A Giant Experience

It was a fund raising project for the local Breast Cancer Foundation. And since it’s a worthy cause that is dear to us (my mom and her battle with breast cancer), we decided to make a donation and in exchange we were given SF Giant tickets. I’m really not a huge sport fan, as a matter of fact I barely know any sport. But since I’ve made a pledged and got these tickets, I decided to watch the game and share the experience with family and friends.

The game starts at 7:15 PM, but didn’t get to AT&T Park till about eight. Forgive our belatedness, but we had the toughest time taking public transportation. We expected heavy traffic jam driving down San Francisco and thought that taking the BART and Muni would be best. I’ve taken the rapid transit before and thought it was a pleasant experience, but the transfer to railway was a brain teaser. Which transit should we take? Where’s the S Shuttle going? How about J, M & T? We were jumping from one platform to another. This is the problem with suburb residents like us, we easily get lost in the city. Hahaha!

Anyhow, we made it to ball park and ended in the food stand before taking our seats. We were all hungry from our suburb-to-the-city trip. I didn’t have any problems finishing a platter of Nacho Supreme and large cup of soda. I don’t usually like soda, but thirsty night trippers can’t be choosers. Right? And just when I thought I’ve curb my hunger with my $10 meal. (Yes, it’s freaking expensive!) I saw some folks passing by eating garlic fries. I just had to have it and ended buying some on the other side of the ball park. For how much? $7 freaking dollars! I almost had a heart attack when I saw their price list.

After that never-again meal, we decided to look for our seats which was all the way on the third floor. We could still see the players, but they were like a bug size. Hahaha! But again, that’s fine! Not a huge sport fan, remember? Besides, there’s a huge TV right across us where we can see the game. Add the gorgeous view of the city from where we were sitting. I absolutely thought that was perfect!

The game ended about 11:30 PM, with the SF Giants winning 11-6 over Milwaukee Brewers. I guess that’s something to cheer about, our home team won! The commute back home was a bit of a wait, as the line for Muni was a mile long or even longer. But half hour later, we were in Embarcadero station and on our way to the East Bay.

It was fun, can’t beleive a non-sport fan like me actually enjoyed the experience. The lines at the food stations might be long and their food overly expensive, add our long commute and even getting lost. But the company of family and good friends made it all worth it!



  1. thess · August 27, 2007

    Hello Nell!! I’m glad you enjoyed the sunday night out!! Tita (your mom he he) really looks pretty, and hiphop ha! Pls. send her my hello =)

    bug sized ba? time to buy a telephoto lens! ha ha! Im not kidding’! It doesn’t have to be expensive naman, shall I email you what I bought? I truly am enjoying it, d sya expensive and made for our cameras (canon din gamit ko)

    and you’re absolutely right…the view! THE VIEW!!!


  2. sardonicnell · August 27, 2007

    hi sister thess! thanks for the kind comment and for being a fabulous ‘suki’ as well, hahaha! we really enjoyed our late trip to sfo and the game. nakakahawa rin pala ang mag cheer noh! pag nakaka-score eh napapatayo at palakpak ang beauty ko. hahaha! we were so tired after the game, friday kasi. went straight to sfo after work. kaloka! lost in the city pa ang beauty namin =)

    i think it’s time to get a telephoto lens. would you be so kind to send me specs and info about the lens you’re using. that would be very helpful and much appreciated. thanks in advance hah =)

    the view was amazing, i found myself looking for a good five minutes. btw, tita mommy sends her well wishes to you as well. been telling her about you and your generosity. God bless and hope you had a great week end!

  3. kendall · August 28, 2007

    you were in the city friday night? you could have called me, selfish nell. i was bored at home eating mac n cheese and watching stupid reruns on tv. peace!

  4. sardonicnell · August 28, 2007

    i thought you were out with pete, you guys usually have some sort of friday night event. we’ll call you next time, but so far i have no plans for friday besides reading a book and taking a nap after. hehehe, care to join me?

  5. banggigay · August 29, 2007

    wow! seeing a game as action packed as that remains a dream to me. im glad though, you enjoyed it! 🙂

    please be a darling to me, if i visit (hope soon) SFO, please show me around, and a game like this is always a welcome itinerary! 🙂

  6. sardonicnell · August 29, 2007

    thanks bangge! surprisingly, i did enjoy it. napatayo pa nga ako sa upuan at nagsisigaw, feeling cheerleader. hahaha!

    promise, ill bring you to a game. football or baseball ang malalapit sa akin eh. your choice syempre! let me know kelan ka darating so i can reserve us some good seats. God bless!

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