Rainy Days and Tuesdays

Went back to work Monday though I was feeling a bit under the weather. I was thinking it’s some sort of muscle spasms, slight fever or maybe I was just fatigued, so  I took some Naproxen to get rid of pain. But when I woke up the next morning, I was still feeling the same. But more intense with runny nose, red eyes and this icky sensation on my throat. Yikes! Looks like I got the flu bug.

So since yesterday morning, I’ve been stuck in bed watching television and occassionally checking my emails (and my blog as well). And did I mention free room service? Yes, you heard me right! My mom came over and took over running the household, along with my sister who made me the best Hot & Sour Soup. Getting sick is not bad at all, if you ask me. I am starting to love this quite a bit. My laundry is done, all pressed and folded. My clutter has been put aside and my meals served up in my room while I watch movies and Oprah on primetime TV. Hahahaha!

The weather seems favorable as well, as it’s been raining since last night. Giving me all the reason to cuddle in bed while my cats sorround me. I guess my critters are happy that I’m home, so I can pet them all day and night. Then there’s also work that I can do from the comfort of my king size bed. Loving every moment of it, really! I look at this flu bug from a different perspective. It gave me more time to rest, a reason to work from home while wearing my Dora The Explorer pajamas and spend more time with my family — who I missed and love so dearly!

Who said getting sick was bad idea?



  1. munchkinmommy · October 11, 2007

    nell, i don’t know if i should say, “get well soon!” since you seem to be appreciating the service de luxe that you’re getting. hehehe!

    na-miss ko tuloy lalo ang mommy ko. waaaaah! pero sige, get well soon! 😀 at sana, pag balik mo sa office, walang milagrong ginawa si “broomhilda”! hahaha! like i told you before, uso pa naman siya ngayon dahil halloween! hahaha!

    before i finally go…medyo nahirapan akong mag-imagine na naka-dora the explorer jammies ka! daig mo pa ang anak ko! hahaha! here’s a kisspirin for you…mwah! 😉

  2. stel · October 11, 2007

    get well soon Nell…i’m pretty sure it’ll be a quick recovery, w/ your Mom, sista, hot and sour soup (that’s just perfect! siguro dahil sa ginger?vinegar? gagaling ka talaga agad) and the pussycats around, sarap no, cuddly warm? how lucky to have sweet family around. magpaka-linger sa pampering…
    may connection talaga ang stress at kalusugan, kaya ingatch.

  3. Jen · October 11, 2007

    Dora the Explorer pajamas???!??!?!?!

    You are the coolest gay guy I know!!!!

  4. sardonicnell · October 11, 2007

    hello weng! so childish ng pj’s ko noh? it was a gift from a friend who went to mexico sometime ago. i also have sponge bob and patrick that i bought myself from my one day trip to tijuana. hahaha, lumabas ang pagka-immature ko?

    feeling better na po, patapos na ang flu ko i think. with the svc im getting, naku i have no complains. pero may pink eye pa yata ako, so baka stay home muna ako. medyo ng-gagalaiti na nga ang bruha kong boss eh, kasi i was gone yesterday and today. we’ll see if the pink eye is gone, maybe i’ll be back to work. pero in fairness naman hah, work pa rin ako kahit sick. patigil tigil nga lang ako, lalo na pag soaps and oprah na. hahahah!

    thanks for the kisspirin, mwaaaah!

    ps: i hope my boss didn’t fire someone again while i was gone!

  5. sardonicnell · October 11, 2007

    thank you stel! the hot and sour soup hit the spot. my nasal passages cleared cause of the ginger and chili, yummilicious! so happy mom and sis are here to take care of me, and to help me clean the house. i wish they can do this for me more often, hahaha! the cats are wonderful bed warmers as well, they kept me comfy on a cold autumn night, tipid sa heater. heheheh!

    seriously, i can get use to this kind of star treatment. even got a scalp massage from my dear mommy. minsan lang eto, kaya take advantage na! thanks again stel, medyo ok na po ako 😉

  6. sardonicnell · October 11, 2007

    thanks for the kind compliment, jen! the first time someone called me COOL, usually eh GAY lang ang naririnig ko na comment about me. heheheh! i have some other odd looking pj’s, say mo may sponge bob and patrick pa ako in the closet. hahaha! halata bang isip bata?

  7. thess · October 11, 2007

    get up get up, lazy bum! he he he :D…u feeling better na, sister? didn’t know u were sick…ang sarap naman pala magkasakit sa household mo eh, kahit paminsan-minsan lang ang pretty princess treatment, at least, merong treatment!
    dito sa bahay ko…manigas ka! *lol*
    hello to tita mommy and kisses to you and your cats.
    *sabi ni Stel kahapon sa phone, dahil gusto ko pumunta sa Nobu restaurant sa vegas, ayan daw, Nobulilyaso trip at meeting natin..lokang yan! *

  8. abbyG. · October 11, 2007

    nothing better than curling up in your bed on a rainy day!

    hope you’re feeling much better! 🙂

  9. sardonicnell · October 11, 2007

    hello sister thess! doing much better today, hopefully eh tuloy tuloy na eto. sarap palang may nag aalaga, i can get use to this sa totoo lang. hahaha!

    oo nga noh, nobulilyaso ang lakad natin! jinx pala ang nobu na yan, ibang resto nalang sis. hehehe. hayaan mo na muna, may next time pa naman. besides your family need your support for now.

    will send your kind regards to tita mommy and the kitties. God bless and well wishes to your family! love yah, mwaaaah.

  10. sardonicnell · October 11, 2007

    hi abby! feeling much better today, pero medyo may hint of pink eye pa ako eh. mukhang combo yata etong sakit ko, hahaha!

    this week has been relaxing, sarap ng may nag aalaga and nakahilata lang sa kama. hahaha! tapos pa ang lahat ng household chores ko, galing nga eh. thanks for the well wishes and God bless 🙂

  11. Leap of Faith! · October 11, 2007

    You’re so lucky to have your mom, sister, cats and Oprah to keep you company. Get well soon.

  12. sardonicnell · October 11, 2007

    thanks keith! now that you mentioned it, i do think i’m lucky to have a wonderful family, cuddly pets, oprah to keep to me entertained and loving friends who wish me well all the time. thanks for the well wishes & i thank the LORD as well!

  13. Jen · October 11, 2007

    ei, hope you’re better now!

  14. Jen · October 11, 2007

    ps. i’d consider you my #1 idol if you had HELLO KITTY PAJAMAS.

    omg, i would die. HAHAHA.

  15. sardonicnell · October 11, 2007

    hi jen, thanks for the well wishes. im doing much better. sige ka, totohanin ko eto. maghahanap talaga ako ng hello kitty na pj’s. hahaha!

  16. rollercoastermom · October 11, 2007

    oh my god, you make getting sick sound like an absolute dream! 😀 lisensya to bum and get pampered without people thinking you’re a lazy bum! hahaha! but still, as much as you are enjoying the service, i do wish you’d get well soon. tama si weng, baka kung ano nang ginawa ni wicked witch of the west (or east in your case :-P) dun sa office!

    and like everyone else, i think the dora and sponge bob jammies rock! 😀 ang cute cute mo siguro tingnan all snuggly in bed wearing your pjs!

  17. sardonicnell · October 11, 2007

    hi kris! i admit it, i’m really good at being a lazy bum. hahahah! namiss ko lang siguro ang pag-aalaga ni mommy. she’s so good at this kasi, she’s an all around domesticated diva.

    i’m hoping that i’ll be able to get back to work tomorrow, kahit friday na! baka nga kasi may milagro ng nangyayari sa ofc, curious ako. hahaha! baka kasi kong sino naman ang na-fire out, alam mo na?

    fave ko etong dora na jammies eh, kaya medyo worn out na. but the whole family laughs at me when they see me wearing this. isip bata raw ako, hahahah! thanks for the well wishes, really appreciate it 😉

  18. Meeya · October 17, 2007

    wow super late na ito but i hope you’ve been better since.

    and yup, its nice to have someone take care of you for a change. i hope your little one has had the flu shot para di mahawa?

  19. sardonicnell · October 18, 2007

    i thank you so much for your concern, meeya. i’m happy to say that i’m doing better! and speaking of flu shot. my little boy just got one yesterday and he was mad at the nurse that poke him. sabi pa nya “she poke me twice! it hurts…” hahahah 🙂

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