Love At First Fight

Ted volunteered to help me do the grocery shopping. This year, I decided to host a small Thanksgiving Dinner (emphasis on small). At the most, we’re talking about ten people; Ted and I included. So with a list in one hand, we’re off to the nearby Costco. We got some marinated chicken, prime rib, couple bottles of wine, veggies and some pies for dessert. Didn’t took us long, in about an hour we’re already in line at the front register.

Ted offered to drive home, but as we were getting out of the parking lot. All of a sudden I heard a loud tire screech and we both jolted sideways (car included). It then occured to us that a van hit the right rear side of my car. My initial reaction was to scream at Ted and he looked back at me, all pissed. We got out and checked the damage, there’s this huge dent and shattered tail lights. A young man (aged eighteen) was driving the van and was very apologetic about the whole incident. He said he lost control of his van, pressing the gas instead of the brakes. He took the fault for the accident and we exchanged insurance information. I called my agent right away to report the damage, got in the driver seat and grab the keys from Ted.

The fifteen minute drive home was uneventful. We were both quiet the whole time. I knew he was mad, but he remained silent. I was quick to yell at him, and I shouldn’t have done that. It was an accident and noboby wanted for that to happen. I had to admit, I was wrong. I should have kept my cool, it wasn’t Ted’s fault.

Soon as we got home, Ted got out and drove away in his car. I was about to say something to him, but he was gone without even saying a word. I figured that I need to give him some space. But I decided to call his home phone and leave a voice message. I said how sorry I was about the whole incident and it was wrong of me to raise my voice. I kept it short and I hanged up after.

Couple hours has passed, I heard my door bell rang. To my surprise, it was Ted on his knees saying he was sorry.  It was a bit embarrassing cause my neighbours saw the whole scene and they were laughing about it. So I asked him to get up and get inside the house right away. Over dinner, we had a lengthy conversation about our bad temper. We’re both guilty of mood swings and intolerance. But rest assured, we made a mutual arrangement — we’ve decided to give and take. That if one person is fuming mad, the other should be calm and understanding. That means, me giving Ted a piece of my crappy mind and him doing all the taking (quietly) in one corner. Hahahaha! I guess, that works for me!




  1. thess · November 21, 2007

    ahh, LQ! nakakakilig yan 😉
    btw, I’ve something for you..

    Happy Thanksgiving…so many things to be thankful for, despite the trials..say hello to teddy bear for me, will yah sis? *muah muah*

  2. Meeya · November 21, 2007

    omg nell!! ano ba yan, kakabangga lang nung car mo dati diba (dahil sa bro mo? or ibang car yun?)? basta, i’m just glad that you and ted are fine. kanina rin sa supermarket muntik na akong mabangga nung isang van din na palabas ng parking. hindi niya yata ako nakita na nasa likod niya ako tuloy pa rin siya ng urong, paulanan ko nga ng busina hehehe. medyo tuliro yata ang mga tao sa pag-anticipate ng holiday, hehe.

    anyway… ikaw naman bakit mo naman sinigawan si ted, di naman niya kasalanan, hehe! sabagay, masarap ang kiss ang make up hehehe.

    happy thanksgiving, nell!! all the best to your loved ones. 🙂

  3. sardonicnell · November 21, 2007

    SIS THESS: bravura, sis. ang galing mo kapatid! in fairness nga eh nakakakilig nga ang kiss and make up. pero syempre kinabahan din ako, baka kasi di na bumalik si TED sa akin. hehehehe! happy thanksgiving and makakarating po kay TED ang iyong pagbati. love yah lots, mwaaah :mrgreen:

    MEEYA: oo nga eh at kakalabas palang nong other car na binangga ng bro ko. ngayon eh etong isa naman ang papasok sa car repair shop. for some mysterious reason eh both cars are now involve in an accident and both times eh di ako ang driver. hehehehe! usong uso yata ang accident kasi there’s this holiday rush and all. and speaking of TED, i was realy sorry that i yelled at him. promise po, di ko sinasadya. nataranta kasi ako, kaya yon. but i was real sorry and we managed to patch up our small argument, all in the name of love. bwahahaha! happy thanksgiving, mwaaah 😀

  4. munchkinmommy · November 29, 2007

    nabasa ko ‘to dati pa sa bloglines feeds ko pero di ako nakagcomment. so, how was the “making up”? hahaha! lambing lang from me. 😀

  5. sardonicnell · November 29, 2007

    owww, weng. the making up at first was embarrassing noh. alam mo bang lumuhod si TED sa may pintuan ng bahay namin at nagmamakaawa na patawarin ko raw sya for walking out on me. batukan ko nga at pinatayo, dahil tinatawanan kami ng aming kapitbahay. after that, nag usap kami and made the “give & take” pact. and syempre for the finale’ eh he slept over, alam mo na cuddle-cuddle. bwahaha :mrgreen:

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