Shoe Whoring In SFO

Let me just say that I am no shoe fetish. But this past week end, for reasons like super sale, clearance price and additional discount, I found myself buying not just one nor two — but three (four if you’ll include the flip flops) pairs of shoes. I guess the prices were just unbeatable, finding it hard to resist the temptation. Went to Macy’s in Union Square and found the best deals ever. As usual, I had my coupons ready. Hahahah!

Aaashoe #1

Aaashoe #1: Me like white shoes, so I got me this. I had my eyes on this since June, but you can’t make me pay the full price. Sorry, but that’s not me. Hahaha! I guess, I’m a bit stingy when it comes to buying things for myself.

Aaashoe #2

Aaashoe #2: I’ve own a pair of this for like seven years, and needless to say — it’s time for a replacement. It’s down right comfy and love the simplicity. You can call it a classic! It should go perfectly with jeans and vintage shirts.

Aaashoe #3

Aaashoe #3: Driving mocks is a necessity for me. I love doing long drives and these shoes fits that kind of lifestyle. This would be my third pair of mocks, I have the black and beige one. I can wear them with or without the socks. You need to try one to see why I love them so much!



  1. Meeya · December 18, 2007

    oooh, buti na lang wala akong shoe addiction at baka tumatakbo na rin ako ng macy’s for the bargains. 😀 i love your new shoes! great choices. gusto ko rin actually magkaroon ng converse pero parang feeling ko di bagay sa paa ko hehe.

  2. tulipfleurs · December 18, 2007

    Great buys and of course . . . all great styles! 😉 I don’t blame you for not wanting to pay full price for “some things.” BTW . . . you’re not being “stingy” . . . you’re being practical. So there! 🙂 Those Steve Madden mocs really look comfy! Well, enjoy all of them especially your “driving” mocs. I can’t recall, but are you guys driving down to Vegas or taking “da plane?” (Remember “Fantasy Island?) OK . . I’m getting silly here. Anyhoo, gotta get back to work . . . have a good day!

  3. sardonicnell · December 18, 2007

    hello meeya, not a shoe addict as well. pero the price was just unbeatable, kaya pikit mata ko syang binili. hehehe! at first i thought the converse wouldn’t look good on me kasi feeling ko kasi eh ako si ronald mcdonald, pero sarap kasi sa paa; it’s real comfy. thanks for your kind comment dear, God bless 😉

  4. sardonicnell · December 18, 2007

    hi lulu. i guess we can rephrase what i said — i’m being practical. heheheh! the mocs are really comfy and it’s made of soft leather. and should go perfectly for casual fridays as well. the vegas trip? we decided to drive. susubukan namin si maxwell on this trip, hahahah. have a great day as well, thanks, mwaah 😀

  5. munchkinmommy · December 18, 2007

    wow! somebody went shopping! i love macy’s. i love their staff…they’re so nice and helpful…parang nakakahiya pag di bumili. 😀 hee hee! penge namang sapatos! 😛

  6. sardonicnell · December 18, 2007

    hello weng, kundi lang sale eh di naman ako mamimili. hehehe! beleive it or not i got all three pairs for less than $100. the total bill was supposed to be around $130-140, but i used my macy’s card which gave me 20% off, then i had some money left over from this gift card na $15 and may coupon pa ako na addt’l 15% off from the local paper. oh dba? talagang nanabla ang bakla. hahahaha! and speaking of there sales people, they really are polite. except for that bag lady i had a not-so-nice conversation with. heheheh :mrgreen:

  7. eric aka senor enrique · December 23, 2007

    Last pair I bought in the States was a pair of driving shoes from Banana Republic — on sale and online. Had them shipped to my nephew’s house who then shipped them to Manila along with some other stuff in a balikbabayan box. They’re great for driving, indeed, but a bitch to walk around in after you park the car … hehehe.

    Last I was in Macy’s in NYC, had my eyes on those Camper shoes but the prices were discouraging. But finally got a pair in Manila for like 30% off. I told my nephew about it so he asked me to get a pair. A balikbayan friend brought the shoes to NY.

    What we do for shoes sometimes … hehehe.

    the banana rep driving mocs are nice to look at, but they’re not the most comfy ones to wear walking. the ones i love are my bacco bucci’s, clark’s and minnetonka. i know, clark’s are more like for oldies but they really are good for walking or everyday use. my minnetoka mocs, i’ve had them for three years. they’re a bit worn, but still good and running, hehehe. then the bacco bucci’s, i like the style and they’re very kind of my feet. hahahah! try the steve madden ones, i tried my new pair over the week end and it was comfy. and speaking of macy’s, there prices are indeed a bit upscale. but once they have sales, they do bring their prices down and that’s when i buy the stuff i like. merry xmas 😉 -nell-

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