At The Beach House

“Why the serious face? What are you thinking of?Those were the first words my stepfather asked me as a I was staring contemplatively on the horizon.Nothing serious, really. Just clearing my head!” I said to Daddy Aldo. For reasons beyond my understanding, water draws emotion and it pulls this meditative mood inside me. For a change, my mouth’s shut and my mind is doing all the talking.

“Would you like to join your Mom and I for a walk?” said Daddy Aldo. I figured out I wasn’t doing anything, so I decided to join them. I grabbed my poncho and was about to put my shoes on when Mom said, No need for shoes dear! Do you see me and your Dad wear any? We’re going barefoot.” I didn’t want to be the odd ball, so I went ahead and left my water shoes by the stairway. And so Mom, Daddy Aldo and myself went for a walk along the shores of the Pacific Ocean. It was relaxing and the breeze brought this inner calm. But half the time we’re laughing , as Mom was teasing me and telling Dad of my childhood stunts. So I was chuckling myself in faze and humiliation.

And after a good hour of leg work, Mom and Dad decided to call it a day; while I asked to stay behind and enjoy the ocean as it meets the sky. I watched the sun set and let the breeze blow my hair away from my face. My mind, surprising empty and my soul revitalized from all the deleterious episodes of urban living and the toxic effects of my profession. After a week long of rest and a day here at the beach house, I feel like I’m brawny enough to face my assiduous-ludicrous life.

This week end at Mom’s house was fascinating, feels like I’m in a serene sanctuary. Where I’m shielded from my usual frustrations and doldrums. Here, I have both my mother and father to protect me. Who’s unconditional love is greater than the ocean outside and who’ll always look at me as their child, regardless of my size and age (let’s not talk about it now, Hahaha). They allow me to be lazy, be myself and do whatever I desire. Here at my Mom’s house, I am no accountant, no sibling, no friend — I am just my mother’s child and I am simply, Nell.



  1. Jen · October 16, 2007

    damn, what beautiful sights.

  2. sardonicnell · October 16, 2007

    thanks jen! it was a bit gloomy saturday, but the view was still fabulous 😉

  3. munchkinmommy · October 16, 2007

    as usual, i’m green with envy! i want my mommy!!!! huhuhu!

  4. sardonicnell · October 16, 2007

    don’t be, weng! if ever you guys visit northern cal, we can plan something and visit the coast. maybe we can even ask mom, if we can use the beach house. what do you think?

  5. stel · October 16, 2007

    you’re so so lucky to get that feeling of unconditional love from a parent…

    wow Nell pati ako biglang na relax, you captured the beach so well. nung araw niyayaya ko si husby lipat kami sa Northern Cali. but i realized he couldn’t just pull up roots. ngayon, retirement home na lang siguro sa panaginip 😉

  6. sardonicnell · October 16, 2007

    thank you, stel! it is hard to move to another place where you don’t have family and friends. pwede pa naman pag retired na kayong mag asawa or maybe you can get a beach house from where you’re at. as long as we’re still alive, i’m sure we can make our dreams happen. dba? thanks again and God bless!

  7. rollercoastermom · October 16, 2007

    gosh, the view is really wonderful. naku, i am still dreaming of owning a beach house. i am such a water person kahit na super takot ako malunod. hahaha! there’s something about water that really calms my senses. and you are so lucky to have your mom and dad so close to you. i’m glad you had a great and relaxing weekend! 😀

  8. sardonicnell · October 16, 2007

    thanks kris! i just love the water and living by the shoreline. i will soon be in my own beach house, sa oregon nga lang. it’s also along the pacific coast. i feel blessed that my family are close by, they’re always within reach. thanks again for the kind words and hope you had a fab week end as well 😉

  9. thess · October 16, 2007

    pwede ba magbakasyon sa bahay ni tita if ever? “serene sanctuary” you said…the pictures said it’s the perfect description.
    para ba’ng after mo mag weekend dyan, kayang kaya mo harapin lahat ng problema sa mundo when monday comes.

    hi sister…’off to bed, just want to wish you a fine day 🙂

  10. sardonicnell · October 16, 2007

    why not, sister thess! i have keys to the beach house. how i wish magkita-kita tayo noh (mga blogging friends) and walk along the shore together. so melodramatic ng dating, dba?

    i’ve always love staying at the beach house, promise! kaya lang four hours drive from my place eh, kaya paminsan minsan lang ako nakakapunta. it’s a sanctuary talaga, and like you said; after a week end at this place eh kaya na natin harapin ang problema sa mundo. hayayay!

    have a good night, love yah mwaaah 😉

  11. Meeya · October 17, 2007

    nell, your words, the pictures, the beach – all so beautiful. na-relax ako just reading this post. thank you 🙂

  12. sardonicnell · October 17, 2007

    you’re welcome, meeya! thanks also for your kind compliments. why not come to northern california and maybe we can relax back at the beach house. what do you think? 😉 😉 😉

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