They’re Worth Knowing

I told Cee Cee and Ken to come over for dinner. No biggy, just a couple easy to make comfort dishes. Ken has been bugging me to cook the Penne Pasta in Sun Dried Tomatoe Sauce and Sausage, so I cooked that. Baked some Pillsbury Crescents (I know I’m cheating, but baking is not my thing), chopped some fresh greens for a simple Toss Salad and whipped a quicky Pancit Molo Soup. Add the store bought Cream Cheese Cannoli  from the nearby deli shop. That sounds like enough food for five people (including their significant other). By around 8 pm, I was done in the kitchen and the table ready for my guests.

At 8:30 PM Ken arrived with his partner Pete, who kindly brought bottles of their favorite wines, mind you they brought two; since they can’t decide if it’s red or white I like. Those two can never agree on things, yet they’re still very much in love. Opposites do attract, huh? Fifteen minutes after, Cee Cee came with this new guy his dating; who’s name is Sullivan. But asked that we call him Silly. Honestly, I wasn’t comfortable calling him that. But since he asked, I guess it’s impolite to not give in to his request. And Yes! Cee Cee is dating another guy. She decided to dumped that good-for-nothing son-of-gun ex-husband of hers for someone who is much more good looking, financially stable and mentally mature. Silly as his name may sound,  Sullivan is definitely a good catch. Just my humble opinion though. But one thing I know for sure, he smells good. Hahaha!

Soon as Cee Cee and Silly came in, I started serving the food. Everybody was hungry and digged in right away. We opened the bottle of Riesling and enjoyed every bit of food on the dinner table. The Penne Pasta and the Pancit Molo Soup was a hit! They were gone in a couple minutes. Ken was looking for more pasta, but unfortunately ran out. However, I do have some in a Tupperware in the fridge. Ready for them to bring home later. Yes, I spoil my friends too much. Guess, that’s why they love me to death. Hahaha! The bottle of wine was also gone after two rounds. Accidentally overlooked the fact that my guess have to drive home. Bad Nelly!

We were talking and laughing loudly, we really felt at home (well, I am home). Even Silly who we met for the first time, was cracking up on our green jokes and giddy impersonations. But unfortunately, our dinner party had to be cut short as the clock was ticking (almost) midnight. Everybody’s got work the next day and I have some clean up to do as well before I retire for the night. So I gave my friends their take home bags, a big hug and a goodnight kiss. Bid them farewell and told them to drive home safely. 

What a night! A lovely evening, with the people I truly love and cherish!



  1. Meeya · August 22, 2007

    ahihi, it reminds me of one of my husband’s co-workers. his name is cooper, but he insists that he be called coops. at first, hubby wasn’t comfortable calling him that, you know naman what that word connotes in tagalog di ba? pero after seeing the guy work (not a very team-oriented person, if i am going to be kind), hubby’s not sorry at all for every opportunity to call out the guy’s name, hehe.

    anyway, there’s nothing like having a good time (with take-home bags pa!) with friends. 🙂 cheers!

  2. sardonicnell · August 22, 2007

    hahahah! a guy name “coops”, that tops my new friends name “silly”. at first, i wasn’t really up to calling him that. pero mapilit, kaya ayon! heheheh. so far naman, my first impression of “silly” is good naman.

    i do prepare take home packages for friends all the time when they have dinner at my place. which reminds me that i should send a txt message and have them return my tupperwares. hahahah =)

    thanks for the visit, meeya!

  3. thess · August 22, 2007

    you’re the perfect host! chef na, may doggy-bag pa after a pleasant night…kelan ko kaya matitikman luto mo?

    Yes, that’s a silly name he he :p..natawa din ako sa story ni Meeya about coops *lol*

    sister Nellie, so sorry for not visiting lately, natatabunan ako ng work, when pausing flickr lang ang breather ko.

    have a pleasant day and thanks for frequenting my pages…suki! *muah muah*

  4. sardonicnell · August 22, 2007

    thank you, sis thess! medyo na-spoil ng konti etong aking mga amigas. nakuha na kasi nila ang ugaling pinoy na may doggie bag, hehehe. hopefully you get to visit me here or ako bibisita sayo. promise, pagluluto kita!

    no need for apologies, sis. we get overwhelmed at work from time to time and i do understand po. have a great day as well, and thanks for the visit. love yah!

  5. munchkinmommy · August 23, 2007

    nell, can i be your friend? hahaha! 😛

    oooh, pillsbury crescents! i only discovered that product recently when i was looking for “baon” ideas on-line for my abby. 🙂 now i make sure i never run out! abby likes crescent dogs. so this morning, i got 2 other pillsbury regrigerated stuff: breadsticks and one other thing (i forgot what it’s called!). it’s ok to cheat…and i mean when it comes to baking and cooking. 😉 there’s just no way i’m going to make dough from scratch! 😛

  6. sardonicnell · August 23, 2007

    thanks munchkinmommy! friends naman tayo, dba?

    i love those pillsburry products, they make our lives easier in the kitchen, dba? specially for those who have problems in the field of baking. i started using there puff pastry as well, they’re good for making apple turn overs. hehehe :o) thanks for dropping by and the tips for our munchkins first day at school. God bless!

  7. munchkinmommy · August 23, 2007

    nell, friends na talaga tayo! hee hee! 😀 kahit huwag mo na akong bigyan ng goody bag pag nakikain ako sa house mo. nyahaha! 😉

  8. sardonicnell · August 23, 2007

    hahaha! naku, naging tradition na natin ang goody bag. i like doing that, since it gives a much more meaningful touch to a casual dinner. don’t you think? if ever you’re in town, munchkinmommy. pls let me know and i’d love to have you guys for dinner, lunch or brunch. you’re choice, hehehe. thanks again for the kind comment, friend :o)

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