Midnight Desperado

I had a late lunch yesterday, so I skipped dinner though it was enticing. It was Pork Tocino & Beef Tapa, courtesy of Kenkoy’s Grill. But come midnight, my tummy started making the hunger sound. I went to the kitchen, only to find out that there’s no more dinner left! Can’t believe my siblings, they had dinner at my expense and didn’t left me any. Walang patawad, grabe sila hah! So I had no choice but to open the pantry and look for something quick and easy. Found some instant noodles, put some water in the cup, microwave for three minutes and somehow my hunger vanished. Not a bad at all for pantawid gutom!

I had my anniversary at work earlier, can’t beleive I’ve been in this place for years. But on brighter side, that means I’ve earned another three weeks vacation and wandering off again. I honestly looked forward to this holiday, really need a break. This time I’m going solo and enjoying every minute of it. Only a week off, but it’s better than nothing. You see, I can’t be away from work too long. Otherwise, entries and reports don’t get done in time. I know for sure, as I speak from experience. So starting the 26th, my day begins and ends with just me!

I was about to read the book Oyster Catcher by Susan Fletcher. But I got some very good reviews from Cee Cee about, The Historian. And she is so right, I am hooked! Elizabeth Kostova definitely caught my attention. I’ve red about 80 pages last night and I have 500+ more to go. Looks like this is going to take sometime to finish. Hahahah!

I haven’t watched a DVD for about two weeks now. Just been so overwhelmed lately. But somehow the other night, I found some time. I didn’t think twice and I opened one that’s still all wrapped up from my collection. I don’t recall buying it, so it may have been something I got from my last birthday. This friend probably knows how I love nostalgic movies and the actress, Helen Mirren. The movie was entitled, The Roman Spring of Mrs Stone. An actress in her late 50’s who falls for an Italian gigolo, deliciously portrayed by Olivier Martinez. I’m sure the word gigolo woudl tickle your interest, like me. Seriously, I loved it! Helen Mirren gave her award winning performance. I totally applaud her in the movie, The Queen. But I think her acting in this movie would be a cut above the rest from her other films. See it for yourself!



  1. bw · September 13, 2007

    Scrounging through the pantry for canned food… sounds like me 🙂

    Helen Mirren is an awesome actress.. I dig her too 🙂

  2. sardonicnell · September 13, 2007

    hello bw! most of the time, i have enough food in the fridge. but whenever my siblings are around, i’m down to nothing! helen mirren, i love her to pieces. like you said, she’s real awesome! her performance in this hbo film, elizabeth I, is also another thumbs up film under her belt. thanks for the visit =)

  3. cheh · September 13, 2007

    Schucks beef tapa & tocino! nammmm no wonder kaya alang tinira maski sa akin mo ipabantay yan lalo na kung may kanin mmmmmm mauubos ko na alang ka-konse kosensya hahaha jk grabe naman sila nagtira man sana maski sang piraso,nagtira pa noh?! 🙂

  4. sardonicnell · September 13, 2007

    naku cheh, as in wala. plato lang na may konting mantika from the tocino at tapa. muntik ko na ngang patulan eh, haluan ng konting kanin. hehehe! ewan ko ba don sa mga kapatid ko, di nakonsensya sa bumili ng ulam. hahaha =)

  5. cheh · September 13, 2007

    Loved the shots esp.that fading yellow color building.Makikipanood na lang ako sa Go4ent.com para libre hehe Olivier Martinez sya ba yung guy sa Unfaithful? yummmy nga!I mean yung noodles;)

  6. sardonicnell · September 13, 2007

    yes, che. that’s delicious olivier right there, from umfaithful. but if you asked me, nothing tops my american gigolo; richard gere. he’s my all time fave! also there’s another yummy guy in mrs stones movie — rodrigo santoro. though dugyot sya don. if you want to see him all handsome, watch ‘love actually’ or ‘behind the sun.’

    cheh, parehas silang yummy eh. the noodles and the men. este movie pala! hahaha =)

  7. abby · September 13, 2007

    yay, vacation! where are you off to? 😀

  8. sardonicnell · September 13, 2007

    hello, abby! really excited to be off from work. i’ll be in chicago! been there before but i’d like to explore it on my own this time. and then i’ll meet my older brothers family after =)

  9. Meeya · September 13, 2007

    weehee, chicago! next to NYC, that’s my city. alam mo, i’ve been trying to read ‘the historian’ pero i couldn’t seem to get past page 48 hehehe, ewan ko ba. tintamad na naman ako siguro pero its a good book (so far). 🙂 you deserve that vacation! go 🙂 (pictures ha? pagbalik mo? :D)

  10. sardonicnell · September 13, 2007

    hello meeya! how i wish i have more than a week para punta na rin ako ng NYC. pero talagang kulang sa oras. but i’ll definitely visit NYC when i get another week off. i’ve place another 10 days off kasi, but im saving that for my trip to spain and montpellier.

    basta read ka nalang ng read, meeya. in time eh matatapos mo rin yang ‘the historian.’ will post pix when i get back. pero matagal tagal pa naman kasi sa 26th. kong pwede nga lang i-fast forward eh, hehehe =)

  11. thess · September 14, 2007

    I think I’ll take your words and buy me The Historian!
    teka muna, walang natirang ulam? palo ko sila sa pwet ha!! ha ha ha..next time patulan mo mantika ng tocino, fry some garlic before adding the rice, frozen peas, sliced omelette, a bit of kikkoman (and sake if u have any) and a bit of butter before turning the fire off.

    sisterrrr, nag check ka na ng accommodation para sa ating date? 😉

  12. sardonicnell · September 14, 2007

    sis thess, go buy ‘the historian’. it’s a good book, mahabahabang basahan nga lang, hehehe. inis na inis ako sa mga kapatid ko nong gabing yon, grabe! ako na nga bumili ng ulam, ako pa ang inubusan. huhu =( nagsumbong ba raw ako noh! will do what you suggest the next time. pero mas masarap siguro kong tirhan nila ako ng ulam. dba? mamya native food ako, may nagbigay kasi sa akin ng tuyo in a bottle. yum-o! kain tayo, sis?

    accomodation, di pa po ako nakapagpa-book sis. will do that tonight palang, sorry! do you have any suggestions? pls let me know hah. God bless and enjoy your week end =)

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