Got A Right To Be Wrong

Everytime someone can demonstrate to me that I’m in error, a bright new bulb lights up my dim wit. That’s why it’s good to be wrong — not because we should hang on to our mistakes, but because acknowledging error is the foundation of learning. I’ve watched countless people sacrifice relationships , careers, even life itself, just for their own rightness. Now, is that really worth it? You’ll see that while insisting that you’re right is gratifying, accepting that you’re wrong can be transformative.



  1. thess · October 3, 2007

    last line is so profound, sister. you are so correct. where is that wisdom coming from? 😉

    am still in Thailand. e n j o y i n g.

    have a fine day, k? tc *muah*

  2. sardonicnell · October 3, 2007

    thank you, sister thess! there’s really nothing wrong if we acknowledge our mistakes. dba? although it touches our ego nga lang, paminsan minsan. pero eka nga nila, we learn from our pagkakamali!

    wow! still in thailand. looks like you’re enjoying every minute of it. talagang bakasyon galore! God bless, mwaaah =)

  3. K · October 3, 2007

    Sometimes I’ve always had a hard time admitting when I’m wrong but the importance of the fact that I’m learning from it. And I think being wrong isn’t the problem but — being wrong without a good reason is a problem
    But why is that when you are right no one remembers, and when you are wrong no one forgets?


  4. chuvaness · October 3, 2007

    “acknowledging error is the foundation of learning”

    Wahaw! Pang Miss Universe! Anshoray!

  5. sardonicnell · October 3, 2007

    i agree with you, k! most people would recognize the wrong in people, rather than the right. i think that’s human nature na siguro. and like you, i’m left wondering why as well. hmmmm, life can be a mystic sometimes. noh?

  6. sardonicnell · October 3, 2007

    hahahah. you made me laugh so hard, malen! pang ms u, ba? bigla kong naalala ang mga episodes ng beauty pageants. i love watching those kasi and never missed a single one, hehehe =)

  7. munchkinmommy · October 3, 2007

    natawa din ako sa comment ni “chuvaness”! hahaha!

    hmmm,ano na naman ba ang state of mind mo at san nanggaling ito? hee hee!

    i love the yellow heather. parang masarap i-tuck behind the ear. 😉

  8. sardonicnell · October 3, 2007

    hello weng! i swear, i was lughing so hard here in the ofc when i red malen’s comment. akala yata ng mga tao sa labas eh nababaliw ako, hahaha.

    ok naman po ako, lately eh nagpapaka-serious lang ang bakla. naku, alam mo ba nong nasa bakasyon ako. my boss fired my assistant (janet) cause of inaccurate reporting raw. i got a call from her the other day and she was crying. medyo unjustifiable etong pangyayari. kaya nilalakad ko sa HR and pag re-hire sa kanya. keber kong ikagalit ng bruha! i’ll be writing an entry later her sa blog for a more detailed chicka. hahahah!

    like mo yong flower? thanks hah. super like ko kasi ang yellow eh, hehehe =)

  9. munchkinmommy · October 4, 2007

    nell, i meant “header” not “heather”! tangek talaga ako. hahaha! 😀 pareho kayo ng mom ko, mahilig sa yello. so, may kalokohan na naman palang ginawa ang best friend mo sa office. 😉 sige, aabagnan ko ang update! bilisan mo! 😀

  10. sardonicnell · October 4, 2007

    it’s ok, weng! nagets ko naman na header eh, besides pareho lang yon. dba? hehehe. amarillo din fave ng mom ko, apir! sabi nga nila kulay daw yan ng magaganda. kapal ko talaga! hahaha. naku, meron ngang ginawa ang bruha kong boss. pero medyo tulero ang isip non ngayon. kasi pinaliwanagan ko ang hitad, hehehe =)

  11. Meeya · October 5, 2007

    amen na lang isasagot ko. 😀 kaya nga tayo nagkakamali kasi human lang tayo. nagiging inhuman naman tayo kung hindi natin kayang mag-acknowledge ng mga kamalian natin and we make other people suffer because of it. sa akin naman, my miss u answer would be: humility is the root of wisdom. naks 😀

  12. sardonicnell · October 5, 2007

    i agree with you, meeya! not once, but twice. hahaha. sensya na kong corny, just trying to cheer myself up. bottom line is, lahat tayo nagkakamali. it shouldn’t matter if who’s right or wrong, what’s important are the lessons we learn from it. cause from those, we would eventually grow. dba? dami pala nating sisters of wisdom 😉

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