Screw Diet

Last night, my sister called and asked me to buy some rice after work. Got out of the office around 6:30 PM and headed for the nearby Filipino store. It was a small place and they only carry a few items, but I figured they should have rice for sale. Soon as I was inside the establishment, I smelled something cooking. If my senses serves me right, it’s daeng na bangus I smell and that delish crispy pata. And true enough, I was right — they’re indeed whipping that up in their kitchen.

Being the nosy bee that I am, I went to the back end of the store. I was surprised to see that they have this take out place. Saw an array of meat and fish products, and a fryer. It didn’t took me long to decide what I’ll have for dinner — daeng na bangus and crispy pata it is!

I rushed home to cook some rice, diced some tomatoes and mixed in some shrimp paste. And soon as my siblings heard me making noise in the kitchen, they got out of there bedrooms and went straight to the dining table. There was no need for me to yell, kakain na! They just grabbed a plate and sat down ready to dig in.

It was a gluttonous supper, I ate more than my limit. I was suppose to only have a cup of rice or two at the very most. But I was in food heaven, and my siblings loved it as well. After dinner, what’s left is fish skin and bones. It was one of those nights when we’d say, screw diet!

Crispy Pata



  1. thess · December 5, 2007

    OMG! that looks so crispy, give me some!!

    I will also throw caution to the wind if that’s in front of me. Kesehodang manigas lahat ng arteries ko..para bang natigok ng masarap ang kinain ha ha ha! btw, ilang kilo yang piece na yan and how much if I may ask? wala akong idea kasi sa pricing nyo dyan (para naman may nabibiling ganyan dito, hu hu hu)

    I need to go to china town for bangus, ininggit mo ako eh 😦 :p

  2. sardonicnell · December 5, 2007

    sister thess, promise — sarap to the bones! halika dito at kumain tayo, sarap pa ng sawsawan (sukang ilocos yata yon) at may side of kamatis with bagoong alamang. charap charap! di ko na iniisip ang kolesterol nito, minsanan lang naman — kaya indulge na. i bought two crispy patas and a large daeng na bangus, costs me about $30 at luto na yon hah. di na rin masama kasi it fed 4-5 people. naku sis, pag napunta ka dito libutin natin mga pinoy resto dito. nan dyan ang max chicken, barrio fiesta, casa filipina, goodah, gerry’s grill, chowking, goldilocks, at kong ano ano pa! kaya tara na, dalaw na 😉

    ps: didn’t mean na mang-inggit. talagang napasarap lang ang kain, heheheh!

  3. munchkinmommy · December 5, 2007

    nell! ano ba yan?! akala ko nung nakita ko ang picture e isheshare mo ang technique sa paggawa ng crispy pata. nakakagutom! i don’t think i can ever do that…as in ipiprito. kasi nga, i’m so allergic to frying! haha! pero i’m getting the hang of frying chicken. tinry ko minsan i broil sa oven pero umitim ang pata! oh well!

    may utang pa ako sayong kare-kare recipe! hindi ko nakakalimutan. sorry! 😀 mmmwah!

  4. sardonicnell · December 5, 2007

    hello weng, i do know how to make crispy pata from scratch pero medyo matagal nga lang compared to buying it, papakuluan pa kasi. hehehehe! allergic ka pala sa frying, ako naman eh i avoid it kasi natatalsikan ako at masakit mapaso hah, kaya buy nalang ako at konti lang naman price difference. will patiently wait for your kare-kare recipe, i might cook that for new years para maiba naman ang menu sa hapag kainan namin. have a goodnight, mwaaah :mrgreen:

  5. abby · December 5, 2007

    nakow, ive been saying screw diet all the time lately. sa work, di nako tumigil sa kakakain. grabe na pramis

  6. sardonicnell · December 5, 2007

    hi abby, masarap naman talaga kasi kumain. dba? ako nga rin sa ofc, every couple hours eh nasa vending machine. hahahaha 😉

  7. tulipfleurs · December 6, 2007

    Yes, screw the diet. 😉 Don’t ask me about the 3-day that I attempted last week. You’ll have to tell me where you went for the crispy pata. I know a couple of Filipino Restaurants in the Bay Area . . . one of course is the one in Hayward . . . Manila Garden and a few in Alameda and in Union City . . . and of course Kawayan. Thinking of the crispy pata is making me so fricken hungry! And with diced tomatoes . . . ang sarap! Ok . . it’s almost time to leave work. I’ll be thinking of what you ate on my way home. Ha! Ha! Take care and have a good evening. Stay dry and warm! Ang lamig sa labas right now. . . brrrrr!

  8. sardonicnell · December 6, 2007

    hello lulu, how can we resist crispy pata and daeng na bangus? paired with diced tomatoes, bagoong and spring onions, the best. dba? i bought the crispy pata from goldiglo store here in hayward (along hesperian blvd, close to food maxx). as in hole in the wall type of place sya, talagang take out food and mini mart lang. they have lechon kawali, sisig, chicharong bulaklak and fried tilapia also. it’s good and affordable! i tried their sisig, too and it’s delish. mapapasabi ka talaga ng “screw diet!” , hehehehe! have a good night, time to turn our heaters on :mrgreen:

  9. tulipfleurs · December 6, 2007

    Hello Nell! I think I know where that is. Our dentist’s office used to be on Calaroga. We usually get the fried talapias at SeaFood City but if we’re desperate, we get them at FoodNet. I’ll have to keep Goldiglo in mind when we’re in the neighborhood. Psst . . . parang “Goldilock’s” ang pangalan, no? I’ll let you know when we’ve tried this place. Thanks for letting me know . . . yes, definitely time to blast on the heater! Keep dry and warm!!! The weekend is upon us!! P.S. Any news on your housing situation? ;-( Take care!! 😉

  10. cheh · December 6, 2007

    Nell sarap nito! nag laway intawon ko haha

    Love your new theme,x-mas na kaayo ba!:)

    Happy weekend dear! muaah

  11. Pinky · December 7, 2007

    Now it’s my turn to have my drool, este DNA pala, splattered all over my pc! Kalaway naman ng post mo – yum! Now I’m thinking Barrio Fiesta thoughts tuloy when we go back for our Manila holiday soon (buti na lang!).

  12. rollercoastermom · December 7, 2007

    oh my gosh! super yummy! favorite ko din ang crispy pata! 😀 nagutom na naman tuloy ako 😛

    share ko lang ang technique na isa pa for those who want crispy pata but hate frying it. puwede mo pakuluan with the salt and pepper na. tapos stick it in the turbo broiler and voila! crispy pata! the skin comes out crispy too. wala pang oil to be guilty about ;-D

  13. sardonicnell · December 7, 2007

    LULU: that’s good that your familiar with the area, should be easy for you to find it. i said the same thing when i heard the name goldiglo, sounded like goldilocks bakeshop nga. hehehe! as for the heater, all i can say is — goodluck to my pg&e bill this month. hahahah! the housing situation naman, i was advised not to worry about it till april-may of next year. but still crossing my fingers for divine intervention 😉

    CHEH: pastilan sister, abi nimo gisakit akong ulo pagka-ugma kay nahigh blood ko pagkinaon sa crispy pata. pero ok lang, basta kay lami man. hahahaha 😀

    PINKY: don’t forget to clean up your DNA hah, hahahaha! the crispy pata and daeng was so delish, as in sarap to the bones. pero kinabukasan eh sumakit batok at ulo ko. hahahah, na high blood yata ang bakla, bwahahaha! when you guys are in manila, ikain nyo nalang ako sa barrio fiesta, congo grill at kong saan saan pa. inggit ako, promise 😉

    KRIS: thanks for the tip sister, ganyan din ginagawa ko sa crispy pata para di naman gaanong pamatay sa puso at sa arteries. we either use the turbo broiler or even our good old oven. you should have a quick access to crispy pata, kaya kain ka na. hehehehe :mrgreen:

    thanks for all your kind comment, i sincerely apppreciate it. have a wonderful week end everyone!

  14. bw · December 8, 2007

    Looks really crispy and munchy ! Totally irresistible with the dip 🙂

    I’ve recently lost 15 lbs and last Thu pm I went to an oriental buffet for a family member’s bday, the following Fri on a luncheon meeting with one of our vendors, Fri night the usual dine out with my wife and daughter and Sat and Sun on to a couple of house blessings 🙂 I’m having a tough time keeping my weight !

  15. sardonicnell · December 8, 2007

    hello bw, it’s really crispy and the meat was tender. needless to say, we finished everything in one seating. hahaha! i think what we should do, since the holidays always the time for merry eating. maybe we should just eat for now and resume DIET till next year or after the holidays. what do you think? heheheh 😉

  16. Meeya · December 14, 2007

    kakaiba talaga ang alindog ng crispy pata. ako din nawawala sa sarili pag nakahapag yan sa harap ko 🙂 i used to cook that all the time nung nasa charlotte pa kami and we would share it with our friends. i used to dread cooking it dahil nga sa talsik but a friend suggested that i use the oven instead of deep frying it. and it works! crispy na, no talsik pa. 🙂

  17. sardonicnell · December 14, 2007

    sarap sarap, dba meeya? it’s not just tempting, but also satisfying. heheheh! good luck sa high bp at cholesterol natin. but baking it is a good option, para less guilt for us. bwahahah 😀

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