The Proxy Wedding Singer

It was my cousins wedding and I had to drive a good three hours just to get this hotel where she was having her special event. The traffic on I-101 was just bad, both ways. By about 8 PM, I got to Monterey all tired and ready to go to bed. But I couldn’t just yet, since there’s a wedding rehearsal and dinner at the the nearby restaurant. The very moment I went inside the ballroom, I was surprised to see that all eyes were on me. I was puzzled at first, but decided to ignore the look I  got from members of the family. A couple minutes after, my cousin (the bride) got up and asked to speak to me in private. What did we talked about? You would not beleive it. They’re (bride, groom and family members) requesting that I sing for her wedding. Now, I feel like laughing! Is this some sick joke?

Don’t get me wrong, I do know how to sing. Going back my grade school and highschool years, I was an active member of glee clubs and choir groups. But that was it! I have no formal training in music or whatsover. Nor do I have a dream of becoming a singer. If ever I do sing nowadays, it’s all for fun. And I dare not embarrassed myself in front of many people, half of which I don’t even know . And so I talked my cousin into forgetting this whole idea. But she didn’t let me off the hook that easy. She made me sing right that very minute and then got on her kness. She’s really serious about this. She’s begging me to sing on her wedding. Now, what am I supposed to do?

That same night, I went to my hotel room with a CD player in one hand and lyrics on the other. I was to sing One in a Million You for the bridal march, For Once In My Life , The Way You Look Tonight and a duet of the song, All I Ask of You. Luckily, I knew the songs as I’m an avid listener of Michael Buble and Larry Graham records. Bu am I really ready for the embarrassment.? Seriously, what did I get myself into?

The next day, I woke early to do a dry run. In as much as I’d like to sing without a cheat sheet in front of me, there’s just no way I can memorize four songs in one night. I phoned my cousin and she said that it’s alright if I had to read some of the lyrics. For my first song, I was to sing A One in A Million You as my cousin Jane walks the aisle with my uncle. This huge door opened and when I saw how stunning Jane was in her wedding gown ( and gaved me that quick wink). Suddenly, I was feeling more inspired. I couldn’t let my cousin down. And so, I gave the song my 100% and was surprised that I was able to get myself to sing the high notes (just a lucky amateur). I was grasping for breath after, but the people seemed to like it. I even got a thumbs up from the bride and groom. Now, this is how it feels to perform again!

After the first song, I think I’ve bought myself some confidence. That this time, I was more relax and wasn’t as timid as I was earlier. For the newly weds first dance, I sang The Way You Look Tonight. It was then followed by For Once In My Life. Then the last song was All I Ask of You, for the couples last waltz. After my humble performance, I was ready to gulp a gallon of water. I was thirsty as a camel and finished about five glasses of cold water in one seating. Hahaha! But looks like everyone had a wonderful time and enjoyed their proxy wedding singers exhibition. Whoah, what a day and what an experience!



  1. K · September 25, 2007

    I think you had the most nerve-wracking job there. But I’m sure the couples and a lot others were pleased with your Buble’s.

    Share us the song, will you? Try so I can scrutinize you even more, positively. 🙂

  2. cheh · September 25, 2007

    My first two comments didn’t pull through.Naglilinis ata wordpress ah! Anyways, As I was saying,sana jamming kayo ni thess one day:) Magaling din kumanta yun prang si barbara streisand!

    Thanks for tagging me again nell.Aabangan kita mamaya sa kanto hahaha


  3. sardonicnell · September 25, 2007

    hello k! i was really nervous, sobra. baka kasi pumiyok ako or magka flat notes. kong nagkataon wala akong mukhang ihaharap sa madlang people. hahaha!

    do i really want to mortify myself again by doing singsnap? we’ll see, if i still have the balls. hahaha =)

  4. sardonicnell · September 25, 2007

    hi cheh! i heard sister thess was prof singer, syempre ibang level na si ate compared to mine. but i would love to jam with her, that would be fun and something to look forward to. dba? how about you? kanta tayo, hehehe!

    i thank you again for doing the tag. salamat po na marami. sige, kita tayo sa kanto mamaya. may tagay ba? hahaha =)

  5. banggigay · September 25, 2007

    woah??! really?! hahaha! didn’t know you have it in you! hahahah!

  6. sardonicnell · September 25, 2007

    hello bangge! talagang tawag na eto ng matinding pangangailangan. at tsaka dba, ikaw rin nong high school eh kumakanta ka rin. remember? hahaha =)

  7. Jen · September 25, 2007

    hi nell! i wanna hear, i wanna hear! that is so cool that you sang at your cousin’s wedding — what an awesome gift to her! youtube, youtube, youtube 😀

  8. sardonicnell · September 25, 2007

    hi jen! naku, nahihiya na naman ako. proxy lang talaga ako, kasi the singer (grooms friend) was not able to make it due to an illness. nakachamba lang ako at ok ang boses ko ng araw na yon. hehehe!

    you tube ba kamo? talagang mahihiya na talaga ako nyan. pwede pa siguro singsnap, hahaha. but i thank you for the kind words. so far, thumbs up naman kay cousin jane. hehehe =)

  9. munchkinmommy · September 25, 2007

    nell! naku, me natatagong talent ka pala eh. alam mo, naisip ko, pagnapuno ka na sa bruhilda mong boss at sa assistant niya, meron ka na palang ready na replacement job. nyahahaha!

    oo nga, sige na, sample naman! tulad ni thess, singsnap nga yata yun! 😀

    congratulations sa iyong comeback sa entertainment world! 😉

    p.s. di na ko nag-ingles. naexcite kasi ako! hahaha!

  10. sardonicnell · September 25, 2007

    hahahah! haven’t really thought of it as a career, weng. pero baka pwede nga? (LOL) etong singing na eto eh dapat pang banyo lang talaga. nadala lang talaga ng pangungulit ng pinsan at family ko.

    mukhang napasubo yata ako dito sa entry ko hah, baka mapakanta ako ng di oras. hahaha =)

  11. rollercoastermom · September 25, 2007

    wow! sounds like you really did a great job! wala ka naman palang dapat ikahiya eh! leave the banyo and go public! 😀

  12. sardonicnell · September 25, 2007

    hello kris! thanks for your kind comment. i think i did ok naman sa wedding, but i dont think im talented enough to leave the comfort of my bathroom and sing in public. medyo konting practice pa, hahaha =)

  13. stel · September 25, 2007

    parinig naman Nell…you are a !gem! for bailing out your cousin like that. si tita Thess may gamit siya, tara na!

  14. sardonicnell · September 25, 2007

    hi stel, di ko lang talaga mahindian ang pinsan ko. tapos wedding pa nya yon, parang odd naman kong walang kakanta para sa kanilang newly weds.

    naloloka na ako sa dami nyong nag rerequest. there’s nothing special about my voice, ok lang sya. papasa naman kaya lang kulang pa sa practice eh. hehehe!

    sige subukan kong, ask ko na rin sister thess how that works. good luck sa career ko! hahaha =)

  15. Meeya · September 26, 2007

    idagdag mo na ako sa mga fans mo na nagre-request ng sample hehehe. volunteer akong chuwariwap, ako yung taga snap ng fingers na likod hehehe. pwede ka bang kumanta sa wedding ko twenty years from now?? 😀

  16. sardonicnell · September 26, 2007

    sinabi mo yan, meeya hah! aasahan kitang back up singer, hehehe. mukhang napasubo ako sa entry kong eto hah. i’ll ask sister thess how she did her recording. pero wag nyo akong babatuhin ng kamatis hah pag narinig nyo, hehehe!

    twenty years pa? just let me know the time and place, and i’ll sing for your wedding. naks naman! ayan, nagfefeeling singer na tuloy ako. hahaha =)

  17. banggigay · September 28, 2007

    hahah! aye those were the days! haha!

  18. bw · September 28, 2007

    Wow.. pretty gutsy for you to do it solo – that’s great though. You will be invited to sing again in future weddings 🙂

    I sang duet with my wife once at a 50th anniv wedding of our friend’s parents. We sang “Tonight I Celebrate My Love for You” 🙂 It was great ( my wife carried the torch for the team hehe) and we got invited again to sing at our friend’s wedding but I declined. I just can’t deal with the stress thinking about it LOL 🙂

  19. sardonicnell · September 28, 2007

    now you remember na, bangge! those were the good days and i sort of miss those times. sarap tuloy mag reminisce. hahaha =)

  20. sardonicnell · September 28, 2007

    oh bw, i just didn’t have no other choice. kaya sing nalang ako, hahaha! aba, wedding singers din pala kayo ng wifey mo. just keep on singing noh. ako nga lately eh nagkakaraoke bars ulit. just for fun lang naman. pero totoo yong sabi mo, it can be a bit of a stress =)

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