With My Teddy Bear

Ted just got back from a business trip and hasn’t had a good night sleep for the past three days. And in as much as I want to go out with him or simply watch TV together. I just couldn’t find myself to demand time and attention. I know he’s tired and drained from all the hard work. And so I sent him home to get some much needed rest.

But an hour later, I heard my door bell rang. Guess who? Who else but Ted, in his comfy pajamas and a pillow clutched on his right arm. I said to him, “What are you doing here, dear?” He them came inside my house and said, “Can I sleep in your bedroom? Just for today at least. I couldn’t sleep at my house. And I promise I won’t snore!” I guess he wants to do a sleep over with me in the middle of an afternoon. And why not, right?

And so he spent the rest of the day catching up on his sleep, while I cleaned the house and whipped up a quick brunch for the two of us. He seems contented just snuggling in bed and occassionally calling out my name to cuddle with him. Who would have thought a six footed guy could be such a baby!

So if you asked me what I did on a Saturday afternoon, I’d answer — I cuddled with my Six Foot Teddy Bear!



  1. thess · October 29, 2007

    hanubayan!! i just posted an entry (sp sya) about mills & boon romance novel – kinilig na nga ako reminiscing ’bout the past tapos ito pa nabasa ko dito…

    asan na ba asawa ko, papacuddle din ako *lol*

  2. sardonicnell · October 29, 2007

    sige na, sister thess. cuddle cuddle na kayo ng hubby mo! it feels good lalo na at malamig na ang panahon 😉

    i use to read mills and boon novels, namana ko pa yon sa pinsan ko saksakan din ng landi tulod ko, bwahaha! kaya lang naiwan ko mga novels ko sa manila eh. sayang, dami kong fond memories with romance novels :mrgreen:

  3. munchkinmommy · October 29, 2007

    nell, ano ba yan! lagi na lang akong hinihimatay sa mga entries mo! 😀

    ang sweet niyong dalawa. kainis! hee hee hee! 😉

    now that’s one fine weekend you had! may all your weekends be as sweet and worry free. 😉 *sigh*

  4. sardonicnell · October 29, 2007

    hello weng, thanks for the kind comment. really had a wonderful week end, uneventful but memorable sya. sana nga lahat ng week ends natin would be worry free, that would be fab. dba?

    i guess naglalambing lang etong si ted at naisipan na dito pa sa bahay matulog. but i did like that idea, though he was sound aslepp eh we still got some time together. kaya kayo ni hubby mo, cuddle cuddle na 😉

  5. Liv · October 30, 2007

    Damn…i’m here at work wishing I could go home and snuggle…with my 7-month teddy bear…not the 6-foot one.

  6. Apols · October 30, 2007

    hmmm so wala pa rin ba ang first night 😛 bwahahhaa.

  7. rollercoastermom · October 30, 2007

    my gosh, ako din, i get so kilig everytime i read your ted entries! grabe na talaga ang sweetness! and he came in his jammies? haaaaay … nakakaloka! and how cute naman na while he was sleeping eh you were all domesticated doing your chores and preparing brunch 🙂

    i missed reading your entries! i was so busy last weekend. i will backtrack and read the rest! 😉

  8. Jen · October 30, 2007

    keep the stories coming, my gad! your life is so exciting hahahah!

  9. Pinky · October 31, 2007

    Hi Nell. Loved the “teddy bear” monicker and your new halloween skin 🙂 Looks like it’s getting serious 😉 Ingat!

  10. Meeya · October 31, 2007

    cuddle cuddle lang ba, pramis? o sumurender na ang bataan? hahaha!

    so ang katanungan ng bayan, naghihilik ba siya o hindi? 😀

  11. Jen · October 31, 2007

    Any earthquake damage at your end? Hope you’re doing ok.

  12. sardonicnell · November 1, 2007

    LIV: speaking of teddy bear, i haven’t seen ted for two days 😦 why not half day, call in sick or something. any reason, as long as you can cuddle-cuddle with your baby. promise, im guilty of doing this. hahahah 😉

    APOLS: i wish may first night na kami, pero wala pa nga. what can i say, dalagang filipina ako eh. chika lang, bwahaha! hayaan mo, we’ll work on that 1st night. :mrgreen:

    i thank you for the kind words, glad you like my entries. believe me, im still in the kilig stage of our relationship. my mom was teasing me nga eh, that parang typical couple na raw kami. ted doing his guy thingy (being lazy raw) and i doing the wifey stuff. hahaha 😀

    PINKY: thank you, glad you like it. i’m really praying that this budding relationship would blossom into a wonderful partnership. alam mo naman eh im not getting any younger na rin, may konting uban na nga. hahahah! grabe, miss ko na si ted sobra, was a bit occupied kasi these past two days. matawagan nga mamaya at ng makapag cuddle-cuddle ulit, hahahaha 😉

    MEEYA: pagbasa ko ng comment mo, bwahahaha agad na nasambit ko. hahahah! ow promise, cuddle-cuddle palang kami. ikaw hah, ano ka ba — bata pa kaya ako para sa mga ganyang bagay. chika lang! bata raw ako uh? hahahah, pero seriously wala pang ngyayari. hinihintay ko na nga eh, bwahahaha. landicious ko talaga ever :mrgreen:

    JEN: thanks so much for your kind concern. i’m really grateful that we’re all ok here in the east bay. medyo nayanig ng konti, pero di naman alarming sobra. that time of the quake eh i was inside the BART train heading home from SFO. was a bit scary, but we’re alright (thank heavens). speaking of ted, medyo nasa kilig moments yata kami in our relationship. sana eh this wouldn’t pass, i love the feeling of kilig kasi eh, hahaha 😉

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