I Saw You

I saw you this morning, Lord

In the sunrise

In the blue sky

In the blue jay perched on the tree in the yard.

I heard you this afternoon, Lord

In the laughter of the children in the park

In the call of the Cardinal for his mate

In the meowing of my kitten.

I felt you this evening, Lord

In the touch of my child’s hand

In the cool evening breeze

In the hug of my sister.

I knew you today, Lord

By reading your word

By the love of my family

By the peace in my soul.

– Bobby Anne Duffy –




  1. cheh · November 27, 2007

    Fantastic shots nell!

  2. sardonicnell · November 27, 2007

    daghang salamat, ‘miga! took this one at point reyes, an hour away from san francisco. abe nimo, patsada ang view ug ang hangin presko kaayo. anhi gani dinhi, dungan mong sister thess aron magkita pud kita. thanks again, mwaaah!

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