It’s A Cool Summer

It was one of those last minute kind-of-invitation. My sister’s friends (turned my friends as well) has been planning this roadtrip for weeks, but somehow the dates been moved from one week end to another. Then I received a text message from my sister last Wednesday, asking if I was interested on joining them that coming Saturday. And since the timing was right, brain drained and all. I said to myself, why not?

Left Hayward around 8 AM Saturday and brought the Chevy Tahoe with us to accomodate more passengers (we had seven in ours). There were thirteen happy campers all together and three cars, all eager to have fun in the sun. We made our first stop an hour after and got some fast food breakfast at McDonalds. I had a Sausage Egg McMuffin, Hash Brown and Coffee and I’m ready to face the next three hour drive. We then preceeded driving on Highway 80. The first leg of our trip was parasailing. We went straight to Ski Run Marina and checked our reservations. After spending a couple hours on the dock, we then went swimming at the lake and enjoyed the cold water — absolutely refreshing! Spent a couple more hours lounging by the white sanded  shore, amused ourselves with the gorgeous view, the warm weather and company of good friends. We decided to call it a day at about 6 pm and checked in at Tahoe Summit Village for the night.

At around 8 PM, some us decided to walk down the strip. I wasn’t really interested in gambling, till I was asked by a friend to sit on the blackjack table. Twenty minutes after, my $15 turned into $130. I called it quits after that, there’s something else I can do with that money besides losing it. And true enough, as we were walking by Montbleu Resort & Casino, we saw this huge sign that says that India Arie was performing that night. I wasn’t hopeful in getting any seats, but we tried it nonetheless. Got the last two remaining seats for that nights concert and enjoyed India’s soul music for the next two hours. There goes my $130, bye bye money!

The next day, everybody was up by 9 AM. Nobody wants to be late for Kayaking and Jet Skis. We spent a good five hours by the lake, pumping gas on the jet skis and rowing those oars while we kayak on cold waters. Everybody took turns, everyone was happy and did I mention, everyone was hungry? So after our blood pumping water sports, we all went to a nearby chinese restaurant and satisfied our hunger. Everybody was quiet and finished everything on their plates. Talk about PG’s, Hahahah!


After a satisfying late lunch, we decided to head home. Everybody has work the next day and I was not about to call in sick. Hahahah! Got to the Bay Area by 7 PM and tucked myself to bed after a dose of Ibuprofen. Golly! My muscles and fats were hurting and my skin burning. But that’s nothing compared to the fun we had at South Lake Tahoe. If only it’s not a good four hour drive away, I’d say — one more round of fun, please!



  1. Jen · August 20, 2007

    what fun!!!!

  2. sardonicnell · August 20, 2007

    thanks jen =) really had lots of fun. kong pwede nga lang ulitin ulit eh, hehehe!

  3. cee cee · August 21, 2007

    that’s where you were this past week end. at least you had fun, rather than dosing yourself in depression. we’re still up this friday? see yah at at&t park.

  4. sardonicnell · August 21, 2007

    hehehe! yup, i was in tahoe. friday ball game is pushing thru, i have your tickets. just wait for me at the gate. ok friend? love yah, mwaah =)

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