True Calling…

I’m totally going loca trying to juggle work, family and school. Work and family has always been crazy, but I didn’t know graduate school can be so much fun. I’ve enrolled myself a couple months ago, without my parents knowledge. I’m taking three subjects right now, namely: Public Policy, Urban Planning and Healthcare Financing & Budgeting.  It’s just  a few, but it’s a good start. You see, I am on a mission here. I need some sort of career advancement, as I feel it’s a bit sluggish. And getting that MPA (Public Administration) would be my ticket to promotion and get rid of that witch on the fourth floor. Hahahah!

Seriously, I’ve been feeling that Accounting is not my forte. Don’t get me wrong, I know it’s my daily bread and butter. It does pay the bills and puts food on the table. But I feel that it’s not my true calling. I don’t mind doing it, but I don’t enjoy it either. I could have taken MBA instead if I wanted to expand my horizons in Accounting. But I won’t be true to myself if I did that. People have told me that I have very good management skills. I’ve had patients and clients told me that quite a few times before, when they see me run the office in my boss’es absence. And there’s our Director, who said that co-workers has said very nice things about me and my work ethics.  That fellow accountants wouldn’t mind if I take the lead role in our department. Hearing that was truly inspiring and heartwarming.

That was the extra boost I needed to make that life changing decision. So days before the open enrollement, I had my mind set on changing my major: I am going for the MPA (with Healthcare Administration Option) rather than the MBA program. I haven’t said a word to my parents about the changes I made. But I figured out that I need not question or defend the choice I made. Blessed my parents heart for all there love and support. But this is my life and I need to decide for myself. I had all the intentions of telling them, but I’d rather not spoil the holidays.

Accounting is not all that bad, and I’m not saying that I hate it. But if given a chance, wouldn’t you want to do the things that makes you happy? Ask yourself that question. We’re not talking about just money or a senior position or a title added after someones name. This about the remaining years of our lives, our passion and happiness. Which reminds me of something I red in a book before.“That real success is finding your lifework in the work you truly love.” With that said, I’m confident that I’m on the right track.

Wish me well guys, I will definitely need lots of it!
MPA Room



  1. tulipfleurs · December 21, 2007

    Hi Nell! Back in college (many a moons ago), I took up accounting but realized that it wasn’t my forte either so I did find my calling and got a degree in Interior Design. (opposite ends of the rainbow, huh?) It’s true “that real success is finding your lifework in the work you truly love.” Well, for me, I had that opportunity working for this architectural firm for about 12 years. Things in life happened along the way so for the past 9 years I haven’t been in the field of interior design. I can’t say that I not happy doing what I’m doing now (which has absolutely nothing to do with interiors) but the “work” is good and the people in the office makes it all worthwhile. I think it’s important to have wonderful colleagues after all, you’re in their face 9 hours or so each day (M-F). Getting back to you, I’m sure you’ve made the right decision in “finding that pursuit of happiness.” I truly with you the very best in life’s endeavors . . . I know you will “succeed” and be happy at what you’re doing . . . remember, it’s up to you to be happy and to make it work! 😉 Again, best of luck to you and always . . .

  2. abby · December 21, 2007

    buona fortuna! baby steps, arnelli, baby steps! 🙂

  3. sardonicnell · December 21, 2007

    LULU: thanks so much for your kind encouragement, i’m just saddened that i had to hide something from my parents. but i know for sure that i’m on the right path. like i said nga, it’s not money or a senior position or even a title added to one’s name that counts. it all comes down to happiness and passion, dba? so to happiness and a brighter future. thanks for the well wishes dear. have a merry xmas! cheers to us 😀

    ABBY: me like your italian, hehehe! thanks so much for the boost hah, kelangan ko talaga yan these days. and tama ka, baby steps muna for now. and once i got the feel for it, i promise to do a run. happy holidays, mwaaah 🙂

  4. Meeya · December 21, 2007

    that was a smart decision, nell! dapat go ka sa talagang magpapasaya sa iyo. besides, we’re not so young anymore that we have all the luxury of time to change our minds, hehe.

    kung si abby italian, ako naman japanese. Gokouun o inorimasu! Ganbarimasu! 😀

  5. sardonicnell · December 21, 2007

    thanks, meeya. like you said nga, di na tayo bumabata. so we should really go for what makes us truly happy. i just hope mom and dad would understand the changes i made and why i made those choices. nakakaloka eto hah, napapaligiran ako ng mga linguist. sige at magbibisaya ako — daghang salamat, amiga! mwaaah 😀

  6. bw · December 21, 2007

    Good idea ! As long as this makes you happy and convinced about its merits of self-improvement, go ahead and good luck ! 🙂

  7. sardonicnell · December 21, 2007

    hello bw, this graduate school is so much fun. i guess namiss ko rin ang buhay estudyante, now that we’re all grown up. hehehe! be rest assured that i’m truly enjoying school and the friends i make along the way. thanks for the well wishes, happy holidays 😀

  8. munchkinmommy · December 21, 2007

    ako german: viel Gluek, Nell! 😀 go for it! when i was in college, ang dami kong plano kunyari. from architecture, i thought i wanted to take civil engineering classes as well para double major. tapos i also wanted to take up masters in historical preservation (of buildlings) or environmental or urban planning! 🙂 hee hee! laking tulong sana sa pagiging stay-at-home mommy ko ngayon. nyahaha! 😀 i wish you all the best. soon, bye bye na sa bruha sa 4th floor! hahaha! 😀

  9. sardonicnell · December 21, 2007

    hello weng, aba may dugong aleman ka pala. hehehe! thanks for the encouragement hah. i’m really excited about this new career path. for now eh pagtyatyagaan ko na muna etong accounting. then maybe after i finish the MPA program eh i can apply for the administrators license and manage a hospital or a skilled medical facility. or i can also bid for a higher position here sa pinagtratrabuhuan ko, then theres also a public/ government post. daming plano noh? hayaan nyo na ako at libre namang mangarap. hahahah!

    and speaking of masteral, why not pursue it weng? kahit pailan-ilang units lang or subjects. eka nga ni sister abby, baby steps dba? uy urban planning, baka pwede tayong maging classmates nyan. hehehe! i’m taking that up this sem kasi and the second part sa susunod. thanks for well wishes dear, parang abot kamay na ang mga pangarap. naks naman! at kong magkataong matapos ko, timbog yang bruha sa fourth floor, bwahahah! evil ko noh? have a merry xmas dear 😀

  10. munchkinmommy · December 22, 2007

    nell! mali pala spelling ko..naalala ko kagabi sa kotse…”Viel Glueck” dapat! baka sakalin ako ni thess at cheh! hahaha! have a great weekend! may mga last minute shopping chuvah pa ako. di na natapos! grrrr! 🙂

    ok lang yon, weng. kong nagkamali ka man eh, sis thess and cheh will choke you gently. hahahah! enjoy your shopping dear, mwaaah -love, nell-

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