One Pissed Shopper

I called Ted yesterday afternoon to tell him not make any plans for the evening. I invited him to come over my house for dinner. I also called my siblings to come by and share a meal, however they already had plans of their own. Which means Ted and I would have the house all to ourselves.

For dinner I decided to cooked us some Porterhouse Steak slowly cooked in Lemon Butter, Sour Cream Mashed Potatoe and Roasted Asparagus. Nothing complicated, all simple recipes and down right comfort food (at least for me). I only have an hour to cook and thirty minutes to shop. So I barely have time on my plate.

I left the office at around 5:30 PM and headed for my uncle’s specialty store to buy the stuff I needed for dinner. Didn’t took me long, about a good 20 minutes. And then finally, got in the line to pay for the items I bought. The line was short and there were three cash registers open. I figured out, I’d be out in no time. Then while in line, I saw Dino (the store manager) and said a quick hello to him. He was kind enough to offer me a shopping basket, but I declined since I was already close to the cashier.

Then by accident, I dropped the  bottle of wine I was carrying in my hand. It made such a big a mess and  was so embarrassed as people were getting nosy with what just happened. Now I feel stupid, I should have put my items in the basket when Dino kindly offered it to me. Grrrrr! As a courtesy, I offered to clean up the mess. I felt terrible for what happened and it was the least I can do, besides paying for that bottle of wine. Then out of nowhere, the cashier (I assumed she’s new) yelled at me and said “You know, you have to pay for that. Right?” I didn’t like the tone of her voice, but I kept my cool since I did make a booboo. I just said “Yes, I’m very much aware of that!” So I though this rudeness was over. But when she was ringing me up, she made another comment that just threw me off the wall. She said to me, “Next time you shop, do us a favor and get yourself a basket. Will you? Save yourself and our staff the time cleaning up”

Forgive me, but I think I’ve kept my cool long enough. And I can’t let this woman insult me, not with people around. As a shopper, I think I deserve a bit more respect. “Excuse me Lady, but you have no right to talk to me this way. I did make a mess, and I said I was sorry and even helped cleaning up. What else do you want from me? And I do not appreciate your tone of voice. May I remind you, I am a paying customer!” I was so pissed that I turned red and my hands started getting shaky. And this is what she said, “Whatever dude! You can shop elsewhere if you like. Can I help the next person in line?” This woman is really pushing my buttons. She didn’t just insult, but she also refused to finish ringing my purchases. Rather than sayingg words I’d later regret, I just asked her to page the store manager and Dino came right away.

He was surprised to see that I was the complainant and I told Dino the whole story (even the two ladies behind me would agree that the cashier was very  rude). He apologized for his employees misconduct and asked to speak to her in private. I heard him say to her, “Do you know who just insulted? That’s Mister Reyes right there. His family owns this business!”  (Oops, if I may correct his statement – my uncle owns it, not me) The lady came back minutes later all red, asking for an apology. But I didn’t bother saying anything else, as I was upset with this whole situation. I just asked Dino to ring me up, paid my dues and left the store. 

About half later, Dino called me at home to say how sorry he was. And I was quick to dismiss that thought, cause I don’t feel that he owes me an apology. It really wasn’t his fault, he’s just trying to be polite. Then he said my uncle wanted to speak to me. So he put me on the line with him, and my uncle with his deep voice said “Son, I’m so sorry for what happened to you earlier.  Be rest assured that I will do the necessary steps to correct this misdemeanor.” My uncle wouldn’t let me interrupt and all I could say was, “Thank you, Tito.” Then we hanged up and I resumed doing my chores in the kitchen. Ooohhh! That lady sure got me pissed.



  1. Ann · November 9, 2007

    tagal na ako lurker sa site mo, pero I just want to say… “You go girl! !!!” it’s good you put that girl in her place. Nakalimutan ata that the customer is always right. Update naman kung nandoon pa siya next time na mag-shop ka uli sa store ng tito mo. Have a good weekend !!!

  2. thess · November 9, 2007

    Aba aba, tingnan mo nga naman, ang mga reyes at parehong shopping loot ang entries (yung akin freebies nga lang ha ha)

    Sister, I really like the part when Dino was telling that bruha that la familia owns the business…I’m sure she almost peed from nervousness…bravo sister ha ha ha!!
    I really really hate this kind of power trip. And lack of respect for costumers. Do you think you’ll see her again? I hope she wasn’t fired so that next time when you shop, she can kiss your cute behind 😉

    Nell, enjoy your weekend, k? lots of love from Olandya…da land of magaganda (^-^) God bless!


    at tawagin ka ba naman dude? sasabunutan ko yaaaaaannnn!

    (he he, humirit pa lola mo eh, ano? )

  3. sardonicnell · November 9, 2007

    hello ann, thanks for visiting my site and for your kind comment. di ko naman sana papatulan, kaya lang eh sumobra na ang bastos na kahera. kaya di na ako nakapagpigil, saksakan talaga sya ng bastos and nagchew pa ng gum while talking. so unprofessional and so impolite! i’m hoping i didn’t get her in trouble, sana nandon pa sya so i can see how she reacts when she sees me the next time. evil ko noh, heheheh :mrgreen:

  4. sardonicnell · November 9, 2007

    apir sister thess, parehas ngang shopping ang topic natin. our thoughts might be on the same wave frequency, don’t you think?

    what dino said to the girl was sort of embarrassing. kasi di naman ako nagpunta don as a relative of the owner, i was just a regular shopper. besides, di naman akin yong store, sa dad at uncle ko yon. but what the girl did to me was unacceptable and totally rude. but nevertheless, i hope she didn’t get fired cause at my expense. i’d feel guilty kasi, that i made someone loss their job. dba? besides, i want to see the look on her face when i see her the next time. sama ko talaga, demonyita ako mag isip. bwahahaha! at tawagin ba raw akong dude, isn’t that horrible?

    etong sister ko nga eh nanggigil, gusto yatang awayin ang girlash. pero sabi ko eh wag nalang patulan tutal eh tapos na rin naman. dba? thanks for the funny comment sis. have a wonderful week end and Gob bless 😀

  5. Leap of Faith! · November 10, 2007

    Nell, I hope the cashier is not a Filipina. Otherwise, second time around na yan. You seem to be a magnet for these very rude people. Unfortunately for them, di nila alam kung sino ka!

    Thanks for putting that lady in her proper place! Balitaan mo kami if she is still there next time.

  6. munchkinmommy · November 10, 2007

    nell, what’s with you and rude store employees?! ang suwerte mo, hija! 😀 don’t feel guilty for whatever reprimand that cashier will get. she has no right being in a job where she interacts with customers. sure, she may be having a bad day. pero umabsent na lang sana siya ‘no! buti na nga at heir ka ng store owners! hahaha! e kung iba pang customer yun, naku, lalo nang naloka ang bruha!

    have a wonderful weekend! mwah! 😀

  7. munchkinmommy · November 10, 2007

    psst..yan ba ang shopping basket mo? taaaayp! 😀 hahaha!

  8. bw · November 10, 2007

    Thanks Uncle. I’m fine, I’m OK but can you do me a big favor please ? Why don’t you fire the bitch for me! HAHAHA 🙂

  9. sardonicnell · November 10, 2007

    KEITH: alam mo, totoo yang sabi mo. mukha nga akong lapitin ng mga bastos. does that mean im bastusin. susme, wag naman sana! this time, the rude lady wasn’t pinay (thank heavens). not sure what nationality, but she looks hispanic to me. hayaan mo, i’ll keep you posted. i’m shopping with my dad tomorrow at my uncles store and we’ll see if she’s still around. i wonder how she’ll react when she sees me? heheheh, tama bang torturin ko sya noh. evil ko talaga, hahahaha :mrgreen:

    WENG: mukha nga yatang lapitin ako ng mga bastos at walang manners, hahahah. just hoping she didn’t get fired. i may not know her, but maybe a write up would be appropriate. dba? i’ll leave that to my uncle. i’m sure he can exercise a better judgment. ohhh, the shopping bag? do you like it? i bought it from:

    better bags for a better planet and more. ayos ba at nag plug pa, hehehehe. go get one, it comes real handy when shopping and collapsible pa. kinareer ko talaga ang pagplug, hahahah 😀

    BW: you’re comment made me laughed out loud. pero wag naman sana fired. kahit rude yong girl na yon eh nakakaawa din naman kong mawalan sya ng work. bahala na si uncle, call na nya siguro yon. but i surely admired my uncle and dino for calling me. it wasn’t necessary, but it made me feel better knowing that they didn’t just ignore the situation. dba 😉

    have a wonderful week end everyone and thanks for your kind comment. will keep you posted what eventually happens to this rude lady. love and peace to you all :mrgreen:

  10. Jen · November 11, 2007

    SKANK! I hope she’s fired!

  11. sardonicnell · November 11, 2007

    hi jen. let’s be kind to animals, hahahah. to be honest i don’t know what ever happened to this girl. i was at my uncle’s store earlier but didn’t see her there. baka tinataguan ako non hah, heheheh :mrgreen:

  12. cez · November 4, 2008

    i’m sure she was all red after that! i would have done the same thing if i were in your place. hay naku! bakit nga ba may mga ganyang tao? oh well.

    agree with mommy weng. i like your shopping bag! 😀 very nice!

  13. sardonicnell · November 4, 2008

    thank you, cez. i got it from and i like them a lot kasi nafofold. i believe i gave each shopper in the family one of this. it’s a good picnic bag din kasi. hehehe! speaking of the girl, i was also surprised to see her. and the way she treated me earlier, so different. seems like i’m talking to a whole other person. hahaha! glad to see her customer service skills is better 😀

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