Half Witted Witch

Went back to work Monday morning from my three day holiday in Chicago. And as I was about to walk inside my office, I realized that Janet’s (one of the assistants) desk was empty. No folders, no papers, no picture frames, no Janet! And so I asked Alice, (a coworker) for her whereabouts. Found out that our wicked boss fired our sweet Janet. I was only gone for a couple days and now we’re missing a good employee?

I called the HR desk and asked for more information about the termination. But beleive or not? The human resource manager was unaware, even stating that there’s  no written report stating the issue at hand. So I phoned my boss for clarifications, but as always; she was out on some sort of meeting (whatever!). And I had no other choice but to ask her assistant. I was told that Janet made some errors in her reporting that (may have) caused major issues (I wonder how major?), that led to her termination. Reports and termination, what is going on here? It just doesn’t make sense to me!

Janet was under my direction and I would have appreciate it, if I was informed about this problem before making any judgment. Goodness gracious! Everybody makes mistakes. But does that mean firing someone out right away? You see, Janet’s been a wonderful help in our department. Great gal, wonderful personality, team player, she has it all. And for that to happen without my knowledge was just unacceptable. If this is some other employee, I probably won’t show this much concern. But given that it’s Janet and she’s one handworking lady, I beg to differ with my boss’es opinion.

Later in the day, I checked my voicemail and dear Janet left me a message. She’s asking that I call her back. And soon as she’s on the phone, she was crying and asking for my help. She really wanted her job back! I don’t blame her, everybody has to make a living and pay their bills. Right? Going through the reports, looks like Janet did made some errors. But given that it’s preliminary reporting, the figures should be considered inconclusive. That’s why it’s called preliminary, my golly! Can someone please give this witch a dictionary and explain the meaning of the word to her.

I did the necessary correction on the financial report, this time it was right on the dot and down to the very last penny. Then, I sent it to my boss via email with a note concerning Janet’s erroneous termination. Ten minutes later, I got a phone call and was asked to see the wicked witch in her office.  I knew my boss wasn’t happy to see me, but consider the feeling mutual. I came because I was summoned and had to listen to some bee-ess. She stated her alibis for Janet’s termination, but I also made my arguments heard. Janet was under my supervision and the office chain of command should have been implemented. With matters like this, both human resources and myself should be notified.

I also made it clear that the initial reports are considered inaccurate since it’s prefacing and that it wasn’t even due until my return. The document didn’t even go through my desk, for heavens sake!  My boss and I were stating our defenses with compulsion, and not one of us wanted to back off. But when I told her about the lack of evidence she has againts Janet, her meaningless justification and the HR’s lack of participation (I can be fearless when I’m mad!); she decided to withdraw. Even told her that this case is screaming I’ll see in court all over! 

Terminating an employee is no easy task, one of the reasons why we have the Human Resource Department in the first place. Right? The fact that this matter in undocumented and Janet has no previous bad record (not even a single memo). The odds are on the plaintiffs side, even the HR desk said that. And so, after a good half hour of debating or what feels like talking to a wall, I decided to put an end to our conversation. I started walking out and said — I hate to say this, but looks like you have some explaining to do, big time!



  1. Pinky · October 4, 2007

    Hi Nell! Been checking out your site for some time now (thru my munchkin of a cuz-in-law, Weng 🙂 ) and I must say I am always entertained because of your candid takes on almost everything.

    This post got me out of lurking mode 😀 Just wanted to tell you how amazed I am at your guts and how lucky Janet is to have you on her side. Hope she is reinstated real soon. Down with the wicked witch!!! Hahaha! 😀

    More interesting posts to come… Welcome back from your well-deserved vacation! Guess all that R&R got you into fine fighting form. 😉

  2. sardonicnell · October 4, 2007

    hello pinky! thanks for the kind comment and for taking time to read my blog. glad you like my entries, that really made my heart swell. so you found out about me pala from weng, so friend na rin kita. yepee! (ok lang ba?) a friend of weng is a friend of mine as well 😉

    naku, di naman talaga ako matapang. nagtatapang-tapangan lang, hahaha! but i must admit that i do have a temper and minsan eh nagtataray. im crossing my fingers for janet. the hr is in the process of getting hold of her. i’d love to have her back on our team as she’s a darling. really miss having her around, kokonti nalang ang mga masisipag na tao like her.

    thanks again for kind words and have a wonderful day 🙂

    ps: add kta to my blogroll hah, thanks!

  3. munchkinmommy · October 4, 2007

    oooh, another head to head with the wicked witch. so, sino ang weakest link? magingat-ingat ka kasi malapit na ang halloween. medyo season ngayon ng mga mangkukulam at lamang-lupa. hahaha! 😉

    i agree with pinky (she’s my hubby’s cousin!), janet is very lucky to have you as her defender! good luck and i look forward to hearing the good news that janet’s back. 😀

  4. K · October 4, 2007

    I don’t think Janet has screwed up big time. Didn’t the HR care to call and check? In the first place, no one gets fired unless you steal something from the company. Isn’t there some evaluation process in which we need to sign by both parties before the firing process? In my kind of work in my department, if a staff make mistakes, there is always someone to give them (that would be me) a verbal warning, then written warning – within 3 months without any improvements, termination is expected.

    That’s unfair and seems really an abuse.

  5. K · October 4, 2007

    rather, *didn’t the HR care to call your BOSS themselves and check first?

  6. sardonicnell · October 4, 2007

    hello weng! promise, i almost want to bite her head off (my boss, i mean). napatid ng ugat sa leeg ko sa kaka-explain sa babaeng hitad. ewan ko ba don sa boss ko, naturingang nakakataas eh may pagka impulsive at shunganga pa! (sama ko talaga, pero care bears sa kanya)

    this is nothing heroic naman, just trying to make things right — that’s all! and also trying to save our company from being sued. alam mo naman mga tao dito, sue happy! but in fairness to janet, she’s a wonderful employee and a joy to have in our team. it’s very seldom that we get to meet people that have good work ethics, and that’s janet! crossing my fingers that she gets rehired =)

  7. Pinky · October 4, 2007

    I’d be honored, Nell! Thanks for adding me to your blogroll 🙂

    BTW, nagtatapang-tapangan is good enough for me -nasa lugar ka naman e 😉

    Take care and will be waiting for your updates soon!

  8. sardonicnell · October 4, 2007

    hello k! that’s exactly my point as well. janet’s so called mistake is so petty to be even considered an offense. i wouldn’t even write her up for that, probably verbal warning lang. and besides there was no process or paper that stated this which makes all these bogus. and then HR was not even aware?

    if janet was indeed fired, there has to be a better reason. janet also need to know the reason and it should be in writing. with that also comes her paycheck and whatever money is due to her. and to top it all off, the HR office would be the one to execute the termination cause that’s what there for. dba?

    this witch sure did a big mess, i wonder what our director has to say to this. if you ask me, i’ll fire that half witted witch instead! hahaha =)

  9. sardonicnell · October 4, 2007

    hi pinky! i already added you to my blogroll. thanks for letting me hah. i really hope that janet would be back in our team soon, God willing 🙂

  10. K · October 4, 2007

    “if you ask me, i’ll fire that half witted witch instead! hahaha =)”

    T.A.R.A.Y. 🙂

  11. sardonicnell · October 4, 2007

    hahaha K.O.N.T.I. lang!

  12. rollercoastermom · October 4, 2007

    well, everyone pretty much said it all! basta ako hero ka parin for standing up for janet and almost biting that witch’s head off! sana nga you did. 😛 i love your dorothy moment! 🙂 tama yun, show her she’s not the be all and end all. na she doesn’t have absolute power. i hope janet gets reinstated. don’t we all love darlings on the team? 🙂

  13. sardonicnell · October 4, 2007

    thank you, kris! janet, being a young and shy didn’t want to make a stand. if you ask her, she wouldn’t even put up a fight. and knowing that, it’s totally unjust for people (or should i say, witches) to take advantage of her weakness and low self esteem. kaya nga i’m helping her out, trying to have her reinstated and all.

    as for my half witted witch, let me the first one to say that i have no respect for that woman. i’m just playing civil with her, that’s all. kaya nga, i’m asking for a reassignment. and if that happens, i will definitely drag janet with me. she’s like a dear sister na kasi eh. hay, sana nga makabalik na sya sa work =)

  14. rollercoastermom · October 5, 2007

    good for you nell! i hope get both janet AND your reassignment! 😀

  15. sardonicnell · October 5, 2007

    sana nga kris! magdilang angel ka sana 😉 btw, i bought ben & jerry’s ice cream earlier. nahawa kasi ako sa craving mo, ayon ubos na yong isang pint. hehehe 🙂

  16. stel · October 5, 2007

    naku nell nakaka suspense! poor Janet…but she has you to defend her! grabe ang hirap ng ganyan, good luck sa reassignment + rehiring of Janet.
    update ha!

  17. sardonicnell · October 5, 2007

    hello stel! tama ang sabi mo, janet has to defend herself. pero napakamahiyaing bata nito, kaya tuloy madalas abusuhin. i’m really hoping she gets rehired. yong transfer eh pwede na sigurong mahuli yon, just wanted janet back for now. will keep you posted, promise!

  18. banggigay · October 5, 2007

    sobrang off topic, but that chair is sooo comfy. so ergo looking. isnt it?

  19. chuvaness · October 5, 2007

    that’s plain POWER TRIPPING…


  20. sardonicnell · October 5, 2007

    hi bangge! ngayon ko lang napansin yong chair since you mentioned it. most chairs in our ofc are ergo, depends on the persons needs. i remember about three yrs ago, an ergo professional came to our office and he did some work for each employee. i got a comfy chair and my table was raised a bit, along with custom arm/ wrist rest.i guess our ofc trying to save on workmans compensation, hehehe =)

  21. sardonicnell · October 5, 2007

    so true, malen! nag papower trip talaga etong boss namin. she’s so known for that, unfortunately it don’t work on me kasi umaalma ako. hahaha =)

  22. Rollercoaster Mommy · October 5, 2007

    oo nga, your chair looks so comfy! 😀 thanks for eating a pint of ben & jerry’s for me! haaay, heaven talaga ang ice cream!

  23. sardonicnell · October 5, 2007

    thank, kris! sarap ng ice cream, makes me want to get another pint. yikes, goodluck sa calories 😉

  24. Meeya · October 5, 2007

    i think power tripping nga lang yun. alam mo, i think gusto kang bawasan ni witchy ng kakampi sa office by letting go of your most trusted team members. sana nga makita ng upper management the kind of impulsive decisions witchy is making para maipamukha sa kanya na mali siya. siya kaya itong mawalan ng trabaho? tignan lang natin kung matapang pa rin siya. hmp, chura lang!

    looking forward to your good news about janet’s reinstatement. 🙂

  25. sardonicnell · October 5, 2007

    hi meeya! style talaga ng babaeng hitad ang magpower trip. i heard (from the grape vine) that our legal team is on the case concerning janet. mukhang aabot na itong balita sa director namin. kaabang-abang eto!

  26. Jen · October 11, 2007

    love the drama in the office. where’s janet now?

  27. sardonicnell · October 11, 2007

    hello jen! the drama never stops in the ofc, as long as the wicked witch is around. janet? i have yet to hear from her. will keep you posted what happens next, but the HR is working on getting her rehired 😉

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