Jelly Teddy

Funny how I can come up with all these blog titles based on my sweet Teddy’s name. Hahaha! And yes, my good man Teddy got jealous over this very nice guy I met at the bookstore last night. I didn’t know it he was the jealous type!

Last night, Ted invited me to have dinner with him at Gerry’s Grill in Union City. Since has had a taste of their Sugba Kinilaw and Pork Sisig not too long ago. My good man here has been craving for these two dishes, so bad. We even tried making it a home, but it’s nothing compared to what they serve at the restaurant. To make the long story short, I agreed to meet him for supper and satisfied our craving for good food. It was absolutely delish!

Now here’s where the jealousy part came into the scene. After having dinner, we both decided to check out the nearby Borders that was minutes walk from the restaurant. Two minutes inside the bookstore and Ted suddenly had another craving, this time for some Iced Coffee. So he went next door at Seattle’s Best and got himself what he wanted. And there I was at the clearance section looking for some interesting books, then I went to the magazine section. Got myself a copy of Instinct and Out magazine, and had a seat while waiting for Ted. Minutes after, a well dressed good looking gay guy came up to me and asked where I got the magazine I had in hand. I pointed where I got it and went back to reading. How do I know his gay? Hello, the magazines can speak for themselves.  And let’s just say my gaydar was in full swing, alright? Hahaha!

Anyhow, this guy came back and asked if someone was seating on the bench beside me. I said “no”, then he thanked me for helping him find the magazine and had a seat. While flipping through his reading material, he introduced himself and offered a handshake. I gladly obliged and told him my name as well. Found out he’s also an accountant and works for KPMG International (one of the Big Four Accounting firms nationwide). We had a short conversation about mergers and acquisitions that got interrupted when Ted got back from the coffee shop. I then introduced Ted as my partner and they shook each others hand. After a couple more minutes of silence and this feeling of unease. We excused ourselves and said bye to my new found friend. He handed me his business card and we restarted our book shopping, which eventually led to going home early.

After buying both magazines and a book, we went back to our cars and said good night. When suddenly, Ted gave me a kiss. A long one, or should I say prolonged, that came as a total surprise (I’m not used to PDA). He seems upset and I asked him what was wrong. And true to my suspicions, he confirm that he was jealous. About what, I asked? Looks like he felt distrust over my new friend. I had a lengthy conversation with him inside the car, and tried to calm him down. Gave him the assurance he needed to hear. And told him that my chatter with this guy was strictly professional, we were talking numbers and that is all there is to it.

Eventually, Ted realized he was making a mock of himself. He apologized, gave each other a kiss and a hug, then headed for home. Looks like my guy here has some sort of insecurities with men who wear power suits. Hahahah!



  1. thess · November 28, 2007

    hmp! eh puro books nakikita ko…nasaan si ‘my guy’? share with me, please? I am dying to see ted! ..please don’t let me die sister? hi hi!

  2. sardonicnell · November 28, 2007

    hello sis thess, pasensya ka na at camera shy etong si jelly teddy ko. been wanting to take his portrait with my dslr, pero ayaw magpose ng gong-gong na eto. heheheh! pwede bang bedroom shot nalang nya, hahaha. hayaan mo sis, minsan eh lalasingin ko eto para maconvince kong magpa-picture. pero kong bedroom shots ng hanap mo, meron ako. di nga lang pwedeng i-post dito. bwahahaha! kong email eh pwede, wag lang natin paalam sa kanya, hahaha :mrgreen:

  3. thess · November 28, 2007

    despwet..este despwes…naghihintay ako sa email kahapon pa! 😀 ..pramis, hindi kita isusumbong hahaha!! pero sister serious, I wanna see him. bah! eh kailangan mapintahan ha! 😀

  4. K · November 28, 2007

    Funny when a Library is where we suppose to read not to feast on someone. Hahaha.

    Hey how many times do you change layout? (I did the same). Did you try the new The Journalist theme? I think it will suit you, that is if you like “white”.

  5. rollercoastermom · November 28, 2007

    hi nell! i’ve been in the dark for a while now, but i;m finally kind back! 🙂 i’ve missed reading your posts! so i hope you don’t mind if i comment here and there on posts from ages ago. hehehe!

    naku, mukang the green horns are coming out! hehehe! seloso pala si ted! he has totally claimed you huh? yihee! 🙂

  6. sardonicnell · November 28, 2007

    SIS THESS: promise mo yan sister hah, walang bukingan. papatayin ako ni teodoro nyan, hehehe! thanks so much for your kind concern hah, ok naman po ako. medyo natambakan lang ng sandamukal na problema. pero syempre kaya natin yan. dba? love yah lots, mwaaah 😀

    K: mukha bang ginawa kong look-out ang borders, hehehe. pero honestly, was there for books and not for well dressed men. though i dont mind seeing hot guys, hahaha! just kidding, am i? anyhow, i’ll checkout that template. i think i’m going to like it, since i do like whites. thanks for the tip hah 😉

    KRIS: glad you’re back, welcome! what happened to you? been visiting your blog from time to time and i didn’t see you posting. i hope you’re alright though. and please feel free to comment here, there and everywhere, ok lang po yon. pero namiss kita hah! and speaking of ted, may hint of pagiging seloso nga ang gonggong. but nothing i cant handle, naks naman! God bless and blog ka na ulit hah :mrgreen:

  7. Jen · November 29, 2007

    So Teddy boy gets aggressive when he’s jealous hahahaha. Post his pic already 😀

  8. Pinky · November 29, 2007

    Wa ako ma-say kundi…ang haaabaaa ng hair mo! 😆 Iba talaga pag maganda, nilalapitan na, pinagseselosan pa!!! 😀

    Another thing to be really thankful for di ba? Hahaha! Take care!

  9. sardonicnell · November 29, 2007

    JEN: i didn’t know he has jealousy in his system. and the aggressiveness did shock me a bit, nakawan ba raw ako ng halik? though i wont complain or file charges naman. hahahah! landi ko talaga noh. pic ba kamo? camera shy etong teddy bear ko eh, hehehe :mrgreen:

    PINKY: promise, di ko alam na humaba pala ang hair ko. hahahah! ewan ko ba don kong anong pumasok sa kanya, bigla nalang nagselos. baka kasi akala nya, ipagpapalit ko sya don sa guy na naka-suit. nainsecure ba raw ang teddy ko, hehehe. but a little of jelly is ok naman. dba? thanks for your kind comment sis, feeling ko (feeling lang hah) eh ang ganda ko! bwahahaha, ilusyonada talaga me 😀

  10. Meeya · November 29, 2007

    bakit ang dyowa mo pag nagseselos nanghahalik? yung dyowa ko nagmamaktol? hahaha! e hindi mo naman kasalanan kung ikaw ang nilalapitan – e you have a natural allure! 😀

    anyway, tingin ko rin naman may K si teddy magselos kasi mukhang nagpapahaging si kpmg guy sa iyo eh. pero yun nga kailangan lang ng reassurance na kahit sino pang brad pitt ang lumapit sa iyo, siya lang ang tanging nasa puso mo, naks!

    ps. nahilig siya sa sisig at kinilaw? my kind of guy! 😀

  11. sardonicnell · November 29, 2007

    hahahaha, you made me laugh at loud meeya! iba ibang men eh iba iba rin ang trip pag nagseselos, heheheh. pero alam mo naman ang lalaki isa lang weakness nyan at alam na natin yon. dba? hmmmm, ang mind natin hah. i’m pertaining to FOOD, akala mo kong ano na noh :mrgreen:

    sa totoo lang eh nagulat nga ako sa kinilos ni ted, di ko kasi alam na seloso ang mokong. pero aaminin ko hah, gwapo yong guy but not my type — like i said to teddy bear. at aaminin ko rin na kong si brad pitt yon, ay bye bye ted na! hahahaha, heller si achilles na ang nasa harapan ko, tapos hihindian ko. i must be out of mind kong aayawan ko, hahahaha!

    kidding aside, nilantakan ni ted ang kilawin at sisig. as in ubos at walang natira maliban sa sibuyas at suka. hahahah! at the same time eh gutom rin kasi kami, kaya taob ang lamesa 😉

  12. munchkinmommy · November 29, 2007

    hearthrob!!! (tama ba spelling?) hahaha 😀 psst, ako din pakitaan mo ng picture…huwag lang si thess ha! 😉 you know my email. hahaha! 😀
    prolonged kiss pala ha! yihiiiii! 😀 magpractice ka na rin mag tie ng knot with a cherry stem. 😉 joke!

  13. sardonicnell · November 29, 2007

    me, hearthrob? yikes, kalokang title yan for me hah! but i dont mind, bwahahah. landicious ko talaga, sobra. alam mo ba sinubukan ko na yang mag tie the knot with a cherry stem. golly, namanhid ang dila ko! at yang prolonged kiss na yan, muntik akong maubusan ng oxygen hah. grabe makahalik, pang-ubos hininga! pero may iba pa naman akong kayang gawin sis eh na kinalolokohan ni TED. guess mo kong ano? oh wait, before your imagination takes a flight; what i’m pertaining to is yong pagluluto ko para sa kanya. nyahahah :mrgreen:

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