Labour of Love

Baking was never my thing. Like I use to say, I’m really not good at following directions and measuring ingredients. I’ve made plenty of attempts to bake some stuff, yet I couldn’t find much success. But I can’t completely call myself a failure, I think I can still come up with something. Given that it’s simple enough to prepare.

For the past couple weeks, Mom and Cee Cee has been asking me to make some Carrot Bundt Cake (or bread, I really don’t know what else to call it). And in as much as I want to give in to their request, the days has just been busy and I could not find time. If there was any, it was only good enough to get some sleep. 

Fortunately, our office servers crashed yesterday. And I was able to free myself and do a little something in the kitchen. It’s been a while, and I really missed cooking. My siblings are even complaining, they got tired of eating fast food and store bought stuff. And to reclaim my title in the kitchen, I decided to do both main course and dessert; to surprise my biggest fans. Who else? Cee Cee, Ken & my Gourmet Deprived Family. Hahaha! 

For dinner, I decided to cooked some Chicken Tinola and baked that Carrot Bundt. By 7 PM, I phoned my family and two dining buddies. Who came over right away and savoured the meal I prepared. My siblings even asked what I’m cooking the next day. I must have been depriving them of home cooked meal for a while now.

Mom and Cee Cee were also very happy of the dessert I made for them. In my mothers own words she said, a little bit of powdered sugar and a mouthful of cake definitely hit the spot!  Using both apple sauce and crushed pineapple really made a difference, it’s moist and have that bite Mom was looking for.

And so after what seems like a long day in the kitchen and what they call a hearty meal,  my friends and family headed out the door at 9 PM. You thought they’d forget something, oh no no. There’s no forgetting their to-go boxes!

Here’s the recipe, if you guys want to try making them…



  1. munchkinmommy · September 7, 2007

    that cake looks gorgeous! congratulations! you definitely reclaimed your rightful place in the kitchen! i guess there will be more baked goodies to come. 😀

    weekend na naman! enjoy! 😉

  2. sardonicnell · September 7, 2007

    thank you, weng! i have indeed reclaim my spot in the kitchen, now my siblings are expecting more home made goodies. hehehe! i’ll try and make up something again. was thinking of making some berry cakes, hmmmmm. we’ll see!

    have a great week end and thanks for the visit =)

  3. tet · September 8, 2007

    looks yummy!!! congrats!

  4. Meeya · September 8, 2007

    ang sarap mo sigurong maging kapitbahay! yum!susugurin ka namin ni weng at sasali kami sa rally ng fans club mo hehe. yum!

  5. sardonicnell · September 8, 2007

    thanks for the visit, tet. my house guests said that they like the food. so it must be yummy! i love your site too, will visit you from time to time hah. God bless!

  6. sardonicnell · September 8, 2007

    thank you, meeya! kong kayo ang kapitbahay ko eh gaganahan talaga ako sa kusina, hehehe. pag napunta kayo dito sa cali, do come by my place hah. i’ll cook something for you guys, promise!

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