I am slowing down
As the years go by
I am sinking
So I trick myself
Like everybody else

The secrets I hide
Twist me inside
They make me weaker

So I trick myself
Like everybody else
I crouch in fear and wait
I’ll never feel again

If only I could remember
Anything at all…

The other day I was just happy, yesterday I was fine, but today seems gloomy. I feel like I’m sinking deep inside. This is my day to day battle with depression. You never know what tomorrow would be like. All you can do is pop that pill, see your shrink and tell yourself over and over that you’ll be fine. But still, the question remains — am I really alright?


  1. Meeya · November 2, 2007

    we all have those moments. i hope you’ll find your anchor soon.

  2. sardonicnell · November 2, 2007

    thanks meeya! you kind words and encourangement is much appreciated. ewan ko ba kong bakit bigla nalang etong ngyari. masaya naman ako the other day. and there really is nothing to get depress naman, but like my doc use to say this thing i have is chemical imbalance. something beyond my comprehension. haaaayyy 😦

    i’ll be seeing my doctor next week, maybe i need some new meds for this. thanks for well wishes 😉

  3. Apols · November 4, 2007

    i can relate to what youre saying also…bigla na lang no? kahit walang reasons?

    dont entertain lang the negative thoughts 🙂 hope it goes away.

  4. sardonicnell · November 4, 2007

    hello apols, depression is so unpredictable. but im doing much better, though im not there yet. thanks for the kind words and God bless 😀

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