An Alien In My Own World

Where have I been lately? I know I’m mostly online, but there’s these new stuff coming out and didn’t even know that I’m about to miss on something hmmm good. I had my other Ipod (thank heavens, someone gave it back to the rightful owner) and listened to all these good music. Elliott Yamin is great, his songs are quite soulful if you asked me. So is Daughtry with their song, Home. Hands in the air for Amy Winehouse as well. I looked her up online and was surprised, such a powerful voice coming out from someone youthful; probably younger than my own sister.

Saturday morning, I was cleaning the house and found some stuff in the storage that was left behind by the previous home owner. There were lots of stuff and mostly junk, which I toss right away in the garbage bin.  Then I saw curtains still in a box, most likely new. But dusty and a bit yellowish. So I put them in the washer and then hanged them dry in the backyard. Thought I could use them as replacements for the ones I have hanging around the house right now. I also found some silverwares, that maybe considered antique. It’s a complete set of six in a velvet wooden box. I dipped them in some  silver cleaner, a bit of wiping here and there and they’re now graciously displayed in my curio cabinet. Free stuff, sweet!

Then Sunday afternoon, we helped a friend with his art exhibit. It was his second venture, but his first one man show. I got a call from him last week, asking if Ken and I can help out with food and refreshments. It so happen that his wife is out of the country and left without a clue on what to do and what to serve. So Ken & I were the impromptu event planner, caterermerry maids etc. Time was short and the guest list a bit long — forty to fifty guest. So we need to come up with something quick and easy. So we’re off to Costco to do the shopping. We drew the inspiration from spanish tapas, which was a big hit among the art patrons present in the exhibit. The ham croquettes, potatoe bravas, ceviche over tostadas and olive sevilles were gone at the end of the show. The Tempranillo and Sauvignon Blanc was also down to the last bottle. I guess we can call it Project Success!

At the end of the day, our friend sold most of his paintings and art sketches. He sold about eighteen (18) of them and holding on the last two for someone who’s supposed to pick them up that day at the show. But it’s close to 8 PM and the guy hasn’t showed up. I asked to see both paintings and they were strikingly beautiful. I’m not an art critic, but I just loved it!  However, a painting is not in my budget at the moment. I have too many expenses this month and next one coming. Totally out of the question! I just had to turn my back and started looking for my car keys, so I can head home. The next thing that happened was absolutely unexpected. Our friend handed me the painting and insisted that I take it. He also handed Ken the other canvas, who took it right away. We were both flabbergasted!  I insisted on paying for mine, but our friend declined. I don’t have the money to pay for it, but his kind gesture was too much and it can’t be gratis. I know how much his paintings are worth and it’s definitely not for free. But our friend insisted and asked that we take it as an early christmas gift and his way of paying us back for helping him with his show. But still, in my head; I could not stop doing the accounting. It was one generous gift!

Up to the last minute as I was driving away, I asked my friend again and insisted on paying. But he made it clear to me that he wouldn’t take any payment, no money involve, zero, no dollars! And so I went home feeling special and fortuitous. And I gladly hanged my new painting in my bedroom, so that every morning when I get up. I can remember my friends love, kindness and generosity.



  1. kendall · August 28, 2007

    so were both enjoying our freebies. i put mine in the family room. can you call pete later and tell him we got these ‘gratis’ from ted. he’s been bothering me, asking which card i charged the painting and how much i spend on it. he doesn’t beleive me!

  2. sardonicnell · August 28, 2007

    pete called me earlier, and told him the whole story. he now knows the story behind our freebies. with that said, you may want to try being honest sometimes. hehehe =)

  3. thess · August 28, 2007

    Whew! I got tired just by reading this entry, Nell! napaka busy ng beauty mo.
    speaking of beauty, that gift from your friend was nice!! and for free, that’s niceeeeer 😉 I like the colors he used, actually will fit my living room muebles ha ha!
    OMG, I still need to email you re: telephoto lens…ayayay!

    have a fine week ahead Nell, and good luck on your interviews. *muah!*

    hi to tita 😉

  4. sardonicnell · August 28, 2007

    napagod ka ba? hehehe. i had a busy week end, pero masaya naman. at least wala akong time para mag senti mode, hahaha! the painting was a real surprise, totally unexpected! im planning on having it framed soon as i get some extra andalusha.

    nga pala, had the interviews kanina. will email you later about the details. God bless and thanks for kind comment =)

  5. Meeya · September 8, 2007

    no wonder you gravitated to that painting, its so you! (look at your avatar, pareho kayo ng pose hehe). after all the hard work you put into making his exhibit a success, you really deserve the freebie/gift. hold on to that ha? baka in a few years’ time halagang picasso na yan. 🙂

  6. sardonicnell · September 8, 2007

    attracted ako sa nagfeeling senti, hahaha! grabe meeya, kapagod din pala ang magprepare ng food and drinks sa ganon kadaming tao. pang small group lang talaga ang beauty ko, hehehe.

    it was very kind of our friend to give me the painting, totally unexpected! but, i promise to hold on it cause i really like it. the colors, the strokes, the senti look and all =)

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