Almost Perfect

I didn’t get home till about 4 AM and so I told Ted that if we have any plans for the day, that we do it later so I can get at eight hour sleep at the very least. By 2 PM I got a wake up call that he was on his way to pick me up in an hour. Right on the dot, he got to my place at exactly 3 PM. But after a half hour of lounging on the sofa and watching television, we decided to just cancel our plans for the day and just stay inside. And I like the idea, I can spend some quality time with Ted while I do some household chores.

So we watced the Heroes marathon for the next four hours. I’ve heard Ted and coworkers raving about this show, but I was never fond of watching a series. Would rather watch the whole flick from start to finish. I liked it a lot, but still unable to finish the entire movie. Ted didn’t tell me that he only has the first three DVD’s. Darn it, B-I-T-I-N!

And as a kind reward for Ted, helping me do some house chores. I decided to cook dinner instead of eating out. Mom was at the beach house and my siblings have their own personal affairs, so pretty much we have the house for ourselves. For dinner, I cooked some Chicken Marsala and Pasta Pomodoro. And to my surprise, Ted liked it and was impress with my kitchen skills.

Then after dinner, we decided to just lounged back on the sofa and had this lengthy conversation about us, over a bottle of my favorite red wine. We spent hours just talking, and it was great to know more about each other. We also discussed both of our families, as I feel that I should warn him before hand that mine can be crazy and quite demanding of me sometimes. And he understood where I’m coming from, which made me feel more at ease.

Now comes the atrocious part of the what feels like the almost perfect night. At about 10 PM, my phone rang and my sister was crying on the other line. I can hear yelling and arguing,  she and her husband were having some loud disputes. Just what I need at this time! (I’m being sarcastic here, okay!) Ten minutes later, there was a knock on my door and it was my sister along with my nephew (and a duffle bag). Oh heavens have mercy, not today! Not when I have company, not in Ted’s presence. And before I could say something, Ted was already with me by the door calming my sister down. This is just great, the first impression Ted has of my family was already horrible!

After Ted and I comforted my sister, I led her and my nephew to one of the bedroom to retire. My sister and I can talk about her problems later. Ted was kind enough to grab me a glass of water to calm me down, as I feeling a bit shaky from all that happened. I found myself saying sorry repeatedly. As I was embarrassed, that he had to witness this horrific incident. But Ted was quick to react,  asking me to be silent while giving me a big hug. He said that I need not apologize for anything and he was glad that he was there by my side when this happened. Five minutes has passed and we were still cuddling.

Ten minutes to midnight, I told Ted that we should call it a night. I walked him to his car and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Then he took my hand and put it right on his chest, “I had the loveliest time today. And please don’t worry about what happened earlier. It’s fine and I’m fine!  And if there’s something I learned about you today, it’s the unconditional love you have  for your family. You make me want to love you more, just for that reason!”



  1. munchkinmommy · October 22, 2007

    “…you make me want to love you more…” ahahahay! somebody catch me! i’m fainting! 😀 i wish you all the best, nell. 😉 you deserve to be happy. i hope ted’s the one. 😀 makikihug na rin ako…hugs to you!

  2. sardonicnell · October 22, 2007

    saluhin kita weng! hahahah, you made me laugh so hard. thanks for the well wishes my dear. by next week, im hoping that i can introduce ted to my parents. thanks for the hugs, sana nga po si TED na ang the one! hope you had a fab week end 😉

  3. thess · October 22, 2007

    *Kablaaaag!* (hinimatay ako sa kilig!! ) May brother ba si Ted? *LoL* hay naku sister, ganyan talag kapag letter ‘T’ ang start ng name, sweet ang personality ha ha ha!
    But seriously, like Weng I am so happypatooty for yah! *hugs mahigpit* at ikaw ha, dinaan mo sa luto ha ha ha!
    I hope your sister has calmed down and work things out w/ the other party.
    Have s lovely tedrosey day ahead!

  4. sardonicnell · October 22, 2007

    thanks for the tedrosey words, sister thess! i hope di ka naman nabukulan ng himatay ka, hahaha! uy sister, sino ba etong “T” na kilala mo? naintriga ako bigla hah :mrgreen:

    only boy (?) si ted sa family nila eh, hayaan mo at baka may pamangkin or pinsan. ano erereto ba kita? hahaha, bad talaga natin hah. mukhang nadali si ted sa luto ko, palibhasa eh nagayuma ng di nya alam. bwahaha 😀

    my sister? i guess it’s another episode of LQ between her and the husband. but i have yet to talk to the guy before i let my sister get back with him. kaya humanda sya akin, hehehe 👿 sama ko talaga noh? hope you had a fabulous week end. how was the party you attended? love yah lots. mwaaah 😆

  5. Pinky · October 22, 2007

    Graabeee na’to! As in to the highest level na! 😀 After the what seemed like a mala-telenovela episode with your sister, it was very heartwarming to know that Ted stood by your side through it all, understood you and even shared your “pain”… I sincerely hope he’s “THE ONE” na…

    Ingat, Nell! 🙂

  6. sardonicnell · October 22, 2007

    hello pinky! sana nga po eh si TED na ang THE ONE. was really surprised with his support and understanding of the situation i had with my sister. mas kalmado pa sya kaysa sa akin! and just when i thought na baka naturn-off sya sa family ko eh he loves more pa raw. kakaiba etong si TED hah, as in ideal man ang dating. hahahah!

    thanks for the kind words dear, have a wonderful day 😉

  7. rollercoastermom · October 22, 2007

    OMG!!!! super kilig na kilig na naman ako!!!! grabe, your stories are soooo nakakakilig! haaaay. gosh, this ted sounds like a total dream ha? i’m so happy for you! and the line! my gahd! “you make me want to love you more!” buti hindi ka nagkandahimatay sa kilig! and this definitely shows that he’s very understanding and he doesn’t mind your role in your family, diba?

    gosh nell, i’m super happy for you. sana ito na talaga forever! 😀

    i hope your sister and nephew are okay though 🙂

  8. sardonicnell · October 22, 2007

    hello kris! halos mahinamatay nga ako sa kilig, grabe. pero mas feel ko ang hair ko, mukhang humaba sya sa papuring natanggap ko kay Ted. hahaha! looks like he’s very understanding, di naman kasi alintana na before eh my previous partners couldn’t understand our culture and our families role in our lives. sana nga eh magtuloy tuloy eto, para masabi kong “sya na nga!” landi ko talaga? bwahaha :mrgreen:

  9. eric aka senor enrique · October 22, 2007

    Marvelous development and a beautiful picture, too!

    Congratulations, Nell. This is really the start of something big. You are blessed 🙂 The fact that you both enjoyed each other just being inside the house and doing regular stuff means you really have something special.

    By the way, does he know you’re blogging about this? Hehehe If he’s not comfortable about it and should ask you to stop, not to worry, we know you’re in good hands and having a grand time.

  10. sardonicnell · October 22, 2007

    hello eric! thanks so much for visiting and for the kind words you said. i found out during our conversation that both of us are home buddies and couch potatoes! we actually enjoy just being at home. i guess ted thought that i like going out at first. but now that we know that were both homies, definitely means more time just lounging on the sofa and enjoying the comfort of home, hehehe. actually, we’re being stingy. hahaha!

    ted knows of my blog and according to him, he’s red my entries quite a few times. may iba lang daw na di nya maintindihan since tagalog. he likes to read lang daw and he finds my entries fascinating, sabi nya hah. as long as i dont post his pic eh he’s fine, which i totally respect naman. he knows im spontaneous and have my way with words. he knows im melodramatic, chismosa and numero unong chikadora. given na yon sa akin eh! he’s also aware that writing is a form of therapy for me, hehehe. so he’s cool with my blogging and all that.

    thanks again for your kind comment, God bless 😉

  11. Apols · October 24, 2007

    bakit parang kinikilig ako hahahaha!!!!!

    sayang naman ang NIGHT 😛

  12. sardonicnell · October 24, 2007

    bakit naman parang? magpadala ka na sa kilig, apols. heheheh! di naman totally nasayang ang gabi, may magaganda namang ngyari that day. kaya ok na rin, hehehe :mrgreen:

  13. Meeya · October 25, 2007

    naku kasama na ako sa pupulutin mo sa sahig dahil nahimatay sa kilig!! sa totoo lang, i think the incident with your sis is a happy accident. kasi the way he dealt with this “reality” with you says a lot about how deep his feelings truly are for you, di ba?

    good luck nell, huwag na masyadong magpakipot, haha! 🙂

  14. sardonicnell · October 25, 2007

    that was very nice of you to say that meeya! really hoping and praying that his feelings is indeed true and that his intentions are clean. di naman sobrang pakipot, medyo reserve lang ang bakla. sabi nga ni mader inday badiday, careful careful! bwahaha 😀

    i really don’t know where this affair with ted will lead. but i wish it last or if im lucky enough, lead into a lifetime partnership 😉 thanks again and have a wonderful week end. mwaah :mrgreen:

  15. Jen · October 30, 2007

    omegudnis nell!!! IDOL!!!!!!!!!!

  16. sardonicnell · November 1, 2007

    hello jen, may kilig factor ba? hahaha 😀

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