Is Today Tuesday?

We first met online, days shy of my 27th birthday. We met at this forum for cat lovers, then exchanged emails, messaging almost every night, texting from time to time and long distance phone calls — I think that’s about enough reasons to jump start the beginning of our remarkable friendship. That’s three years right there of animated chats and emails. Then couple weeks ago while on our regular YM session, my good friend mentioned that he’ll be going on a business trip to New York . We discussed the idea of meeting face to face and I think (not sure, as it happen fast) this time, I’ve finally persuaded him to swerve by San Francisco. And from there, the countdown began.

And that day is soon approaching, it’s Sunday now and Tuesday’s just around the corner. We only have 48 hours to probe the city, but I’m sure we’re going to have the best time ever and countless fun filled memories. I will see you friend, I’ll be waiting at the airport with a huge welcome banner in my hand, Hahaha!

PS: Psssst, Sister Thess! When’s our grand plan? Nobu-lilyaso na konti ang ating pagtatagpo. But I’m sure it will happen soon, dba? How about Spain, Sister? I still have my round trip ticket here minus the passport nga lang. Hahaha! Need to move the date again, for the n-th time…



  1. munchkinmommy · October 28, 2007

    It looks like you’re going to have a great week, you should. 😀

    Nagsosolo kayo ni Thess ha! Sali naman ako jan! Hahaha! Makikisingit pa daw ano?!

    Have a fantastic week, Nell! Halloween na and I’m excited! 😉

  2. sardonicnell · October 28, 2007

    hello weng! thanks for your kind comment. sayang nga at di natuloy si sister thess. but she has much impt things to deal with at the moment. im sure there will be some other time naman. have a wonderful week ahead, happy halloween, mwaaah :mrgreen:

    ps: tara na sa sfo, weng. the beach is waiting for us 😉

  3. Leap of Faith! · October 28, 2007

    Nell, have a great weekend. If we save up enough money in the future Pinky and I will bug you so you can take us around the Bay Area too 🙂 … siyempre, nang pressure 🙂

  4. thess · October 29, 2007

    Whohooo! Sounds like you’ll be having an interesting Tuesday, sister!
    Hay naku, Nobulilyaso talaga! And I think my aunt in vegas is still mad at me for not coming 😀 WENG, naku itinanong ko nga agad kay Nell kung malapit kayo (at si Meeya) sa isa’t isa ng mabulahaw din kita eh!
    Ganire na lang, fly na kayo to Europe at ng makapag party tayo 😉
    psstt, sister Nell naku ituloy mo yang Spain mo at dumaan ka na dito, daliiii!!

  5. sardonicnell · October 29, 2007

    thank you, keith. after xmas start saving up so that you, pinky and your family can visit me here in sfo. would love to have you guys come and visit. there’s no pressure syempre, i’d love to show you guys around 😉

  6. sardonicnell · October 29, 2007

    hello sister thess! excited na akong mag tuesday. cause we’ve been wishing for this day to come, yong magkikita kami face to face. sorry to hear about your trip and your aunt getting mad, but you made the right decision naman. your family there needs you this time. i hope your aunt would understand your situation.

    sige sige sister, pag napunta ka dito eh dalawin natin sila weng, meeya, at sister stel. or maybe we can all meet up somewhere, dba? this is exciting, dont you think?

    tingnan natin kong anong mauna, spain ba or here. but if ever i pushed thru with my trip to valencia, i’ll swerve by netherlands; so we can finally meet. i hope your week end was fab sis, love yah lots. mwaaah :mrgreen:

  7. Meeya · October 31, 2007

    naku e nakarating na ako ng espana eh… espana, manila, heheheh! 😀

    uy, we might be spending the xmas holidays sa california. (sina weng di yata? di ba weng?) kitakits tayo!!!

  8. sardonicnell · November 1, 2007

    hi meeya! espana manila, ikaw talaga hah. dyan yong madalas bumaha, dba? yong malapit sa UST, may fond memories ako dyan. hahaha!

    holidays in cali? sige sige, planuhin natin. magkita-kita naman tayo — sige na hah. would really love to see you guys 😉

    ps: paging sister weng, yohooo… cali na rin kayo. the more, the merrier!

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