Anywhere But Here

Everything at the office has been running smoothly for the past couple days. Until this morning, when the witch came into my office. She came without knocking and threw some folders on my desk.

” I need the balance sheets before the end of the day. ” she said as she was turning her back on me.

“Not possible, Miss. No can do!” I said without any hesitation.

“And may I ask, why not?” she said back as she put her arms on the side of her hips.

“Balance sheets are not due until I get the summary for accounts payable and payroll. Did you forget that?”  I said with an evil grin. I just love that look in her face, I think she was about to pull her hair in madness. Pushing this woman’s buttons is giving me this all time high. Hahaha!

“And besides, I haven’t received the the profit margin and last weeks deposit journal. You were suppose to forward me those reports every Friday. Last I checked my Inbox, I didn’t see any messages from your desk.” I think I’m about to make her explode, but that didn’t stopped me from talking.

She was about to get out, when I said “Please send me those reports, and maybe then I can give you your balance sheets. Thanks in advance.” And I didn’t hear her utter another word.

I’m at this stage now, where I really don’t care what happens anymore. I’m not rude, but I can when I need to. But I still kept my cool and decided to do the rest of my days work. I am not going to ruin my day, just because she’s bitter. Some people, they think they can just order people around like a bunch of knotheads. They think they play the role of a slave driver and boss people around like they don’t have no common sense. They’re pathetic and senseless!

 Anyhow, later that day; I asked to meet the HR Manager. Maybe they have good news for me. You see, I asked for a reassignment not too long ago. But later found out that they don’t have any openings elsewhere at the moment. Huge sigh! I really can’t stand that witch any longer. One more confrontation and I might lose my tolerance. You don’t know how many times I’ve told myself — No Nell, you can handle this. Relax, calm down, get over this.

I can put up with heavy work loads, but never impertinent co-workers or superiors. I’d rather work elsewhere and start all over again. Maybe it’s about time, I packed my bags and share my proficiency somewhere or even anywhere — just not here!



  1. abby · August 29, 2007

    my gulay, when it’s work related i seem to have a lot of opinion lately, hehe. sorry!

    anyway, ako din you can give me full workload, i wouldn’t mind. in fact i like being busy, pero when you’re rubbing elbows with bwiset na ka-trabaho/bosses, bibigay ka.

  2. sardonicnell · August 29, 2007

    kainis naman talaga, dba? kong trabaho lang eh wala akong reklamo, pero pag boss na ang pinag uusapan at may bad attitude pa. ay riot eto! hehehe =) hopefully eh makalipat ako sa ibang dept or office. kasi baka di na ako makapagtimpi the next time.

    how about you abby? how’s job hunting? hope everything is going thru as planned. enjoy the beach!

  3. thess · August 30, 2007

    ha ha ha! What you said to her, asking her to fulfill her task was just right, polite and syempre pa, smart move!
    Kaya mo pa yan, sister..ikaw pa! you have a smart head on top of those shoulders, I think you’re handling the situation well. Let’s just do our tasks, and if necessary, remind them to do theirs. Saka walang perfect talaga na working situation/environment, unfortunately. 😦

    unless! like me, sa bahay ang work mo…hindi ko nakikita boss ko he he*

  4. sardonicnell · August 30, 2007

    tama ka, sister thess! sa ngayon eh kelangan talagang magpasensya. pero in fairness hah, eversince nong last confrontation namin eh di pa nagpapakita sa akin ang bruha. i wonder why? heheheh. baka may maitim na balak, abangan! thanks for the encouragement hah and God bless =)

  5. Meeya · September 8, 2007

    hi nell, alam mo ok lang na nag-a-assert ka ng opinion mo. napapansin ko kasi dito sa amerika, kapag nagpatapak ka ng minsan, parang iisipin nila pwede ka nang tapak-tapakan forever. naku sana makuha mo na transfer mo, nakakainis yan! hindi ka naman kumakain ng lechon kawali pero naha-highblood ka, hehe. unfair! 😀

  6. sardonicnell · September 8, 2007

    kelan ba ako huling kumain ng lechon kawali? hahahah, nakaka hi-blood talaga ang work environment ko ngayon. pero like i said, kelangan munang magtimpi. pero ok lang, malapit na rin naman akong umalis. hehehe!

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