Ayyy What?

Last night, I borrowed my nephews Nintendo DS. I got this Catz game from Walmart for less than ten bucks and wanted to try it for myself. It’s some sort of simulated game, like Tamagotchi. So here I was in my bedroom with my nephew watching me play. When suddenly, I sneezed. And I have to admit that it was loud and messy. ( Please don’t try picturing it, cause it’s disgusting.) Hahaha! I heard my nephew said Bless you and I said Thanks. Then he saw something slimy on the game screen (I warned you it’s nauseating) and said — Ewww Yaya! Your DNA is all over my game.

Rewind, rewind, what did my five year old nephew said? Did he just mentioned the word DNA? I had to stop playing and asked him where he got the word from. And true to my suspicion, he got it from watching TV; those shows from Discovery Kids. Golly, kids nowadays are so darn witty!


PS: Like my new theme? What can I say… ‘Tis the Season!



  1. thess · November 29, 2007

    ha ha ha ha! ewwwww yaya!! O nga naman , unwanted DNA all over! kaya Discovery lagi pinapanood din eh, para may know din ako he he

    teka ang cheap ng Catz dyan ha! grabe sa mahal ang mga bala dito so I seldom buy them for my DS Lite (pareho kami ng nephew mo, white is what I also have)

    and thanks for the emails…teodoro, ayusshoepatus! 😀

    also I love the theme..very jolly indeed 😉

    enjoy your day darling..muah!

  2. Jen · November 29, 2007

    Nell! Forgive me but ewwwwwww. Hahhahahaha. Helaryus!

  3. tulipfleurs · November 29, 2007

    Hello Nell! Maybe your nephew has been watching “CSI.” 😉 And yes, thanks for not being descriptive. Ha! Ha! As for your theme, you’re ready for the season! 😉 Take care, and have a good day!

  4. sardonicnell · November 29, 2007

    SIS THESS: now that my nephew said that, makapanood nga din ng discovery. palibhasa eh food network, bravo at logo shows ang mga pinapanood ko. hahahaha! i didn’t plan on getting this catz game kasi di naman ako mahilig maglaro, pero alam mo naman ako — basta pusa! kaya yon napabili na rin, hehehe. glad you like my jolly theme, nafeel ko na kasi ang spirit of the season so i used this one para kahit paano eh festive dba? anyhow, natawa ako don sa ayushapatos comment mo hah, bwahaha. have the best day ever, sis. love yah lots, mwaah :mrgreen:

    JEN: i admit, ewwww talaga! my nephew, even ask for alcohol wipes. sabi pa eh, cover your mouth yaya! natameme nalang ako, hahahah. kids nga naman, at this day and age — they’re so darn smart. anyhow, how was your thanksgiving jen? did you guys have lots of fun and did lots of shopping 😉

    LULU: i didn’t want to get descriptive nga kasi kadiri, hehehe. speaking of CSI, i’ve caught my nephew watching that before and you know how graphic that show can be. so i blocked it off from his television. smart talaga ang mga kabataan ngayon, noh? glad you like my new theme, now i can smell the holidays or was that my glade spray. hahahah! golly, cant beleive it’s december na this saturday. have a wonderful day as well and God bless 😀

  5. ann · November 29, 2007

    Hello Nell! ewww is also my son’s expression and when he’s talking about Naruto’s characters, I’m listening but the truth is I really can’t relate…hahaha!

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Have a nice day!

  6. sardonicnell · November 29, 2007

    hello ann, it was my pleasure visiting your blog and thanks for visiting mine. there’s so many things with kids nowadays that we really can’t relate or even grasp, but let’s just pretend we know. since it won’t hurt naman, right? and speaking of ewww, my nephew says that all the time. wonder where they got that expression from? hehehehe! thanks for visiting my blog and have a wonderful day 😀

  7. K · November 29, 2007

    These days kids can pick-up adult “expressions”, my nephews would say “geezz, Uncle” and sometimes they’d go “Yo” the yeah words.


    Xmas na Xmas ang theme.

  8. Meeya · November 29, 2007

    nakakatuwa naman! grabe no what the kids these days are picking up. 😀 i love your theme! talagang decking the halls ka na ha, hehe. *muah*

  9. rollercoastermom · November 29, 2007

    hahahahaha!!!!! i had a really good laugh over this one! 😀 it’s both gross and super funny! galing galing naman ng nephew mo! my gosh! kids nowadays talaga amaze me! i also have a niece who says naman “mommy, i need to defecate” when she wants to poop. hahahaha! 😛

  10. rollercoastermom · November 29, 2007

    oh yeah, i love your new theme! 😀

  11. sardonicnell · November 29, 2007

    K: you’re so right, they pick up expressions easily. one of the reasons, why i watch what i say (specially the not so good words) too, when i’m with the bagets. like my theme? paskong pasko na noh? hehehehe :mrgreen:

    MEEYA: glad you like my theme, naamoy ko na kasi ang kapaskohan! di na talaga mapigilan ang araw. and kids nowadays, they’re like sponges. they tend to absorb lots of things. dba 😉

    KRIS: aba aba, ibang level yan. defecate pa ang term na gamit hah, mukhang magiging walking dictionary yang niece mo. hahahaha! nga eh, kids these days are so darn smart. glad you like my new theme, naisip ko kasi na lapit na rin ang pasko 😀

  12. munchkinmommy · November 29, 2007

    hahaha! your nephew is so funny! dna?!! 😀 hala ka, baka hindi ka na niya pahiramin ng DS niya. nyahahaha! hubby wants a portable gaming system as well. pero siyempre, yung medyo mataas na level ang gusto…PSP. for christmas perhaps? 😉

    pabati….kris? is that you? san ka nagtago?!! miss you! 😀

  13. sardonicnell · November 29, 2007

    alam mo ba kong anong ginawa ng nephew ko, weng? he took some paper towel and alcohol, at yon ang pinampunas sa game screen nya —to kill germs raw! bwahaha. arteng bata yon, mana kay YAYA. hahaha!buy mo na PSP si hubby mo, surprise mo sya. you’re lovey dovey will give you lots of kisses, that’s for sure 😉

  14. Leap of Faith! · November 29, 2007

    Lol! Nell, next time cover your mouth when you sneeze unless you want to hear another smart comment from your nephew. He is so funny.

    By the way, I can’t imagine you playing Nintendo DS.

  15. sardonicnell · November 30, 2007

    i’ll do that next time, keith. mga bata talaga these days noh, so ahead of their age. you wouldn’t beleive the words coming out of their lips. funny? it was for me. but my nephew, he wasn’t too happy, hehehe! and now that you mentioned it, i wonder how i was as i played with my nephews game. i may have looked retarded, hahahah :mrgreen:

  16. bw · November 30, 2007

    You can’t fool them kids nowadays can you ? Masyadong hi-tech ang language nila ngayon kaysa nung kapanahunan natin 🙂 Kung sa kapanahunan natin yun – nagkalat masyado yung ****** mo Tito hehe 🙂

    Hey – your Xmas theme looks good !

  17. sardonicnell · November 30, 2007

    hello bw! glad you like the xmas theme, ramdam ko na kasi ang kapaskuhan eh. and tama ang sabi mo, ibang iba ang mga kabataan ngayon. they seem to have easier access to tech gadgets and stuff, and ang bilis matuto. nong kapanahunan natin ang alam ko eh tex, tanzan, trumpo, lata or jumping rope lang ang pinagkakaabalahan natin. hahahaha 😀

  18. thess · December 1, 2007

    now please, do tell me..kelan ba yung kapanahunan nyo ni bw? lolololol!!

    sali ako dyan, chinese garter ang paborito ko, bah high jumper yata ako tapos medyo mahaba pa legs..kesehodang labas ang p*nty pag nakikipaglaro tuwing recess time sa school …at saka nutriban! panahon NATIN yun, di ba?

    ang kulit ko ano?

  19. sardonicnell · December 1, 2007

    sis thess, i’m sure we’re in the same decade naman. so dont you worry, kasali ka talaga. hahahah! i love chinese garter and if im not mistaken pag above the head na yan eh tina-tumbling ko na. keber sa poise or makita ang undies, bwahaha! ako non eh madalas mapingot dahil dumi raw lagi ng medyas ko at uniform. oh well, those were the innocent years. innocent nga ba? bwahaha :mrgreen:

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