Never The Same

I got the insipiration to write this entry from my blog sister, Thess. I know for a fact that not everyone would be able to understand the bond between animal lovers and their pets. Some may say “Ewe!” and others would say “Cute!”  It’s an individual opinion, and that’s acceptable. So, I’m writing this from an animal lovers persuasion.

Not too long ago, Simon, a Blue Neutered Cornish Rex came into our household. He’s our new foster cat, and we’ll be taking care of him until he finds a suitable home. That very moment he was brought out of his carrier, he jump in my arms and purred in contentment; then fell asleep. He’s one gorgeous cat with the sweetest personality. I barely even hear him meow, and most of the time you’ll find him comfortably sleeping in his cozy sleeping bag. It made me happy that he’s contented and enjoying his stay at my home.  But it also brought a lot of questions in my head. Made me wonder why he was given up by his previous owner. What’s not to love about him?  Even asking myself if he’ll be treated the same if he moves to his new owners.

Fostering is not for everyone, that I know for sure. In as much as it’s rewarding sorrounded by all these lovely creatures. Time will come when I’d have to say goodbye to them and wish that they’d be pleased in their new dwelling. To this point, I still have mix emotions and can’t contain myself when I see them leave. It’s a mix of both downheartedness and bliss.

In the next couple days or weeks, I know that Simon will be leaving and moving to his new owners home. It’s a joyous event, but like always; I’ll end up crying and missing every creature that leaves my humble abode. I just pray that I’d find comfort, knowing that we’d be making someone’s home and Simon very happy!


  1. cheh · August 26, 2007

    I LUV dog than cat!hindi masyadong mabuhok,lol I cried river when my first dog tiptoes died while I was abroad.

    Why don’t you keep Simon? I think it’s a gorgeous cat!

  2. sardonicnell · August 26, 2007

    hello cheh! thanks for the visit. i love dogs too, the very last one was a chihuahua named ‘coach’. i miss him too and i cried buckets and buckets of tears. im so sorry to hear about your dog. lets just look at the brighter side, they were once happy in our company!

    i’d like to keep all the cats that i foster, but i already have seven ruling the household. thanks again and God bless =)

  3. thess · August 27, 2007

    Ive said it b4 and will say it again..Simon, ang pogi mo!!
    I understand sistah, as much as we would love to keep them all, unfortunately we have to let go, hoping some good hearted people will love them if not the same way, more than we do. I’m glad I ‘met’ another pet lover like you..apir!!
    yung mga cats na ginawang cr harap at likod ng bahay ko, nagalit sa amin..kahit sa semento ng front door, they’re doing it na! *Lol* ..remember naglagay kami ng chicken wire?
    but I still stroke them when I see them..Ive one favorite of them all, a big black one owned by the next door neybor..he is so cute and sweet!

  4. sardonicnell · August 27, 2007

    thanks sister thess! i am hoping that simon finds a good home as well. simon sends his love to you. my good friends at the rescue are taking applications and screening his new owner. hopefully his new owner will spoil him with lots of love and affection.

    sorry to hear about those bad kitties relieving themselves in your yard. try a spray bottle, when you see them give them in your territory. squirt them some water, that may help!

    cheers to all animal lovers and thanks for the kind comment, sis!

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