Oh! Brother

I got a call from the Police Department at 2:30 this morning. I was in disbelief when I  heard the news, they said my car got into an accident. So I got out of bed to check outside and true enough the other car is missing from the garage. I remember my brother borrowing the car earlier around 11:30 PM, said he was just going out to buy some cigarettes from the nearby 7 Eleven. Now at 2:30 AM, what was my brother doing out there on Highway 84? A place where he doesn’t need to be, as it’s a highway in the middle of nowhere.

So I put some descent clothes on, then called my mom and sister. My brother-in-law was still up and I asked him to accompany me to the site. While we were on our way, my brother called and confirmed the accident. He was fine, but still shaky. Half hour later, we got to the area where the accident occured. My brother was standing in the cold and I handed him a fleece blanket. He hugged me right away and kept on saying, he was sorry.

To be honest, I was thinking of hitting him or giving him a much deserved kick on the balls. But when I saw his pitiful face, my heart melted and was just thankful that he was alright. He had some bruises and claimed he’s experiencing chest pain from the seat belts. But other than that, he was feeling fine. I found out from him that he took my car out to go drifting. I don’t know exactly what it is, but my brother-in-law said that it’s some sort of stunt or maneuver. That a deer came out of nowhere, he tried to avoid it, car went in circles, hit another car, then the bushes and last but not least, hit a concrete pole.

I handed my insurance information to the other party involved and gave my agent a call to make them aware of the accident. True enough, they informed the cops and sent us a tow truck. The car was smashed on both sides, three tires flat and the car wouldn’t run either. The damage is huge, I don’t even want to look at it. Only had that car for less than a year and looks like it’s beyond repair now.

After exchanging drivers and insurance information, then the car towed away,  we decided to head home. I was silent during our commute, while my mother was on the phone giving my brother a lecture. I was tired and didn’t want to react at that moment. I was afraid that I couldn’t control myself, and may end up saying words that I’d regret after. I need to focus of my next course of action. I was glad to see my brother safe, but that doesn’t erase the fact he did something wrong.

Then this morning while having breakfast, I decided to break my silence. I told my brother that accidents do happen from time to time. But this mornings event could have been avoided, if not for someone who took my car so late at night; just so that he can show off! I’ve decided (and he is aware) to take my brothers name off as one of the authorized drivers. Which means, he’s only allowed to use the car in his name. But since he doesn’t have one either, he’ll have to find his way around and take the bus. He’ll also have to pay the $500 deductible before the mechanic starts doing the necessary repairs.

I know! You thinks it’s a harsh punishment. I do love him with all my heart, but he doesn’t seem to give it that much importance. He’s almost 30 and still has the mind of a teenager. I just had to put a stop and didn’t bother listening to any of his excuses. Mom pleaded in his behalf, but not even her can put a stop to my decision. I was firm and I’m not negotiating! Those are my terms and conditions, end of discussion. And if he doesn’t follow through — someone’s need to move along and find himself a new roof to put on top of his head. And it’s not a threat either, more like facts waiting to get enforced!

We’ve given him way too many chances and pardoned him way too many times. Only to be betrayed and made to believe that he’ll change. Maybe, desperate times does call for desperate measures. And that sometimes, in as much as it’s cruel. But because it is the right thing to do, we need to do it anyway!



  1. Meeya · September 15, 2007

    naku, i’m sorry nell but your brother’s action was very irresponsible! drifting?? my gosh, nag-feeling vin diesel yata si bro!

    anyway, i totally agree with the course of action that you took with him. its not cruel at all, its fair and it might actually teach him a valuable lesson in becoming a more responsible adult, not to mention that it will probably keep him safer, too. ako din siguro ganyan ang gagawin ko. not until he learns his lesson and (literally) pays for his own mistakes, will i reconsider. hopefully may natutunan siya sa experience niyang ito. also, i’m glad nothing worse happened to him.

    i hope you’re ok, too. nai-imagine ko how much stress this must have brought you. breathe in breathe out lang, ok?

  2. sardonicnell · September 15, 2007

    hello meeya! i googled the word ‘drifting’ earlier and found out what it is. parang gusto pa yatang dagdagan ang parusang ibinigay ko sa kapatid ko. really, irresponsible sobra! nagawang magdrift using someone elses car. grrr!

    anyhow, looks like my bro has to face my dad’s wrath this time. my sister told my father of the incident, mukhang may isa pang kakastigo sa kanya, hahaha! cruel, but he deserves it. evil ko talaga noh?

    thanks so much for your concern, meeya. im doing much better now. medyo tense and ngarag ako kanina, itutulog ko lang eto. and ill be an energizer bunny again by tomorrow. hehehe!

    have a great week end, dear =)

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  4. munchkinmommy · September 17, 2007

    nell, i’m so sorry to hear about your brother’s accident. there’s nothing worse than being awakened in the middle of the night only to receive bad news. ayaw ko ng ganun! 😀

    naunahan lang ako ni meeya. 😀 i totally agree with everything she said and everything you’ve done to your brother, i mean the punishment and all. i’m an ate, too and i would have suspended my brother’s driving priveleges as well and have him pay for all the damages brought about by the accident.

    buti na nga lang talaga at walang nangyari sa kaniya. good luck na lang sa kaniya at kung ano pa mang hatol ang matanggap niya from your dad.

    may the new week be a whole lot better for you! mwah! 🙂

  5. sardonicnell · September 17, 2007

    hello weng, as in sumakit ang ulo at batok ko cause of my brother. i did took his driving priviledges away, and that’s for good! unless he gets his own car, which i doubt will happen anytime soon.

    as for dads judgement, my bro won’t be getting that loan he was requesting. it was a big blow for him, but then again he screwed up. right?

    as for my week end? it’s much better now. thanks so much for your kind comment. God bless =)

  6. thess · September 17, 2007

    Sister, napakabait mo naman! Kulang pa na parusa yan, considering he should have known better. What’s an almost 30 yrs old doing crazy stunts for …for what? I mean c’mon !!!

    (ay sorry, got carried away..eh ‘kapatid na hilaw’ ko yan eh..pakibatukan for me, will yah? he he he)

    seriously..glad to know he’s okay. I hope he’s learned his lesson.

    you did the right thing, darling.

  7. sardonicnell · September 17, 2007

    hello sister thess! feeling ni bro eh part sya ng cast ng ‘the fast & the furious.’ i hope he knows better, cause as far i am concern; he won’t be able to drive my cars. pinahiram ko na nga, ni-wreck naman!

    speaking of batok, i think he got enough from both mom and dad. actually, ako ang unang bumatok sa kanya don palang sa site ng aksidente. hehehe!

    thanks so much sis for the kind comment. this teaches me a lesson as well, not to give to my siblings request easily. God bless =)

  8. bw · September 18, 2007

    A bit unlucky that the deer crossed his path. Damn these deers. They always cause havoc to motorists !

    Extremely fair for you to demand him to pay the $500 deductible. On the other hand let’s be thankful that your bro is OK and not hurt 🙂

  9. sardonicnell · September 18, 2007

    to be honest, i doubt if there was any deer that crossed the street. must have been my brothers imagination or excuse for drifting and getting into an accident. who knows? but deers and crossing animals do create havoc from time to time.

    as for the $500 deductible, that’s quite a minimal amount compared to paying for the whole entire damage. dba? but he’s fine now and back to his old self — that’s the most impt thing.

    thanks for the visit, bw!

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