Von Dankbarkeit und Anderen Dingen

Of Gratitude and Other Things. I don’t speak German (but I can eat German food), just used that free translation site to come up with this heading. What better way to give thanks to my sister on the other side of the globe, Manay Thess from The Netherlands. A million thanks, my dear! Hearts to you for bestowing me this Nice Matter Award.  That was very sweet and kind of you! I never thought of my blog as inspiring,  as it’s a mere tale of my everyday life — both good and bad. But glad my stories can be of comfort to others, at the very least.

Im quoting this from Manay Thess entry:

According to the originator of the Nice Matters award it is intended for  “those that are just nice people, good blog friends, and those that inspire good feelings and inspiration! Those that care about others, that are there to lend support, or those that are just a positive influence in our blogging world!” For those receiving the award, you may like to pass on the award to seven (7) whom you think deserves it.

And so, I’m passing the baton to these seven wonderful people I got to be friends with (thru blogging and my past life). They don’t just inspire, but they have the kindest and loving hearts. Some of them, I never got a chance to meet yet (and I’m so longing to see them all face to face). But I trust my gut feeling, that they’re the most fab people you can meet in ones lifetime. Here’s my magic seven (7):

Sister Thess. I give you back this award, now you have two! She’s not just a good friend, but a wonderful sister as well.  She might be sardonic (like me, in her own words) on the outside, but she has the most loving heart. She’s one of my inspiration, both in the kitchen and in photography. Thanks for all the support!

Abby G.  A friend from highschool, who’s beauty exudes inside and out (walang bola yan!). Her stories always finds a way to get to me. I either end up laughing, start pouting, get surprised, feel confident, sometimes even jealous (your Miami trip). Hahaha!

Banggigay. Another friend from highschool who’s travels inspired me to get on my two feet and become an overnight wayfarer.  Beauty and brains, she got both! (truly yan hah) I just love reading her stories, she’s contagious and always on the go.

Rino.  A fellow ailurophile who’s always been with me thru good and bad times. He inspire me to write and he’s also one darn good essayist (I’ve been telling him that, but remains humble). He’s eloquent, diligent and smart!

Meeya. Her confessions never fails to make me smile. I have not met her in person, but felt like I’ve known her for years. I love reading about her chic-ness and the  mommy side of her. I red one of her entries not too long ago, entitled Bliss and was so into it (the maternal side of me, LOL). I can honestly feel the love. The one, only a mother can give.

Weng. Another dashing mommy! Her stories about her cute and pretty munchkin has kept me on top of things, as far as taking care of my own toddler. I learn from her experiences, just by reading her blog. Somehow, (I dont know how) there’s this connection I have with her. Maybe because she’s a Munchkin Mommy and I’m a Daddy Yo!

Apols. I feel like she’s my next door girl friend. She speaks the truth, she speaks her mind, no keme-keme’s! She expresses herself completely in words and her life is an open book. She’s confident and she’s one pretty mommy!

Gone in Five Minutes. I saw a $5  bill earlier as I was getting out of my car. I quickly looked left and right, to see if there’s anyone looking. But since there’s none, it’s all mine! Finders keepers, right? I quickly got back in my car and drove off to the neaby Caffino to buy me a Mocha. Maybe, I’ve been drinking way too many home brewed coffee. That when the I saw the figures on the cash register screen, it was freaking $4.20!  Wow, has the prices increased lately? Or am I just plain cheap? Hahahah! I guess that means I’m back to home brewed coffee after this, unless I find myself another $5 bill at the parking lot. Hahaha!

Fresh From The Grocery Isle. Just when I thought the world was big enough, I saw a dear cousin at the Asian Market. Remember that cousin who borrowed some money from me? The one who’s parents end up paying for his tab? Yes, him!  I was at the meat section when I saw this guy wearing a red Mobil jacket (he always wear that). He’s the only guy I know (by far) who wears the same jacket, so I knew it was him. He then looked backed and gave me this strange stare. I thought he was going to run away when he saw me, but he ended walking in my direction. I said hi (I know it’s stupid, what was I thinking?) and then he stopped right beside where I was standing.

” The nerve of you, Nell! Can’t beleive you got my parents involve in this. I told you I was going to pay you, Dude. Can’t you wait? God! Now everyone in the family is talking about my business. “ He angrily said to me.

Forgive me if I have to raised my eyebrows again, I think my cousin has turned coo-coo! Maybe he’s forgetting something here, I was the victim here and not him. Now he’s acting like I’m the bad guy. He does not want the family to know about his crime, but he did it anyway. Huh!

” FIRST of all, you have some nerve coming up to me with a bad attitude after running away with my money. Have some shame, of all people. Why screw your own family? SECOND, don’t raise your voice cause you don’t have a right to do so. THIRD, you need to do a reality check, seriously! And then maybe have your brain checked. Maybe you’re forgetting something here — I don’t owe you, you’re the one who owes me! And I didn’t ran away either, remember? Last I checked, I still have the same address and same phone number. If you really have all the intentions to pay me back, I was only a phone call away. FOURTH, don’t call me Dude cause you’re nobody to me. I don’t want a swindler for a cousin. And FIFTH, you better get off my face before I shove this piece of meat in your mouth. Now, f@@k off! “  I annoyingly said to him.

Then I gracefully walked passed by him and went to the next isle. Last I saw, he left his cart and took off. I think he deserves to be confronted and make him realize that I’m not afraid nor intimidated by him and his macho attitude. It takes a real man to scare the living hell of me. Not just one like him! Taray ba?

Name Game. I visited my good friend, Banggigay’s blog and saw this widget about translating a name into Japanese. It’s very interesting, if you ask me. Guess what’s mine in Niponggo?

中村 Nakamura (center of the village) 聖人 Masato (sacred person)



  1. cheh · September 8, 2007

    You well-deserved it nell ‘the nice matter award’ & your turmoiled cousin deserved these brutal nice words to him as well,lol Medyo mana ka pala sa akin sa pagiging bella flores sa katarayan 😀

    have a fine weekend my dear!take care!

  2. cheh · September 8, 2007

    btw, luv your new theme,very much my taste;)

  3. Meeya · September 8, 2007

    hay naku, your cousin more than deserved it! belat sa kanya! i can’t believe how thick some people can be, siya pa yun nagalit sa lagay na yan, hehehe?? sana nag-grocery galore ka tapos ni-charge mo sa kanya 😀

    and of course… thank you thank you for the lovely award. 🙂 you’re right, we haven’t really known each other for long but, guess what, we’re kindred! 🙂 salamat po ulit! i am so honored. *muah*

  4. sardonicnell · September 8, 2007

    thanks, cheh. glad you like my theme. i’ve used this once before, but i just changed the header. i replaced it with this painting a friend of mine gave me.

    wala naman sana akong planong magtaray, pero that cousin of mine pushed the wrong buttons. instead of just humbling himself, aba eh binaliktad pa ako. grrrr, the nerve of that guy!

    thanks for the kind words and have a great week end as well =)

  5. sardonicnell · September 8, 2007

    i swear, meeya! the nerve, the nerve talaga ng cousin kong yon. kapal, grabe! ako pa raw ang palabasing masama, tama ba raw yon?

    but i think he really deserved to get confronted. buti na nga lang at umalis sya after, kong hindi eh baka nasulasok ko sa bibig nya yong pork butt na hawak ko. hahahah! gusto ko nga sanang i-charge sa kanya, kaya lang nag exit na sya eh. hahaha! kumaripas ng alis ang mokong.

    ow meeya, you really deserve the award. your a wonderful person and you’ve inspired me in so many ways. love reading your entries, promise!

    enjoy your week end, dear =)

  6. thess · September 8, 2007

    Kapatid pa hug naman!! *hug ng mahigpit si nellie*

    quick pass by lang talaga, dead tired!! I will come back tom. first thing in the morning to read the rest.

    enjoy your sunday..lab yah! =)

  7. munchkinmommy · September 9, 2007

    nell, nell, nell. 😀 thank you so much! this is my 2nd nice matters award! yipee! i got the first one from thess and alam mo, naunahan mo lang ako dahil bibigyan din kita…at ibibigay ko pa rin yun really really soon. promise! 😉
    thank you for the kind words, daddy you! and you truly deserve the award. 🙂

    as for your cousin, the nerve talaga ano?! meron yata siguro talagang mga kamag-anak na hindi na lang dapat pinapansin and not worth stressing over. tsk tsk. you are a big loss to your cousin. too bad for him!

    enjoy the rest of the weekend! mwah!

  8. sardonicnell · September 9, 2007

    big bear hugs to you, sister thess! go get some rest and take good care of yourself. love yah, too! hope you’re having a great week end =)

  9. sardonicnell · September 9, 2007

    ow weng, you are so welcome! daddy yo thinks you deserve this award, for your kindness and friendship. dba? thanks in advance for another award, that was very sweet of you. mwaaah!

    as for that cousin of mine, inilagay ko na sya sa recycle bin ko. hehehe! he does not deserve my trust or anybody for that matter. manloloko sya, period.

    i hope you’re enjoying your week end as well, hugs and kisses to you and your pretty munchkin =) at syempre pretty din si mommy, hehehe!

  10. abby · September 10, 2007

    so i see, you got my bribe, hahaa. thanks for the recognition! 😀

  11. sardonicnell · September 10, 2007

    hello abby! yup, i got it but haven’t cashed it yet. hahaha! you are welcome dear, you totally deserve it. walang stir yan!

  12. Apols · September 10, 2007

    OMG, thanks a lot for this post! 😀 I just found it today. Geez!!!!!

    Thanks thanks.

    You have a way with words. And i love your stories here as well 🙂

  13. sardonicnell · September 10, 2007

    that was very sweet of you, apols! thank you din sayo =)

    about the recognition, you are welcome. you do deserve it. i love reading your entries, too!

    so, i guess that means — we keep on blogging, right?

  14. banggigay · September 11, 2007

    uy uy uy! anovah amiga! besos for this! my second i guess, and i’m touched that someone out there luv my stories. even if at times i post even the most mundane and trivial stuff of my life and my observation of life.

    and hayaan mo, we’ll go places together soon. promise ko yan! we’ll rock the world (or at least our world!)! haha! cheers!

  15. sardonicnell · September 11, 2007

    you are so welcome, amiga! what’s not to love about your entries? you speak of your lifes travel, and may i say ‘mundane’ is definitely good stuff!

    can’t wait to travel the world with you, it will be lots of fun and laughter. that’s for sure!

    have a great day, bangge =)

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  17. sardonicnell · September 17, 2007

    thanks weng! that was very sweet and kind of you =) let me give you a big (((((HUG))))) mwwaaah!

  18. Pingback: Confessions of a Domesticated Party Girl » Blog Archive » Raining Honorable Mentions
  19. sardonicnell · September 20, 2007

    ow meeya! you totally deserve this award =)

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