Zany Handbag Lady

To be real honest, I didn’t know how to respond (more like retaliate) to this incident that happened to me at the mall. Last night, I went to Macy’s to look at some stuff they may have on sale. I had nothing in mind at all, I just wanted to look thru what they have on the clearance rack. But as I was about to stepped out of the department store, I happen to passed by the handbag section.  I then saw this purse that I thought was perfect for my Mom this Christmas. So I asked the sales lady if she could take out the bag from the shelf, so that I can see it closely.

Nell: Miss, could I kindly see that hand bag?

Lady: Just a minute, let me look for the keys.

Nell: Surely, Thank you!

Lady: Are you Filipino?

Nell: Opo, Filipino po ako.

Lady: Sorry, but I don’t understand Tagalog!

Nell: Oh, I see. Sorry, my mistake!

Lady: You sound Filipino to me, maybe because of your accent.

Nell: Ahh, okay!

Now, I’m a bit confused. How would she know that I have Pinoy accent if she’s not Filipino herself? Is she some sort of accent psychic? And listening to her while she talks, she sounded like she had the twang as well. Oh well, I thought to myself that maybe she’s of some other asian descent. Either that or she’s just in denial like some Filipinos I know. Or maybe she really is an American with an accent. Hahahah! 

Anyhow, as I was closely looking at the bag; my cellphone rang. It was Mom, asking where I was. And like we always do, I talked back to my mother in Bisaya! We (my sister and myself) grew up like this, we speak Tagalog or English out in the open. But in the privacy of our home or in phone conversations, we speak Bisaya straight up. Now getting back to the story, Mom and I babbled for about three minutes and then we said our goodbyes. But soon as I turn my phone off, the lady said to me.

Lady: Oh, you’re Bisaya pala!

Nell: Yes, I am. How do you know?

Lady: Just a guess!

Nell: You did guess right! But forgive me kind Miss, I thought you don’t speak or understand Tagalog? May I ask where the word “pala” came from?

Without any answer, the sales lady snatched the bag from my hand, locked it back in the shelf and left without even saying “excuse me”. Golly! this lady was rude. All I could say was, “Thanks, but no thanks!” Was there anything wrong with what I asked her? I’m just wondering how she got the word pala. Was it such a crime to ask? Maybe, just maybe, I did do something wrong, by asking her the wrong question and getting her caught in her own words!

Anyhow, guess what I found out about this rude lady (being the nosy bee that I am). Facts I got from her Supervisor (since I filed a complaint), that the woman in question is indeed Pinay; with the last name of  Baitan. Now, that doesn’t Filipino at all. What do you think? Maybe she isn’t. (Yah, right) But one thing I know for sure, she’s definitely not MABAIT as her last name says!

In Bisaya: Sus Ginoo! Pagka way batasan nga babae. Wala pa gani ko nakahuman, gilayasan na ko sa panulay. Basin bisaya po sya, gabakak lang ning buanga! Pero nganong i-deny man raw, beh. Aber?



  1. designflute · October 26, 2007

    I can say this kind of things happen many a times in my country but we have history of long British raj. What could be the reasons here?

  2. sardonicnell · October 26, 2007

    hello there! thanks for visiting and for your kind comment. i didn’t know that this thing is also evident in your country. reasons? i guess it all boils down to hypocrisy and social degradation. the philippines being a third world country and all. the corruption, the poverty, political scandals, it makes it all appear that being filipino is not worth a brag!

    i’m sure people have their reasons. but whatever it is, i still think it’s a disgrace to deny one’s heritage and hide the true color of our skin. brown is brown, that will never change!

    just my two cents 😉

  3. Pinky · October 26, 2007

    Hi Nell. Mukhang “nasisiraan ng bait” si sales lady, or, as her name implies, “nagbabait-baitan” lang – hahaha!

    Smile, it’s the weekend! 🙂

  4. sardonicnell · October 26, 2007

    hello pinky! mukhang may topak nga si madame sales lady. papalampasin ko sana, kaya lang rude sobra ang hitad, kaya nagcomplain na rin ako sa supervisor. may masama ba sa sinabi ko? hahaha!

    thanks for the well wishes, have a wonderul week end as well. don’t you worry dear, i’m still smiling with matching bungisngis 😉

  5. Meeya · October 26, 2007

    i’ve encountered a few of these kinds of pinoys myself. the funniest one was a person who told me she was thai, but hubby talked to her in thai (hubby is fluent kasi) and she couldn’t answer, hehe!

    after everything that has been happening in our country, it really can be hard (perhaps embarrasing) to introduce yourself as pinoy. pero if we don’t carry our heritage proudly, if we deny what we truly are, no one will learn to respect us as a people.

    is that the bag you got for your mom? its gorgeous! 😀

  6. sardonicnell · October 26, 2007

    hello meeya! o dba, di natameme ang loka. thai raw sya hah, baka naman kahit sawatdee eh di alam. hahaha, sama ko talaga! pero mabuti na rin na ngyari yon, para marealize nya na syay nag iilusyon lang. hahaha!

    and you’re right dear, kahit na ano pang sama ng pilipinas or whatever people say about pinoys keh negative pa yan. we need to be truly proud of our heritage cause every nationality has it’s down side din naman. dba? and i feel like there are more stuff to be proud of than to be ashamed. and i quote you hah ” if we deny who we truly are, no one will learn to respect us as people.” natumbok mo sister! cheers to us and have the most fabulous week end, mwaaah :mrgreen:

    ps: haven’t bought mom a bag yet, bad trip kasi yong sales lady eh! but the bag i had in mind for her this xmas is this one (in black). tell me if it’s pretty hah!

  7. K · October 27, 2007


    Buang gi atay! I don’t know I just laughed. I do that all the time. I would not say “I am a Pinoy too”, kasi pahihirapan ko muna ang sarili namin to say in English until, “sabi ko sayo magtagalog na lang tayo eh”?

    I know some Pinoys (not telling their origin) can make your ears bleed dahil minsan ni-exaggerate baga mag english? Guess ko lang, does it really make Pinoy speak in English kung galing ka ng States say, just 1yr lang?

  8. abby · October 27, 2007

    ngek, meeya thai daw? 😀 parang gaga, naku wala akong tolerance sa mga pretensyosa talaga.

    nell, buti cinall out mo yang bruhang yan.

  9. bw · October 27, 2007

    It is very irritating indeed when a fellow Pinoy tries to pretend he’s not. Personally, I won’t care if she is Pinoy or not but just don’t ask me the question and pretend like – “oh well, I’m not one of you but I know you guys” ?? 😦

    Snatching the bag from you was real rude. Unfortuntately these kind of people are battling some kind of inferiority complex. If they can’t handle it they shouldn’t be in customer service 😦

    Anyways, buy the bag for your mom from another sales person and forget about this low lifer 🙂

  10. sardonicnell · October 27, 2007

    giatay gyod sya, k! hahahah, napabisaya tuloy ako. this lady sure made my eyes, ears and nose bleed sa inis. i guess kinahihiya nya ang maging pinoy? what for? ewan ko ba don, confuse yata sya. matagal tagal na rin ako dito sa sfo hah, but till now eh nagtatagalog pa rin ako and mind you, may accent pa rin 😉

  11. sardonicnell · October 27, 2007

    sawatdee, abby! mas nakakaloka etong thai lady raw dba? terrible liars, what can we say. that sales lady deserved the complaint, bruha sya hah. she grabbed the bag from my hand without a word! have a great week end 😀

  12. sardonicnell · October 27, 2007

    sobrang irritating talaga sya, bw! she shouldn’t be in this field if she doesn’t have manners and ethics. dba? you’re right, she must have some sort of inferiority complex or maybe a wannabe. sama ko talaga, hahaha.

    anyhow, about the bag? i just bought it online so didn’t have to deal with any zany sales lady, hehehe 😉 have a great week end mate :mrgreen:

  13. Jen · October 27, 2007

    the nerve! i’m glad you filed a complaint.

    a lady at macy’s was in back of hubby one time. she needed help with directions, i think so she was asking him if he lived in the area. he said it was obvious she was pinoy — so he spoke in tagalog. the lady continued on in english but was struggling. he couldn’t understand so finally, she gave up and started talking tagalog. some people, i swear.

    which macy’s were you at? i want to pay someone a visit. LOL.

  14. Leap of Faith! · October 28, 2007

    Nell, what an experience. What is with that sales lady? Does she actually think that by speaking with an accent she can be someone else?! That is so sad.

    Thanks for reporting her to the supervisor. If she can’t be punished for denying her race she should be reprimanded for her rude behaviour!

  15. thess · October 28, 2007

    ay lukalukang yan! bastos na, may stiffed neck pa! (hindi marunong lumingon sa pinangalingan, gets mo hi hi hi) aruu, ako ay may hindi naman similar na kwento pero about zany candy lady naman..teka nga, ma i blog *lol*

    hope ur sunday is fun filled!!…cooking for T tonight? 😉

  16. sardonicnell · October 28, 2007

    hello jen! the nerve talaga of that woman, as in rude and confuse to the max. i was thinking na palampasin sana, kaya lang nabastos talaga ako and there were two ladies beside me who witnessed it. they did kind of persuade me to file a complaint.

    oh my, may experience din kayo with zany ladies hah. susme, ano bang masama kong magtagalog? i guess some people feel that conversing in a foreign language makes them better than the rest. heller! these people need some reality check, promise. hahahaha 😉

    which macy’s? it’s the one here in newark, they call it newpark mall. sige jen, inglesin mo ng inglesin etong zany sales lady. tingnan natin kong tatagal sa inglesan, hahaha. sama ko talaga! hope you’re having a great week end 😀

  17. sardonicnell · October 28, 2007

    hello keith! i think this sales lady was either confuse or in denial. maybe she’s one of those wannabee caucasians. she needs to check the color of her skin and her birth certificate, hahaha 😀

    this lady’s rudeness was unbeatable. she just snatched the bag and left without a word. isn’t that terrible? kaya tama lang din isumbong sya sa kanyang kabastusan, dba?

    on the lighter side, how’s your families week end? are you guys are having a blast :mrgreen:

  18. sardonicnell · October 28, 2007

    naku sister thess, kong nandito ka lang eh baka sabay nating sabunutan etong babaeng eto. as in rude at may stiff neck, like you said. ewan ko ba don, baka nagfeeling na born in the USA sya! ay sister, i-blog mo yang experience mo with that candy lady. kong nandyan lang ako eh didikitan ko ng gum yan sa ulo, hahahaha :mrgreen:

    ted just got back this morning from a business trip, pagpapahingahin ko lang ng sandali. then maybe we’ll have late lunch or dinner mamaya. hehehe! eto na naman ako, rarampa na naman. hahahah 😉

    hope you’re having a fabulous week end, sis. love yah lots, mwaaah!

  19. munchkinmommy · October 28, 2007

    amen to everything everyone said before me. hahaha! so far, wala pa akong na-encounter na malditang pinay dito na nasa sales. mababait yung nakikilala ko so far…lalo na yung taga-walmart. tinipan pa ako kung kailan nagkakaclearance! hahaha! buti nga at nag-complain ka!

    hay, naiinis talaga ako sa mga ganyang tao. hindi ba nila narerealize that by denying their roots e nagiging katawa-tawa at kaawa-awa sila. hay! some people talaga! hmp!

  20. sardonicnell · October 28, 2007

    yup, you’re right weng! katawatawa at kaawaawa ang mga taong ganyan. as for that sales lady, balak ko sanang dalawin sya ulit sa macy’s this week. what do you think? inisin ko pa ba lalo, bwahaha :mrgreen:

  21. Leap of Faith! · October 28, 2007

    Nell, our weekend went well naman. We visited a few Discount Stores here to encourage us to jump start our Christmas shopping. Hirap lang, nakaka-butas pala yon ng bulsa 🙂

  22. cheh · October 29, 2007

    guihapak unta to nimo nell sa agtang!LOOOL para makamata ba.Nag ilusyon siguro to nga merkana sya! nyahahaha.

    bisdak man diay ka atchenggggg!muaaah muaah sa imo uy!! ayo ayo!!

  23. sardonicnell · October 29, 2007

    xmas shopping ba kamo, keith? nakakabutas talaga yan ng bulsa, at nakaka max out din ng credit card. hahahah! but of course, the smiles on people faces when you hand them a present is simply priceless. dba? glad you guys had a great week end :mrgreen:

  24. sardonicnell · October 29, 2007

    sus cheh, hapit na gyod nako hapaka. pero kay gilayasan man gud ko panulay. ambot aning babaye na ni, abe tingali nya nga merkana iyang dagway. aguy makauulit, mura bag si kinsa sya. unsaon man nato, naa man gyod mga tao nga ilusyanada!

    sister cheh, unsa ka ba inday! bisdak ni forever noh and wa gyod nako na gi-deny. maayo kani, naa na tay bisdak connection. hahahah! ayo ayo pud diha. mwaaah :mrgreen:

  25. Pingback: Sorry we are not allowed | THESSERIE ~ just about anything, everything
  26. sardonicnell · October 29, 2007

    thanks for the link, sister thess :mrgreen:

  27. Apols · October 30, 2007

    Trying hard siya masyado! Yuck! Maganda ba siya para i deny niyang Pilipina siya! Duhhhh!!!!!!!

    Nagalit eh ???? Hahahaha. Kapal kapal!

    Kakagigil huh.

  28. Apols · October 30, 2007

    I was born and raised in Cebu too! 😀 I perfectly understood your bisaya writing. hahaha.

  29. Meeya · October 31, 2007

    nell, omg, that zebra-striped bag is so perfect for your mom! it fits the brightness of her character. 🙂 sana paglaki ni ninna bibilhan din niya ako ng bagssss. 😀

    @abby, oo thai daw, grrr. nung una ang naisip ko baka mali ng grammar or pronounciation ang asawa ko. pero obvious naman na hindi ma-get nung babaitang yun yung sinasabi ng asawa ko. napa-excuse me siya bigla at lumayas, tawa ako ng tawa, hahah!

  30. sardonicnell · November 1, 2007

    APOLS: that’s so good to know, naintindihan mo pala ang aking panlibak. hahaha! speaking of that handbag witch, magkikita kami nyan this week end. hopefully eh shift nya at ng mabalasa ko ang pretentious beauty nya. i totally understand your anger, kong medyo mainit ang ulo ko non eh baka napull ko ang hair nya. pasalamat sya at may i keep my composure pa rin ako. hahahah :mrgreen:

    MEEYA: glad you like the bag. first time i saw it, it spells MOM all over! animalistic, but sweet dba? sama yata ng description ko noh? but i mean well naman, hehehe. when you’re darling ninna grows up, di lang handbags ang bibigay sayo non. she’ll give you a whole lot more! with a mom like you on her side, she’ll be a STAR! laban ka sa premonitions ko sa daughter mo? BONGGACIOUS dba 😉

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