Bye Bye Chi-Town

I could not beleive that it was my last day in Chicago. I’ve been having such a wonderful time in the windy city, totally forgetting time as it passes. I woke up early this time to meet my good friend Buddy. She invited me to visit her home in the suburbs. I walked to the nearby CTA station and took the El train heading for Schaumburg. My friend then picked me up and we had lunch at her house; the meal was absolutely appetizing . Chansada, Buddy’s partner of many years (who works as a chef) prepared some savory asian dishes. I haven’t had rice in a while and ate more than I should — I relished every dish to my hearts content. Chansada cooked the best Green Chicken Curry I’ve ever tasted in years, paired with some Sien Savahn or what they call Lao Beef Jerky and Tam Som; Lao version of Papaya Salad. The food was absolutely divine, what a great meal!

After a gluttonous lunch, Chansada and Buddy gave me tour of their town. It’s quiet and the neighbourhood look pleasant. I’m starting to like living in a township. After a good two hour tour, I said my farewell to my good friends. Gave them my gift, as a small token of appreciation for their kindness and hospitality. It was already 4 PM and it’s time for me to hop back on the train and head for city. I have to meet my brother and his family later that day, and I didn’t want to be late for this event.

Dinner reservations were made (by my brother) for us at the Signature Room, situated on the 95th floor of the John Hancock Building. It was a fabulous touchy dinner, a bit teary eyed seeing my brother and his family. My brother looked good and plump (like me), along with her dashing wife who made me feel so welcome. I could not beleive my eyes when I found out that I have sixteen (16) year old nephews and niece (they’re twins) who are (now) driving their own cars. There’s also my two other newphews who’s in their teens as well. All four are straight A students, if I may brag. Hahaha! Seeing my family was the highlight of this trip and reminded me that I’m not getting any younger either. Need I say the number 30?

After dinner, and a night of hugs and kisses. I headed back to my hotel room to pack my stuff for my early Saturday morning flight. Three days have gone by quickly and I leave Chicago with both smiles and tears in my eyes. I came with no expectations and I’m returning to San Francisco with lots of good memories. Bye bye Chi-Town! I promise to come back someday soon…



  1. cheh · October 1, 2007

    Wow! ang ganda lahat ng mga shots nell!ano yun nilibing na statue hahaha very interesting!

    Wish you have a fab week ahead my dear! Ingat lagi

  2. sardonicnell · October 1, 2007

    thank you, cheh! i think sadya yang pagkakalibing sa statue. it was a unique piece of of art. dba? have a wonderful week as well, God bless =)

  3. K · October 1, 2007

    Whenever I hear about Chicago, there are two things that comes to mind, one was “is it really windy there, I’d like to walk in the city with a map on my hand”, and the other, “I should have said yes to the UA offer as a FA for 3months in training” – thing is, I’m sucker when it comes to making decisions. Sana nakita ko ang lugar na yan.

  4. rollercoastermom · October 1, 2007

    oh finished na agad? how fast! but then again you seem to have made the most out of the trip, reuniting with your friends and family and having alone time too! i love the picture you took of the boardwalk. haaay, sana i can go din. teehee!

    so now is it time to see if there’s something “budding” in sfo? 😉

  5. sardonicnell · October 1, 2007

    hello k! it really is windy in chi-town. since the city is situated near lake michigan. last weeks weather was fine, but windy pa rin syempre. im sure there will be more chances for you to visit chicago. you’ll see it one day soon. pero visit ka muna ng sfo hah, i’d be glad to show you around the city =)

  6. sardonicnell · October 1, 2007

    hello kris! yup, my vacation is done. sobrang bilis ng araw, promise. though it was bitin, i was very happy to see people that are dear to me. it was both touchy and heartwarming, drama ko talaga. hahaha!

    abangan nalang natin what happens to me and ted. only time can tell, hehehe =)

  7. bw · October 1, 2007

    Stunning pictures ! 🙂

  8. sardonicnell · October 1, 2007

    thank you, bw! i’m still a newbie in photography, but glad you like them =)

  9. Meeya · October 2, 2007

    i loved the pics, nell. na-miss ko tuloy chicago na naman!! i forgot to tell you to have superdawgs! next time. 🙂 alam mo ba na chicago isn’t even in the list of the US top ten windiest cities? it’s actually number 14 hehe, the top spot goes to boston. 😛

    i’m glad you had a great vacation. 🙂 welcome home! 🙂

  10. sardonicnell · October 2, 2007

    thank you, meeya! oh, i didn’t try the hotdogs. forgot all about it, medyo kulang kasi sa oras eh. chicago? 14th lang? waahhh, talaga? paano kaya ang mga tao sa boston. lumilipad na kaya sila sa ere? hahaha! that’s one good trivia hah, i didn’t know that.

    thanks for warm welcome, dear. i am glad to be home, namiss ko kasi ang little boy namin. nakakamiss din pala ang walang makulit. hehehe =)

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