The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

I woke up early this morning to the sound of my cellphone, it was just ringing non stop. Sino ba etong makulit na eto? Grrrr! So I grabbed my phone and guess who, Mom. Peace mother! I meant makulit in a good sense. Hahaha! Anak, I’m so bored. Samahan mo naman ako. Sige na! So I decided to get up and shower. Mom was coming in an hour and I had to get ready.

I knew we were heading for either the mall or department stores. So to be cautious, I left my wallet at home, only took my drivers license and ATM card. I tend to think twice kasi, if I’m swiping my bank card compared to credit cards. At least, if I end up buying something, then it must be really important and not just kaprichoAfter I got dressed and all, Mom was outside pressing the car horn.

There was absolutely nothing interesting about the whole shopping experience. The same stores — JC Penney, Sears, Marshalls, Walmart, Kmart, Target, TJ Maxx, Old Navy, Gap. Nothing new, really! Mom was looking for bargains to fill up the last two boxes for Manila. Plus, I was not interested as I don’t have the money. Nagkukuripot kasi ako.

By 7 PM, Mom decided to call it a night. Thank heavens! My legs were tired from walking and my arms aching from carrying bag after bag. And I guess, to compensate me for my time. She invited me to have dinner with her at the nearby Panda Express. I must say, there food is good! Love there Mandarin Chicken, Thai Chicken and BBQ Pork. Ayan boking! Cholesterol na naman ang pinagkakain ko.  Hahahah!

After dinner, I was tired and my tummy full. I told Mom to just sleep over as it was getting dark. We both have bad night vision. She agreed to stay and we headed for home. I was about to make an exit from the freeway, when I saw this police mobile turned from behind flashing it’s red and blue lights. Oh my! What did I do? Did I use my signal lights? I was a nervous, but decided not to panic. I didn’t do any violation, did I? I rolled my windows and the cop asked for my drivers license, car insurance and registration. I handed it over and inquisitively asked for my violation.  Your tail lights were off, Sir.  Wholly crap! Of all violations it was stupidity that got me into trouble. Turn your lights all the way up, he said. And I did exactly that, I felt like a dumbo after.  I then realized, that it was getting dark and it’s basically mere common sense that I use the lights. Duuhhh! After the cop figured out that it was just one wittless mistake on my end, he gave me a verbal warning and I was free to go. What a nice cop!

Which now reminds me of this cop, who I used to date. Actually, an ex-boyfriend who I have terrible memories. But for the sake of chicka, I am willing to share my horrible experience with this guy from hell. If I’m not mistaken, we met at this bar downtown called Turf Club. But before going further, we’re going to hide this guys name first. How about we call him , Officer Howard Davis instead? Hahahah! Did I just give you guys his real name. Who cares?

Getting back on my story I met him at the local club downtown and he gave me a ride home to get my duplicate keys. Back then, I didn’t know he was a cop. Nor was I intested in meeting another guy. But to make the long story short, he pursued me and we became an itemBongga, dba? First couple of months were fine, he was sweet and accomodating. Five months down the road, he was starting to show signs of dominance. Even forcing me to do things I don’t like (TMI ba?). But the last straw was when he choked me and pinned me down the bed. That was it for me! That same night I told him, Sayonara. I didn’t want to wait for such time when I’d lose my sanity and self respect.

So I thought that was over, we both agreed on the separation. I was thinking that he has moved on and I did, too. So the feeling was mutual, right? Well, the answer is wrong? Days after, I’d see him driving around the apartment complex at wee hours of the night and early morning. Scary spook! I called him and calmly asked him to stop and leave, which he did. Thought it was a done deal? Wrong again! This time, it was worst. I was driving  to the nearby pharmacy and was stopped by a cop. Claiming that my car is marked stolen! I was like, stolen? I phoned my Dad and he brought me my car registration, but while waiting I was handcuffed to my steering wheel. That experience totally distressing. I felt like criminal in my own abode. I’ve never felt so inferior in my whole life, till that. I looked at myself from the side mirror of my car, and I felt disgrace as people are driving by, staring at me.

As advised by my father and a legal counsel, I fought back for equity. Without a doubt, I know the person behind all this. Who? As if it wasn’t obvious enough, that ex-boyfriend of mine from Hades. No one can pull a stunt like this other than him. He did not just looked into my records. But he also made a smudge. My car marked stolen? I, a thief? Come on, nobody else can do that unless you’re someone who works around the system. So, I took him to court and without any sign of remorse — he pleaded guilty. He was dismissed from his position and his badge taken away. I felt sorry for him, but I felt sorry for me too.

So, you see I’ve been to some sort of hell and back. And I’m not saying that all cops are bad. That would be just bias. There are some good ones out there, too. It’s just that some of them can be sore losers!  In closing (as the night ticks to midnight) I’d like to share these lines from a good friend. She sent me this at a time when I felt unloved and thought all was gone and hopeless. Here goes:

You deserve someone who’d truly love you in the truest sense of the word. Don’t settle for cheap fancies as they fleet. But wait for the ‘One’ who’ll in a package you least expect…



  1. thess · September 9, 2007

    sister whoaaaaaaaaaaa!! (napakajuicy naman na entry ito hi hi!)

    first off, that was nice of you to accompany tita to shop. so did u guys get me anything? *lmao!*

    at ex mo pala so eric (estrada nyehehe!) at bakit ka naawa sa beklog-good-for-nothing na yun ha? i hope he’s not bothering you anymore. ganyan talaga lahi nating R_ _ _ s, magaganda at ini-i-stalk *ha ha ha ulit*

    sister, check mo email mo (imma send u one right after this)

    enjoy ur sunday!

  2. sardonicnell · September 9, 2007

    juicy scoop ba? hahaha. sa totoo lang sis, feeling ko eh may sayad ang mokong na yon. ano bang pumasok sa akin at pinatulan ko yon, hahaha. pero buti nalang mabait si Lord at pinakita nya ang tunay nyang kulay.

    i agree with you sis, ang lahi talaga natin eh inii-stalk. iba talaga ang kamandag ng ating kagandahan at alindog. ay! ano ba raw yon. hahahah!

    ok rin naman that i tagged along with mom on her shopping. parang girls bonding na rin, dba? hehehe. kahit paano eh nakalibre ng lunch and dinner. she bought me a book as well, nagdrama kasi ako na walang pera. hahaha. sa totoo lang lahat ng pinamili namin eh nasa clearance rack. halata bang nagkukuripot? (LOL)

    enjoy your sunday as well, love yah mwaaah!

  3. Meeya · September 10, 2007

    hi nell, tama si sister thess ubod ng juicy itong post na ito hehe. i’m so glad you’re ok! ang dami talagang weirdo sa mundo. ikaw kasi bawasan mo ang pagiging irresistable! hayan ini-stalk ka tuloy hahaha!

    good riddance na lang sa kanya at buti na lang wala na siya sa buhay mo. you don’t deserve that creep! 😀

    so, anong book ang nabili mo? ganda ba?

  4. sardonicnell · September 11, 2007

    hello meeya! i think ill call him ‘creep from hell’, since you mentioned the word creepy. seriously, he does give me the creeps at sarap din toktokan ang mokong na yon. but thank heavens he’s far and away na. i think he moved back to the east coast, to save what’s left of his dignity. if he has any, grrrr!

    books? mom bought me ‘The Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao’ by junot diaz and ‘Oyster Catchers’ by susan fletcher. will be reading fletchers book starting tonight, hehehe. was reading some reviews online and it seems really good. excited na me to read it =)

  5. munchkinmommy · September 11, 2007

    nell, what can i say? your life is becoming an “open website” (as opposed to open book)! hee hee!

    grabe ka, bumilis ang pintig ng puso ko sa mga kuwento mo. una, tungkol dun sa pulis na nagpapull-over sa’yo. kaya hindi ako magdadrive sa gabi! less chance na makalimutan kong magbukas ng ilaw. haha!

    pangalawa, yung stalker mo! naku, napaka traumatic nun ha! tama si meeya, bawasan ang pagiging irresistable. haha!

    have a good week ahead! mwah! 😉

  6. sardonicnell · September 11, 2007

    hahaha, oo nga weng. pansin ko nga din. nagiging open website na ang rainbow life ko, hahaha! but i dont mind sharing my life story, as it’s pretty much open to all concerned people. hehehe!

    the cop that pulled me over. kinabahan din ako noh! not because of the incident, rather bumilis ang heart beat ko sa gwapo nong pulis. hahaha! joke lang po. *wink* *wink* seriously, kabado ako. may bad experience na kasi ako sa mga cops!

    paano po ba magbawas ng ‘irresistability’? hehehe, i’d like to sign up for that class. ang kapal ko noh? grabe, hehehe. haba ng hair!

    i had a good week end, besides the ex’es getting in the way. hope you had a great one!

  7. cee cee · September 12, 2007

    your such a flirt! im sure you were checking out the cop that stopped you. umamin ka, bakla?

  8. sardonicnell · September 12, 2007

    you’re back, cee cee? good looking naman yong cop, but i had no time to flirt. was already tired and ready to retire. but i got his name, does that count? hahahah =)

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