, ‘thought I say HELLO to you 🙂

  2. sardonicnell · December 28, 2007

    oo nga sis thess. wish you were with us, would have been the best trip ever. naks naman! speaking of ted, i guess kinabahan ang mokong kasi pinatayan ko ng phone. grabe ang inis ko sa kanya sis, talagang di ko sya kikibuin kong di sya sumunod. promise! hahaha, nag inarte ba raw ang bakla noh? sige sige, i’ll check out the cirque du soleil site, baka nga makadiscount the next time. we have plans of going back sa feb, this time eh panonoorin ko naman yong KA. the dining experience naman at alize’, that you have to try when you’re in vegas. sarap ng food and the staff are real nice. there’s also the brazilian buffet, sarap! i think i have some pix somewhere, will post it here when they’re all edited. heheheh! have a wonderful day sis, love yah lots. mwaaaah 😀

  3. Meeya · January 9, 2008

    oh wow, mukhang super enjoy ang vegas vacation niyo despite the antics of your brother, hehe.

    i’ve never seen a cirque du soleil performance yet! when we were there my friend and i made a date to see Love (because we are both beatles fans). kaya lang our plans got awry kaya hindi natuloy. next time, hopefully hubby and i can see a show na. or sana may child-friendly cds show na pwedeng maisama si ninna hehe.

  4. sardonicnell · January 9, 2008

    it was a wonderful trip, meeya and the show was amazing! no wonder manay oprah was raving about it. maybe in a couple more years, ninna would come to appreciate a cirque show. but there was one (show) on the strip that has like a pet circus act, my nephew watched it and he had a blast. forgot the name, and the tickets were not bad. it was about $35 and they even allow the kids to participate and join in the stage. that would have been perfect for pretty ninna 😉

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