Pass The Word Around

Dad called me one night, said he’d like to come over to my house. So I thought it was one of his usual home visits. He does that from time to time. To check on us and then spend some time with his grandson. Half hour later, Dad was at my doorstep. I opened the door to let him in and I paid my respects. Soon after, Nicho came out to greet his grandfather with a big hug and walked him towards the living room.

I told Dad to have a seat and asked him if he’d like something to eat. At that time I had some left over Picadillo, but he declined; saying he’s still full. He asked that I turn on the TV, so he can watch reruns on TFC; and I did. Pinoy flicks keeps my Dad entertained and he just loves watching Wowowee!

I was in the dining room putting stuff inside the Balikbayan boxes, when Dad turned off the TV and walked my way.

“Anong ginagawa mo, Anak” Dad asked.

“Nililigpit ko lang po eto at nilalagyan ng pangalan yong mga T-shirts na ipapadala sa Manila.” I said.

“Gumastos ka naman, Anak. Kaya ka nagigipit minsan eh!”  He said as he was looking at the stuff I’m putting in the box. I didn’t answer back, I was just quiet. I know for a fact I didn’t tell him anything. I have never ever mentioned financial matters with my old man, so I had the biggest question mark on my head when he mentioned money issues. But then again, maybe he’s talking to me in general.

“Nakausap ko nong isang linggo ang tatay ni Cecile, yong kaibigan mo. Nabanggit nya sa akin na baka may problema ka raw sa pera.” He said after.

Patay ka sa akin, Cee Cee! Now, I know how Dad found out about this. Tama bang gawing kwento ng bayan ang problema ko?  Yup, it was only Cee Cee and Ken who knows about my current financial issues. No one else in the family knows.  And I can’t help but share things with them sometimes, since they’re my friends. To be very honest, it’s not exactly a dilemna. More like a family matter that I didn’t want any members of the family to know.

You see, my cousin borrowed some money from me not too long ago. He said he was running short in cash to pay his rent and needed the money badly so he won’t get evicted. He even promised to pay me back in less than a month. And since he’s blood and all, I trusted his word and gave him a check to help pay his rent. This was no extra cash or money for some shopping spree.  I took that money out of my home equity account, and I’ve been paying interest on it for the last three months. Not exactly a huge financial burden, but that’s still money less from from my hard earned salary; to pay for something I didn’t even spent.

So, I told my Dad the whole story and he got real mad. He took his cellphone out and dialed a number. He’s now calling my aunt and then told her about her son’s swindling scheme. At that very moment, I frozed and could not speak. I can’t beleive Dad is doing this to me. The very least I want right now are issues within the family, and Dad did me that favor. Gee, thanks Dad!

“Magkano ba ang amount na hiniram sayo ng pinsan mo?” He asked me while on the phone.

“$…. po!” I said in reply. He relayed the amount to my aunt and then turned his phone off.

My, my, this is a disaster! Dad gave me the whole sermon about managing my accounts and lending money to people. I was pinned down on my sit and endured an hour of lecture. I know he means well, and that giving me this whole speech was more of out of concern than just plain bitching. But then again, when it comes to my old man; I’d like to keep some things private — specially matters pertaining to my heedlessness.

Two hours after, my aunt and uncle came to my house holding an envelope. They handed it to me and apologized for my cousins misdeeds. They paid me in full and asked that I also give them the amount I paid in interests. Said that they’ll write me a check for that as well. Talk about quick results. I never expected for this to happen, but I’m (sort of) glad it did. For all it’s worth, it was a blessing in disguise. It solved my problem instantly!

It seems like I never ran out of mishaps in life. But there’s valuable lessons learned from this experience. First, Dad knows better. Second, beat up Cee Cee for opening her big mouth (just kidding). And third, be careful who to trust.



  1. cheh · August 23, 2007

    I totally agree with your last phrase be careful who to trust.I’d the same experienced also a cousin borrowed money for her C section expenses she said she’ll give the money back,hay mag dalawang taon na yong anak nya,ala pa rin!Hindi na ako aasa!Hindi na rin sya makakautang haha

  2. sardonicnell · August 23, 2007

    ako rin, etong pinsan ko eh di na makakaulit. what’s sad is he didn’t even bother calling me after he cashed my check. and when the one month grace period elapsed, di ko na rin sya nakita. terrible noh! oh well, at least may natutunan tayo, dba? thanks for the visit, cheh :0)

  3. thess · August 23, 2007

    Hallelujah for having an astig dad! Buti ka pa binayaran…ako yung nagpagawa sa akin ng webdesign (teacher pa mandin) tinakbuhan ako habang with all trust I gave him the project, w/o asking for a downpayment.
    Oh well, sometimes nasa atin ang mali, sobrang ‘bait’..

    kaya sister, lesson na ito sa atin, ok?

    (pssstt, pautang nga Nell! *LMAO*)

  4. sardonicnell · August 23, 2007

    naloka ako sa last statement mo hah, sis thess! (LOL) di mo na itatanong, medyo kinakatakutan ng mga tiyo at tiya ko ang aking pader. dahil na rin siguro sa sya ang nakakatanda. but im really grateful that my dad did what he did, i can put the money back where it’s from and pay the interest as well. minsan talaga eh nadadala tayo ng matatamis na salita, but now i know better. thanks for the kind comment, sister :o)

    ps: what? teacher pa yong nanloko sayo? ang mga swindler nga naman, they come in all forms.

  5. munchkinmommy · August 23, 2007

    you’re right nell…daddy (and mommy!) knows best. 🙂 at kahit gaano na tayo katanda, we’ll always be their children…their babies. lagi nga rin ako pinagsasabihan ng aking mommy na magtipid! 😀 malapit kasi ako sa outlet at ikea, feeling niya nandun ako palagi. nyahaha!

    ugaling pinoy yun ang tumulong sa nangangailangan lalo na sa relatives. madalas nga yata pag relatives e “lista sa tubig”…o baka nakakalimutan lang talaga nila. 🙂

    i’m glad your problem got solved, although malamang magalit ang cousin mo kahit wala siyang k magalit. hee hee. kaya, mag thank you ka na rin kay cee cee.

    thanks for the lunch/brunch invite! sabi ko nga sayo…baka seryosohin kita! nyahaha! 😉 magdadali ako ng malaking bag!

  6. sardonicnell · August 23, 2007

    hi munchkinmommy! i totally agree with you on this. our parents do know better. i guess we can never get pass the fact that we are their children and will always be. and that may mean dipping their fingers in our biz at times. i know they mean well and absolutely love them for that!

    as for cee cee, we’re fine. i was just bothered that her dad knows about my stuff. she’s a friend and concerned lang talaga siguro sya. pero peace naman kami at intact pa naman ang buhok nya, hahaha!

    my offer still stands, if ever you’re here in sfo. i’d be glad to share a meal with you guys. no need for the “to-go” bag, sagot ko na!

  7. Apols · August 23, 2007

    Wow sarap naman ng visit ng dad was worth it! hahaha. My dad pag nagsalita na un naku tameme na ako naaabsorb ko lahat ng sinasabi niya minsan lang kasi manermon hahaha…hayyy.

    Youre a very generous person 🙂 Careful lang ha baka kasi ma take advantage. Gud day!

  8. sardonicnell · August 23, 2007

    hi apols! my dad can be rigid sometimes, but i love him just the same. alam mo naman ang mga parents natin, walang ibang bukang bibig kong hindi “magsumikap ka at mag ipon…” at kong ano ano pang sermon. but im really glad of the outcome. i really need to be cautious the next time. thanks for dropping by here :o)

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