Driving By The Pacific

It was a last minute decision to drive up to Oregon.  With the recent purchase of a home up in Gold Beach,  there were some legal matters and paperworks we had to take care of in person.  Appointments were made and we had to be there Saturday morning. So I left about close to midnight Friday to get there in time. It was one boring eight hour drive and I had to stop every couple hours to take a short nap. By 9 AM Saturday, I made it to the Gold Beach. Took me a good two hours to sign an inch thick of papers, meet the Escrow Manager and then the Notary Public. Soon, I’ll get a paper that officially states that I now own a piece of Oregon!

By noon, I was free to go and decided to see the house for the second time. It’s a home built in the 1930’s,  that used to be a Bed & Breakfast  according to my agent. It was also once owned by an artist who gave the house some of it’s artistic features and that character  I liked so much. By far, I’m the seventh owner of the house (my lucky number!). Behind the property is this huge fruit orchard  ran by local residents, who’s been on the land for close to 50 years. They have peaches, apples, oranges and even some veggies. A produce market behind my new house, sweet huh! 

There are also some minor repairs that needed to be fixed in the house, but according to the city inspector they can wait until the current teenant vacates the property. The house is currently being rented by this wonderful Aussie couple, they’re some sort of writer-editor  for a publishing house up in Portland. I agreed to purchase the house and continue renting out the property to them, and wait till their lease expires next year. I didn’t think twice, since the rent will eventually help me with my mortgage, plus I wasn’t ready to moved in anyway.

A good hour of chit-chatting with my agent and the teenants, I decided to drive back to San Francisco.  I have a cat show Sunday morning and I wouldn’t want to missed it. This time, I’m taking scenic I-101.  I’m always drawn by the water, and the highway is just a couple meters away off the coastline. It’s perfect! And the view as I was driving by was simply breath taking. It took a little bit longer than Highway 5. But I wouldn’t change my plans for the rush, the view itself was my pay off  for taking the alternate route home.



  1. cee cee · September 5, 2007

    so when can ken and i move in? hehehe!

    looks like the fruit does not fall too far from the tree. your following tito nonoys footsteps, i can see that. in a couple years, youll be a real estate tycoon. when that time comes dont forget us, friend. ok!

  2. sardonicnell · September 5, 2007

    maybe next summer, cee. but i’ll keep you guys posted if im moving soon. this all depends on my work, sweetie. i dont have plans to move at this time, i’ll decide once the place has been vacated.

    friendship, pls do not compare me with my dad. we’re the exact same opposite! men sya, girl ako, hahaha! that there is a big difference. tycoon? i don’t think so, dear. i’m not good at business like my dad. so, it’s impossible.

    but i thank you for your trust and friendship =)

  3. Meeya · September 8, 2007

    hi nell, i love the mosaic on the floor! and the fruits, wow, ang bango siguro ng backyard mo. 🙂 your new home is perfect for you, it mirrors your own character. 🙂 alam mo, i have relatives in oregon! malay mo… *wink*

    as for 101, ooohhh i love that route! we drove from LA to SF one time and we first took I-5. booooring!! tapos on the way back we took 101 naman. haaay, we were stopping every so often because the beach was just magnetic. that’s one long drive i definitely make wont reklamo to do! 🙂

  4. sardonicnell · September 8, 2007

    thank you, meeya! i love the mosaic floors, too. the previous owner who was an artist did this couple years ago. there’s also mosaic clay pots and outdoor table. they’re really pretty!

    the house is situated near an orchard and a good 20 minutes walk to gold beach. really perfect for my kind of living!

    101 is one lovely route, noh? the beaches and the coast line are absolutely gorgeous. kodak moment, dba? come visit me in oregon hah, when you get a chance. baka next year eh nandon na ako!

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