There’s A New Guy In Town

I first saw him in the office lobby, he was wearing this light pink shirt, flat front chinos and this soft leather driving mocks. How I know the details of what he’s wearing? Of course, I checked him out as I was walking by. I knew he was new, cause I can recognized most of the people that work in the office. I work in a fairly small company, and since I do payroll from time to time. I’m very much aware of newbies and oldies.

Cee Cee and I went to the cafeteria for some quick breakfast, when I saw this tall handsome bloke in line and right in front of me (that same guy in the lobby). I pulled my friends sleeve and asked, who’s he? Cee Cee gave me this wide eyed look and said that he doesn’t know his name. All she knows is that he’s new and works as a contractor at the Engineering Department. No wonder, I didn’t catch his name — he’s not on my payroll. Hahaha!

And being the inquisitive being that I am. I went up to him and introduced myself. Found out later in our conversation that his name’s Ted and he’s indeed an Engineer. Then I realized he’s by himself having breakfast. So I invited him to join us on our table, which he gladly accepted. Cee Cee on the other hand  could not beleive that Ted is seating right in front of us. She kept of smiling and staring at him. Which I think made Ted a bit uncomfortable. I had to pinch Cee Cee on the side, so she can stop whatever it is she’s doing.

After a good half hour of chit-chatting over breakfast, we all got up and went back to work. And soon as I was on my desk, my phone started ringing. Guess who? Cee Cee. She was asking for my opinion — if Ted is gay or straight. I had a hunch he’s gay, but my friend says no way. So to make the long story short, we made a small bet (free sushi dinner).

Come lunch time, as I was about to head out of my office when I saw Ted walking towards my direction. He asked me if I had any plans for lunch and if I’d like to join him. It so happen that I didn’t have any errands. And decided that lunch with Ted was not such a bad idea. We went to the nearby Elephant Bar, about ten minutes drive from our office. Had an hour of laughing and cashual conversation, then we drove back to work.  That’s about it, nothing unusual.

Soon as I shut the door to my office, I called Cee Cee and told her about my lunch date. She was so green in envy and wanted to know more details. But our small talk was interrupted by a knock on the door, and I told Cee Cee that I’d have to get back at her after work. I thought it was my boss knocking, probably checking on what I’m doing. But when the door opened, it was Ted. He came by to thank me for having lunch with him and then he asked, if there’s a possibility of dinner when I get back from my vacation. Without any hesitation, I said YES!

Now, to my dear Cee Cee. You may want to make dinner reservations when I get back. I think my gaydars right, our bonny Ted may very well be queer!



  1. Meeya · September 26, 2007

    omg ang gaydars talaga, it never fails !!! paano niyo ba nalalaman talaga? hahaha! siguro that he prefers to eat with you rather than cee cee is an indication na no?

    uuuy, do i smell romance? hehehe.

    enjoy your sushi! 😀

  2. Jen · September 26, 2007

    HAHAHHAAAH, love this post! you go girl :P~.

  3. sardonicnell · September 26, 2007

    apir, meeya! my gaydar is 99.9% accurate, hahaha. that very moment i saw ted sa lobby, nag red alert na agad senses ko. he’s one of those straight acting ones eh, kaya minsan mahirap sila madetect. pero inamoy ko lang sya, alam ko na agad. hahahah! mahirap i-explain eh pero para kasi syang lukso ng dugo. probably because parehas berde ang dugo namin, hahaha.

    romance? di pa naman. tingnan nalang natin pagbalik ko sa work next week. pero malay natin, dba? etong si cee cee nga eh asar na asar, kasi raw yong mga natitipuhan nya — kong di mujer eh kasado na! so i told her to settle for his mr silly for now =)

  4. sardonicnell · September 26, 2007

    thank you, jen. medyo work in progress pa eto. we’ll see what happens when i get back. but he seems like a nice guy to me. aren’t they all sa umpisa, dba? hahaha, napaka dudera ko talaga. like abbyg said before, landicious ever!

  5. munchkinmommy · September 27, 2007

    uuy, ang haba ng hair nya! 😀 shake it shake it! hee hee! enjoy your vacation and the dinners you will have when you get back…the one with ted and the free sushi dinner from cee cee. 😉

  6. sardonicnell · September 27, 2007

    hahaha, thanks weng! medyo humaba nga ang hair ko, but not enough to shake it, hehehe. i’m having a fab time on vacation, and i definitely look forward to my two dinner dates when i get back to sfo =)

  7. rollercoastermom · September 28, 2007

    woohoo! how exciting! 🙂 i actually have a pretty good gaydar too being in a family full of them 🙂 but i’m sure yours is off the charts! good luck on your budding romance and have fun on your two dinners! oh and happy vacation too!

  8. sardonicnell · September 28, 2007

    thank you, kris! may gaydar ka rin? you must have green blood in your vein, hehehe. (just kidding dear) it’s too early to tell if this thing with ted will bud, but i’m open to possibilities. as for the dinner, that’s definitely something to look forward. what’s not to love about free meals, right? thanks for visit and God bless =)

  9. malen · September 28, 2007

    hello nell..tenk yu sa dalaw..

    gaydar it is! nyahahah. light pink shirt = gayness! kakatawa naman. see yah around. enjoy yer vacashen 😀

  10. sardonicnell · September 28, 2007

    hello malen! thanks so much for the visit, as i too enjoyed your site. my gut feeling about ted started when i saw him at the lobby. there was just something about him, his smell, his look and add to that the pink shirt. hahahah! thanks for the kind comment =)

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